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Tiana Nov 2020
Life without reflection
is like living in the dark,
it is one with no affection.

It is a difficult conviction,
a journey with no embark:
life without reflection.

When you do a close inspection,
the experience is stark:
it is one with no affection.

Without any detection,
without peeling away the bark -
life without reflection

is just a mere infection -
Like a dog that's lost it's bark:
it is one with no affection.

With no thought collection,
no strolls in the mind's park...
Life without reflection:
It is one with no affection.
Tiana Nov 2020
As the blossoms bloom bright
I am provoked with feelings of tenderness:
thoughts of you that are a delight...
but then, my mind entering an endless abyss

My consciousness left dwelling through space -
struggling to get a grasp on reality.
That is, until I have a clear view of your face,
one that rids me of my wrongful irrationality.

Your touch: tender with love
washes waves of calmness over my weary heart
to provide my mind anew start.

Oh darling, don't leave me crippling -
for only when you are near does my heart sing.
Tiana Nov 2020
is this cold feeling
I have inevitable,
or is it my mind
Tiana Nov 2020
... how I sit everyday with
my thoughts astray: how
wonderful each day?

mindful, nostalgic or absent

in my head repeating scenes:
smiles of yesterday? promises
of tomorrow? - No
- only knowing today.

— The End —