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 Oct 2019 Teemers
Friend are to share
Friends are to dare

Things come and go
But we stay there

Come and talk to me
Even u can slap me
But tell me
What's going there

Things are different
But we are same
We are phenomenal
From the first day

You are my bae  
You are my love
You are my day

When u smile
my heart smiles
I wanna tell you
That you are mine

You are my shine
After the thunder
You are my fragnance
Of lavender

You are my rainbow
After the rain
You are my KIDNEY
You are my BRAIN
Friends are phenomenal and they are the real gems who always make u to do right things with no regrets
 Oct 2019 Teemers
I remember
 Oct 2019 Teemers
Falling so hard for him
I landed face first and shattered my smile

I would jump over hurdles
With his image in my mind

But every time that I would approach the finishing line
I would stumble on his faults
and land on my pride

And everytime I'd arise
To walk by his side
My ****** knees would give way

I can still feel the pain
In every step that I take
It's like a niggling feeling
That just wont escape

It's so deep with that I don't even trust myself
To stand alone
 Oct 2019 Teemers
"What you got, boy, is hard to find
I think about it all the time
I'm all strung out, my heart is fried
I just can't get you off my mind
Because your love, your love, your love is my drug"
Wake up early
Do things that make you happy
In hopes they make you happy

Push them out
Not down
If they are out they might come back
But if their down they can only come out

In time you will forget
And they will forget
And it will just be another

Wake up early
Do things that make you happy
Until they make you happy
 Jun 2019 Teemers
Your name
 Jun 2019 Teemers
I’m still learning
how to stop myself
from giving your name
to the stars.
 Jun 2019 Teemers
Derrek Estrella
Now, it is time to say goodbye
Between the pristine blur of the trenches
The sanguine green of your kitchen
We must all learn the word
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