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Feb 28 · 227
The Fool is I
Brando Feb 28
I have washed my sheets hundreds of times
All in an effort to purge the memory of you
Your scent permeating my clothing
As thou you were the one inhabiting them
There is no sense in trying to get rid of you
My body has molded itself into your submissive
I have become so accustomed to your touch
Addicted to the sensation
Needing a fix, we both seek a night of sin
You have infiltrated my mind
Reading my thoughts
Manipulating me
Saying all the things you know I want to hear
Body stained with the blood of my lips
You stare down at me
I have once again been fooled by those eyes
Glowing with ****
I am swallowed whole by your insatiable desire for me
In my compliant nature, I kneel at your feet
Following ever command you utter
My body broken from the chains you’ve placed on me
I belong to you, property for you to tend to
But that night meant nothing to you
Those words you spoke, were all in an effort to exploit my vulnerability
I neglectfully admit that it worked
You have me, once again, at your service
It would be wise of me to end this already
For the sake of my own sanity and dignity
Consumed by your charm, but deterred by our past
I am drawn in
The alcohol rushing through my veins and the music radiating through my body
Nothing mattered in the moment, but now,
I am the fool who slept with you
a boy I had feelings for used me for *** and told me he missed me without even seeing me *****. now he has me all ****** up in the head but Im trying to move past it and care for the new person in my life. but those eyes got me stuck.
Feb 25 · 73
quiet hrs
Brando Feb 25
the wind whistling outside my window
dying to get in
wanting to intrude on my conversation
the loud snores of the two bodies that lie beside me
not a sound travels into the room
we are the perpetrators
my room full of concepts
i can no longer focus on the conversations
distracted by the cries of the wind
and the roars of the beasts inhabiting my bed
i must keep quiet
for the noise has begun to intensify
quiet hrs on the floor
silence approaches me, with a request
i explain that it's not me but them
the voices and the wind and the beasts
the conversations now sound like thunder
all in an effort to rid of the pollution
silence has broken through  
forcing my hand, i give in to his request
my lips have been sealed by those small chalky tablets
as the conversations within die off
the screams now become a whisper
a warm, endearing figure now lays beside me
good night silence
till we meet again
it is 3:38 am, a boy asleep in my bed and my roommate snoring louder than him. I am stunned by the amount of sound begin created between the two of them and the wind. would you even believe that it was quiet hrs on my floor.
Jan 28 · 734
Brando Jan 28
Death holds her hand
Cowering in the corner of her room
Greeted by the familiar face
She welcomes him with open arms
Whipping away her tears
His cold embrace engulfs her
Arms wrapped around her body
As the flames of her anger are extinguished
His grasp slicing into her like glass
Serpent coiled around his prey
Unable to flinch
She gives in to death
And the fight for her last breath has ceased
Jan 20 · 184
What I Once Called Home
Brando Jan 20
I was forced to leave the place I called my sanctuary
The place in which you constantly reminded me I should feel safe
Filled with positive memories
Happiness and no judgment
But we have two different definitions of safe
To you, because you are my mentor, you have this overruling authority
You will punish both the right and the wrong
There is no use in biting the hand that feeds you
So, unconsciously, your wish is my command
You didn’t even realize I was gone
Until I was
I ran away from you as fast as I could
Expecting an unruly army of beasts to follow behind
I waited
Stopped at the red light
No one came after me
There was no army
Not even a gust of wind
Shame was the only one to follow me into the dark
Freedom, no more orders or demands
The unreality of this moment sank in
All I wanted was to be back in the safety of my own arms
However, I no longer had a safe place to rest
A flightless bird trapped in a nest of lies
Unable to escape
I ran into the night, no direction of where I was headed
Alone, but free
my parents kicked me out of my house once and things have never been the same. now as a college student returning home I feel like a guest in my own house.
Jan 17 · 79
Brando Jan 17
We seek reality in a world of fantasy
Jan 8 · 1.3k
21st Century Heartbreak
Brando Jan 8
I wish I could think on my own
Not worry about what you’re doing
Concentrate on myself
Rather than what you’re retweeting
I watch your snap story
As you watch mine
I post the music we used to listen to
And I make sure you know I’m done
But clearly I’m not
All I have on my mind is you
Even though I know you don’t care
You never did
But I do
And now I’m alone
With all the memories and thoughts of you circling my head
Night after night
Hour after hour
I wish I could delete you from my head
The way I can delete you from my phone
But that won’t really do anything
Because our memories went much deeper than my screen
Just ended something I had w another person and now here I am
Dec 2018 · 138
Brando Dec 2018
Shaking leaves on trees
As the wind blows profusely
Thunder clashes and lightning strikes
A storm approaches
The earth trembles in fear
Of what is to come
Heaven and ****
Two forces of eminence
A battle between what is right and
what is wrong
Begin to pull at me from either side
Dark ominous clouds overhead
My throat clenches and ever breath seems to feel like my last
Feet planted to the ground
As the quick sand of my thoughts begin to engulf me
Heart beating faster than the current around me
Frozen in time
The anxiety sets in as I fall to my knees
A single tear traces down my cheek
This is what you do to me
Break me
I can’t seem to get you off my mind
Dec 2018 · 142
sour moments
Brando Dec 2018
We sit together
Melancholy drops of dew on the grass
The sun glistening on our faces
Overcome by the sweet aroma in the air
Reminding me of the fonder moments we’ve shared
Goosebumps trace down my back
I sigh as a crystal leaves my eye
We’ve done this all before
The back and forth between a fiery passion and our ultimate despair
You put your arm around me
To provide commiseration
Hearts beating faster with every breathe we take
We lock eyes
You have that look on your face
Lying and cheating
I want to scream and yell at you
But what will that bring me
Besides more heartbreak and sorrow
My love, why would you hurt me so bad?
Take all of me and break me into so many pieces
I may not have been whole when I met you
But I certainly will never be the same
The sweetness has dissipated
All that remains is the sour reality of this moment
I’m sorry is all you could say
And it’s the only thing I will remember
For the ones who have hurt me
Brando Dec 2018
Para las flores
Para las ropas
El collar
Y el anillo
Todos los regalos que me traerías
No significaba una maldita cosa
Por los besos
Por los abrazos
Los paseos en coche
Y las cenas que compartiríamos
Todo vino con un precio
Que tendría que pagar
Ahora que hemos terminado
Me quedo con todo
Todos los recuerdos
Toda la basura
Y no quiero nada de eso
Nuestro tiempo puede haber sido corto
Pero no fuimos hechos para durar
Así que, gracias por nada puta
Por favor, toma todo de vuelta

For the roses
For the clothes
The necklace
And the ring
All the presents you would bring me
Didn’t mean a ******* thing
For the kisses
For the hugs
The car rides
And the dinners we would share
All came with a price
That I would have to pay
Now that we are through
I am left with it all
All the memories
All the junk
And I don’t want any of it
Our time may have been short
But we weren't made to last
So, thanks for nothing *****
Please take it all back
im currently wearing a shirt that says "gracias for nada" so there is my inspo
Dec 2018 · 209
Brando Dec 2018
I could not speak
For you have poured cement down my throat
You told me once that my opinions were too strong to be heard
I ingested your indignity
And silenced myself
You told me to quiet down
As you wrapped your hands not around my body
But around my neck and my mouth
You made me fear the sound of my own voice
I began to believe that everyone else did too
This is what silence is
It is both the sound of my love for you
And my own despair
the fear of being heard
Dec 2018 · 137
Stomach Ache
Brando Dec 2018
It’s been 48 hours since food last touched my lips
48 hours of pain and starvation
I don’t mean to starve myself
I just can’t help it
I look at myself in the mirror;
With disgust and disapproval
I am not choosing the hunger
But when I look at food, I automatically become sick
I think of the times I’ve cried over my body
The hours I’ve spend ridiculing every stretchmark,
Fat roll,
Every inch of myself that is less than subpar in my eyes
Do you think I want to be like this?
I sit and sleep;
instead of eat
My stomach growls
Sounds like thunder on a dry summers day
Speaking to me and telling me to stop being a ******* idiot
I tell you I haven’t eaten and your response is clear
But what does it matter to me what you think
At the end of the day you aren’t the one whose hungry
You aren’t the one who pushes her body to the point of breaking all in the name of beauty
Oh to be beautiful
Seems so easy
Especially when those words roll off your tongue
But I flinch in pain
As my body begins to eat itself
And you sense something is wrong
I tell you I’m fine
But based off the look on my face;
you know it’s not just a stomach ache
stepped on the scale today and I cried.
Dec 2018 · 172
Brando Dec 2018
Those little sticks of joy
How they make my mouth water
I’m in need of some lovin’
And those little sticks of heaven never seem to fail me
Even when I am alone
Your always with me to keep me company
Those little sticks guide me
They help me see right from wrong
Or at least they clear my head
And when the smoke pours out of my mouth
The relief
The struggle and heartache just vanish into thin air with every breathe I take
You were always there to hear me cry
Those little sticks of magic
How good you taste against my lips
Reminding me with every puff how I’m slowing killing myself
But you taste much nicer than all the pain
So, for now it’ll just be me and you
My little sticks of death
I've been trying to quite, but its just too good.
Dec 2018 · 85
Brando Dec 2018
To be sober is to be free
     Free from that desire
          That need
To be sober is to have a clear mind
     Be able to think
          Realize where you are
To be sober is to be tired
     Tired of the state you were in
          But ready for the change
to be sober is to be alone
     alone with your thoughts
          the thoughts of past present and future
               alone with yourself
                    and the place you have put yourself in
to be sober is to be ashamed
     ashamed of the damage you’ve caused
          the people who have walked away
               and the ones you have hurt
                    the wounds you have left
                         so deep and unforgettable
to be sober is to be alive
     you were given the ability to feel
          feel all the things you once pushed so deep down inside of you
               all those emotions that led you to the addiction come
               back all at once
to be sober is to feel different
     you feel reborn
          new and unusual
               your first breathe as a human being taste so sweet
to be sober is a figment of my imagination
     these thoughts aren’t attainable
          this is the life I’ve chosen
               there is no turning back
                    so I cozy up at the bar
                         and drink away the pain
                              the addiction controls me
to be sober is a dream
Dec 2018 · 136
I Missed You
Brando Dec 2018
I walked into the room
Surprised to find you alone
You sit there ignoring me as if you were expecting my company
I sit down next to you
Wondering what was going to happen next
You kiss me and grab me like an alcoholic grabs a bottle after a long day of sobriety
You slowly move closer and begin to nestle yourself into me to find some sort of comfort
Moments later you ask how I’m doing
I tell you the truth
“I’m doing fine”
even though that is far from reality
but in my head, it sounds right
my words travel in one ear out the other
but I don’t mind
I’m here with you
And that’s all I wanted
I proceed to return the favor and ask how are you
And with the same intentions
You reply, “I’m fine”

It’s the silence that kills
The elephant in the corner
Staring at both of us
First at you, then at me
You’re good like that
Ignoring the obvious
Or maybe your just not bothered by it at all
But for me it the only thing on my mind
I try to be like you
But I guess I just care more

Not long after the silence is broken
We migrate from one room to another
You slowly begin to undress
Which signals me to do the same
You grab me and throw me on your bed
I’m stunned but carry on
We proceed with our usual endeavors
Your hand between my legs
Searching for a reaction
I give you what you want
Even though my attention is elsewhere
You tell me to move up and you continue
You notice somethings up and tell me I’m tense
I guess my acting wasn’t on point and you caught me
You tell me to breath and relax
But you and I both know that’s not going to work
We proceed and I pretend some more
You look up for a reaction and I give you that satisfaction
And when your finished
It’s my turn to make you moan
I get to work
I make sure to do all the things I know will make your hair stand up
I move lower and lower
Till the only thing left do is swallow your pride
You grab my hair and push me down
You love it when you have control
You pull me up to your face and kiss me
I expected this to happen next

We play the same chords over and over again
Only to continue with the movements
But this time it’s different
And right before the end you tell me you missed me
But you didn’t miss me
You missed what my body provides
A place to hold your manhood
And like the alcoholic needs a drink
You need someone to cherish your manhood
My body to you is who I am
It’s what you crave
You need the parts of me that serve you
That’s what you miss
I lie there in silence
Staring at the elephant  
Until I finally say
I missed you too
a poem to my past lover

— The End —