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Nov 2016
We stood together in the dark
My arms around your neck
Your's at my waist,
Whispering sweet nothings to me
Now my heart was beating twice the average speed,
but it wasn't because of our breaths mingling together
or because your full pink lips were only inches from mine

It was because my heart knew the truth before my mind comprehended it
That behind the collar hide a different man
a man who plays with me only in the dark
but in the light of day preaches the word of god and points out the sins that i'm guilty of.
Never touching me the way you do in the dark,
in fear of others' judgement;
afraid that i will ruin your  ' i am a man of god' act

I should have known from the first time we embraced,
the way i hugged you with all my might never wanting to let you go
only to have felt your one arm ******* excuse of a hug in return.

'What are your goals in life'?- i asked you
You replied- 'To show you how much you mean to me and more'
Here you filled me with a sense of hope I've only ever dreamed of feeling
How naive of me to think that you've never said those exact words  to another women.
A women for example whom patiently awaits your arrival at home.
For behind that collar hides a man who still plays the game deceiving so many then kicks them to the curb.
Well you did teach me one thing and for this i am thankful

Love is a game, you either play the game or get played,
Or you can simply take a seat on the bench.

I've kept that bench warm far to long and yet i still got played even when i wasn't  playing.
But I've had enough of being the bench warmer and i'm ready to play the game.
Looks can be so deceiving. And i made the mistake of falling once, never will i fall again. (Did some minor changes)
Written by
Sisilia  In a broken world.
(In a broken world.)   
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