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serà Aug 2018
I'm laying on my bed
Looking at the sun
Wishing that time wouldn't pass this slowly
It's always the same
But, oh, today
How I feel so lonely
And what kills me is that
During those years
Correction: I mean a few hours
I don't know how you feel
I don't know how you're doing
Or where you're going
And the years keep passing by
I'm all alone, on my bed, looking at the sun
Still waiting
A random midnight poem i"ve decided to write
serà May 2016
he looked at her

the way she laughed

the way she spoke

the way she pouted

the way she danced in the dark

like it was the last time

like the world would have ended
serà Jan 2016
You remind me of the moon
so beauteous
so bright
yet so far away
serà Jun 2015
She has endured too much pain
that the words that trembled
out of her mouth
became poetry

— The End —