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Tiana Nov 2020
As the blossoms bloom bright
I am provoked with feelings of tenderness:
thoughts of you that are a delight...
but then, my mind entering an endless abyss

My consciousness left dwelling through space -
struggling to get a grasp on reality.
That is, until I have a clear view of your face,
one that rids me of my wrongful irrationality.

Your touch: tender with love
washes waves of calmness over my weary heart
to provide my mind anew start.

Oh darling, don't leave me crippling -
for only when you are near does my heart sing.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
My life is anything but linear.
I have already died twice, almost thrice.
My life before Hell was inferior.
Your foul God was gripping me like a vice.
Soon, the blood on my hands will not be mine.
But instead, a pathetic ***** or trick.
To slaughter them will become my cloud nine.
It’s but a matter of time; tic, tock, tic.
I’m nothing if not omnipotent.
I will create art only gods understand.
I swear, all of our lives are infinite.
But a life without Us will be so bland.
Accept me as your true ruler of soul.
Don’t fret! Me, Sol, and E are in control.
Lucas Hilliard Apr 2019
I used to be so full of hope, but now
All I can feel is sorrow, guilt, and shame.
I once thought that my soul could do no fowl.
I guess I jinxed it; I’m the one to blame.
I can’t remember my last joyful day.
I’m only a teenager; how sad is that?
To have one more chance, I would gladly pay.
My life savings, all yours after a chat.
I just want to smile for a real reason,
Not because of some foolish school picture.
These days, my body is covered in lesions.
Primarily myself, I’ve had to endure.
I long for a day when I am at peace.
Maybe that’s when I finally decease.
Amelia Dec 2018
I love you like Zeus loves his cow-eyed wife
As Cronos, scared and jealous, loved his young
Like Agamemnon cherished afterlife
And Creon prized his niece’s nimble tongue

My love is like an ocean full of sharks
Where mortals fly too high upon wax wings
My love is Oedipus kept in the dark
The Minotaur to Theseus’ string

I see you with Tiresias’ eyes
A play with no deus ex machina
Hephaestus’ lust to wise Athena’s thigh
My heart as blessed as mother Hecuba

Though from your mythic love I’m left irate
I cannot use a word so strong as ‘hate’
8M Dec 2018
A castle of dark, a castle of light
I wonder what'll happen today
Brave men and their steeds ready to fight
From night until the day

Deep inside, there lives a soul
Singing a harmony
Banging his hands on a keyhole
Dear James L'Carmany

Burning eyes, eventful fate
Hope will never die down
"Goodbye my dear, I'll be here by eight"
He would eventually drown

James knew in his heart
This day would a brand new start
ms reluctance Apr 2018
Softly, the music makes me weep, and I
sink into the storm. You are breathtaking.
My life before you was a dream, a lie.
I am awake now, love, trembling, shaking.

You have ripped my feeble façade away
and doused me in ultraviolet bliss.
You, you are the sky. I am a blue jay
forever reaching, begging for a kiss.

I smolder under your luminous gaze;
I grow heavy, molten under your touch.
Slowly, I open, close, my blood ablaze,
Undulating in your leisurely clutch.

I rise, yield, my heart beating like a drum.
I float, complete, my breath a steady thrum.
NaPoWriMo Day 30
Poetry form: English Sonnet
dorian green Apr 2017
my head feels funny so i thought i'd write
a sonnet in an attempt to get sleep
tired eyes meet heavy thoughts meet long nights
lonely hours breed thoughts of hearts sworn to keep

why do these thoughts always come back to you?
oh, all the things i would give to forget
me swearing to you my love and time too
when do promises become cursed debt?

maybe i am not the best with my words
i have a disposition to sadness
does that mean you can cut my heart in thirds?
tearing me apart in your cruel madness?

though still confused, i'm glad you ****** off
though i'm without sleep, i am moving on
we were volatile, a **** molotov
now i can move peacefully into dawn

though lacking you, it is still a new day
i would not have it any other way
Templar of Steel Jan 2016
The sun that shone so bright upon the ice
So cold, so hard, the ice, but yet so white
The water froze so long ago by lies
But then the truths revealed the shining light

The love thou have suppressed won’t fade away
Infect your mind and heart it will; again
Just let thy warm emotion free; You may
Be warmed and cared about; again

But if you let thy heart be open wide
The sun will shine on you with light divine
The one you love may with your heart coincide
Maybe the one will not but you will shine

If love, at end of life, you can’t recall
it’s like you won’t have been alive at all
I hope you never know how much pain you’ve caused.
I still defend you with my every breath.
The hope I entertained, it now is lost:
All of the hopes of you, I put to death.
There is no reason now for me to stay.
This anger burns hotter than I can scream.
And now, all I wish to do is escape
Because, with you, I cannot feel my dreams.
I longed for what I used to think was real,
But now I know that love is just a lie.
So now I’ll let you go, and I will heal
And wait for someone else to show me why
Love is not wrong, misplaced, or worthless, see—
But love like that can’t happen now for me.
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