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Teemers Feb 2020
Tongue kissing on a chilly night
Hazy views are on my mindset
Poetry is all i feel for you
Tongue kissing on a chilly night
Teemers Jul 2019
The rest I can do without
Your future self is watching you right now
Through your memories
Make me proud
Make them proud
Make god proud
Children of darkness
You’re the kind of soul
That stirs up magic in others
Maybe 10 years from now we’ll meet again at a coffee shop down the road
And start over
This is not a love story
It’s a tragedy
It seems that every time I have lost myself
I end up coming back
With more of myself than before
Teemers Feb 2020
Nothing even matters
Teemers Aug 2020
Tequila numbed out the pain
what you get
is what you see
I took the time
and it was  worth it
baby I'm worth it
can I teach you what I believe in
opening up to you was a given
Teemers Feb 2020
why would you call it love when you knew it wasn't
Teemers Feb 2020
I am a brutally soft woman.
Teemers Jul 2019
Should i reminisce
I admired  
The way you helped me fight my demons
Brighter than sunshine
Hazardous to go down that memory lane
Determined to let you feel what I felt
But i should extinguish these feelings
How am i ever supposed to allow a stranger
To  be content with my flaws
The simplicity of the feeling I get
When you place a magical kiss  on my forehead
I tend to weep for days thinking about it
I will clarify another time
When you have the honor to meet me
Ask me how this love made me feel.
I will clarify it all.
Teemers Oct 2019
You thought  you started new, but I took a toll on all that’s new
I needed to refresh the page to my story
To many hiding secrets are catching up to my glory
Overused love has lost its power, honored to be in your hour
I made sense when I was lost
I came across to all that was tossed
Wasted feelings are for restless beings
I needed to be up on all my dreams
Awakened by  my senses and surprised by my tensions.
It’s been an unpleasant ride, but I roared through chaos like a vulture.
I was hungry for adventure and keen to endure it.
I salute my chaos it never seemed to bore me.
Teemers Jun 2019
I've just made a touchdown
Are you still down
Or trying to figure out what's going on
Im not perfect

But it's a  start
I light up the dark
Confused thoughts
Baffled vibes
Have you thought about us
Repeated melodies
The same views
Different schemes
I never gave up on myself
I'm not with you anymore
And i'm not for you anymore.
I see too many changes
Im worried i haven't been able to breathe properly
But i'm so at ease
Writing poetry to feel the tunes
Have you
Have  you realised who i am
Were you intrigued by who I was
You probably think this poem is about you.
Actually please fast forward.
Teemers Jun 2019
It’s a quiet rainy day,
So I decided to write
It’s been a couple months since my mind wrote itself down
Feels like a century
I told everyone to stay away from me
I’ve been yearning for love,
Everything I deserve is coming my way
Indeed you still roam within the walls of my mind
But you taught me that self love is so important, because when I was all alone, praying to god to remove this sadness from my heart.
I was there for me.
Red wine to pass by the time
Poetry is the only thing that ever made sense
The freedom in fear
I pray often now
I’m in touch with the angels
And that is all that matters now.
Teemers Jun 2019
But im crowned
But i wish to be celebrated
My life is always tumbling
But I'm pleased by
How well I come out of the struggle
Lifeless, but breathing
A couple of words here and there
I've vanished to another dimension
Teemers Jun 2019
Anxiety pacing
Sine when did I live in fear of being myself
You know what kind of person you were designed to be
How is the person id like to be
Act ?
And do that right?
Teemers Jul 2019
But im crowned
But i wish to be celebrated
My life is always tumbling
But I'm pleased by
How well I come out of the struggle
Lifeless, but breathing
A couple of words here and there
I've vanished to another dimension
Teemers Jun 2020
we just started having fun
I still can't get away from myself
smiles blending
here we are
ready for detachment
like we are going to war
haven't been myself lately
not sure how dismissive I became
how many questions do you need to ask
to get the right answers
still counting
life breaks
rewinding everything from the start
start over.
Teemers Jul 2019
A poem is an experience
It puts language under pressure
Please inspect this love
I chuckled at our courtesy
All i could do is cry
I know what you're doing
You're being selfish
And protecting  your heart
I shouldn't be mad at that,
I can only  imagine
Our love keeps me up at night
You're just doing that to get even
I've startled ways i could approach you
I've declared
That i will always forever
Love you.
Teemers Sep 2020
A Sunday kind of love
And if you don’t like my love
Then teach me how to
What do you like?
Show me how to make love to you
I just want to make love to you
Hold me like there’s nothing else you wanna do
Real recognizes real
Poetry with a couple of glasses of wine
Tell me I’m summer time fine
Tell me my insecurities are benign
For you are mine
At last
11:25 pm

Teemers / Beti
Teemers Jul 2019
When you start to love a person
You will start to want the best for them
And sometimes
The best for them
Just isn’t what you want for them.
Teemers Jan 2014
Confused thoughts
Fake friends
Fake trends
Lost in a world filled with desire
Promoting hate
We are all selfish
Forgot who you were
Because your all the same
Originality lost its courage
And you’ve lost your fame
Pretty sad smile
Pretty sad people
No one knows
No one asks
Everyone wonders
Everyone is curious
Time is ticking
Time is leaving
And you are being left behind.
Catch up to who you are
The world is filled with the same faces
The same minds
Be different.
Be unique.
Be you.
Teemers Feb 2020
Social media consumes us all
As if you gripping my thigh wasn't enough
I was in love once
but was it really love?
Do i even know what love is ?
Baby i can't stop smiling
I miss the beginning of new love
everything is awkward and sacred
The vibe of the crowd has me reminiscing
about you
about us
about what we were
about what we could have been
Rays of sunshine
as you stumble upon my weary mind
is that love ??
or is that a type of love?
Teemers Apr 2020
you will always taste me on your tongue
that's a bitter tone
not sorry
more like
you are welcome
have you ever been held by a poet
I know I still stumble on your mind
with fools who forget to wash their hands before they touch me
I make my money the best way I know how
I'm not a chase
I'm the finish line
please be good to me.
Teemers Oct 2019
I broke you
Little tiny pieces
Can I fix this?
Can I fix us
Lustful emotions
And the love memories
Teemers Jun 2019
Maybe I am trying to take you  home
I never knew the motion
baby let me be your notion
however you want
however you like
however you need
let me give you fresh air to breathe
I don't want to keep in on the low
I want to be seen
I want to be felt
I refuse to be startled by deep feelings
I refuse to be pushed aside
naked poetry
naked words
I need you to not only see these scars
I need you to understand every dent
who did you wrong?
probably myself
along with
a broken heart.
Teemers Apr 2020
tongue kissing
I can hear the rain
reminiscing about past love
but you've wiped it all away
tell me you like that thing I do again
tell me how much I mean to you
tell me what you love about me
tell me how I make you feel
tell me you feelin me
cause baby,
I'm  feeling you too.
Teemers Oct 2019
Time is ticking, as if we’re all waiting for something to happen
The movie is happening, yet chaos is so still
Movement Is so near, living in fear
Traumatized by this honor, it’s been a pleasure to be seated as your voucher
That’s life, if you note it
You needed help from a poet
I lived in tears and I was all for it
Let me live in vain if it’s actually worth the pain
Wicked cheerless thoughts arouse my tongue
Hungry and thrilled, amused by the agony of being abused
Taking advantage is tremendous, so I observed the startled.
I attacked as I crept.
It was stunning it was fair
I conquered the dare, and I actually decided to care.
Teemers Apr 2020
We can do this all night long
subliminal messages to tell you that I am wrong
but you just were far too gone
your mental health is chaotic and you forget to admit it
it was never my fault we failed
you were never ready for things to work out
one sided arguments
one sided accusations
one sided love
did you think I was going to stay long?
did you think I was going to continue this way?
the truth was
the truth is
your love just masked the *******
how many wrongs can I write
how many wrongs can I love.
Teemers Jul 2019
This is all beyond you
Candles lit after midnight
I always seem to forget the parts
No one ever notices
Limited edition
My poems are bruised
My heart is always in battle
My mind tends to always lead
Red wine
Jazz tones within me
Chapter 78
I often think that the night is more alive
I know I have friends
But I feel like I have no one to talk to about
The **** that goes on in my head
Teemers Jun 2019
Facts over feelings
Either you love the broken heart or,
leave it as such
Don't break it more.
I am clarity and confusion
never enough and always too  much
too often you sink me in words dripping with tequila
keep speaking your beautiful truth
I tell myself
I fall in love with details too often
Trying to find ways to make myself happy
that don't start with you and don't end with you.
here we are smothering each other in I love yous
when was the last time I felt you place a kiss on my forehead
and mean it?
Teemers Sep 2020
dump truck
i practice what i feel
clearly you have me here
taking it all out
i mean it when i said it
1:26 am
mean it when i say it
i used to walk around
breaking all the rules
living best of both worlds
baby i am ready
to rock your world
Teemers Feb 2020
These feelings are bottled in.
You stay on your prime,
I'm being too available
My bad for being ferocious
These Heartaches have me feeling
Hats off to the magic wand
it swiped  me off my feet
when it met with cupid
and shot me stupid
I fell in love
****...I felt stupid
I can't feel the same with another
Had me judging all the others
Don't know what you did to me
Had me twirling purposely
Changed me for love, it was all for love
I started to love you
You're in my mind, floating around my fears
Cant fully breathe,
You have me floating
Fairytale hosting
You belong to me
You deserve my loving.
Teemers Apr 2021
i miss the way you hold me
IN front of the sun
was it lust
do i even matter to you
what am i to you?
cause i speak sonnets
when they ask me
who I'm with....
what do you tell them
about me?
Teemers Jan 2020
cut throat accusations
overbearing attributions
negative affirmations
why aren’t you running fast enough
ever since I’ve started to talk to myself
i feel empowered within myself
I pulled out the roots
planted new seeds
Trying to find other ways to succeed
the last efforts didn’t try hard enough
prayers go out to the broken women
you are not only magic
but you’re needed
How many times do you need to be reminded
that they don’t make them like you no more.
I don’t like anyone, and my circle is becoming smaller
dear god
please continue to cleanse my vision
and help me understand
why somethings are just not meant to work out.
Teemers Jul 2019
Change the world
Start somewhere
Or start new
Not sure where I’m going
But I am on my way
Selected poems only
You and me
Can you see the compassion in my eyes?
Would you ever redeem the lost lover?
To comprehend the present
The shivering touches of her words
Love is like water or the air
I hope you choose mine
Over and over and over again
Teemers Sep 2020
why does poetry
come to me after midnight
come and take me
stepping stones
how can i
how can i be yours
you're my thrill
what do i want
i want to twirl to Billie holiday every morning
math my energy
dreaming of you
nothing seems to matter
here is my heart
on a silver platter
Teemers Apr 2020
how blunt of you
how courageous of you
how broken of you
what hell of a drug you are
fly me to the moon
tongue twisting
my pen is loaded
Teemers Sep 2020
we pretend
cause it feels okay
and that is okay
way up in the blues
i always remember the moonlight
that night
heart spells
Teemers Jun 2020
1:17 AM
I forgot about the time
scrambled pages
messy places
petty faces
still love
always love
a couple of glasses of merlot
detachment on the early
dreary eyes
but I'm still hungry
I am sorry I lost control when I was with you...
I lost my soul when I was with you
I forgot who I was when I was with you
why didn't you let me go sooner ?
Teemers Sep 2020
where do i write
where do i sigh
switching me up
show some love
show me some heart
the way you love on me
the way you come for me
don't ever let it
Teemers Aug 2019
baby this vibe
is all I needed
I didn't need to be subjected  to our desire
to combine these fantasies
after all is this lust or love?
questioning my appearance used to be a habit
now my aura speaks volumes
I overcame the path of being delusional
came across puddles of confusion
I realized that the path of success
evolved through the struggle
I'm a real one
I think you're hip.
Teemers Feb 2020
I was not myself for weeks
yet nobody noticed.
Teemers Jan 2020
you’ve got me in a state of mind
however i was able to find the light
it included you and i under the morning sun
how it starts
and how it ends
clouded, confused
sinking in my bad character habits
emotionally detaching myself
in order to numb out reality
I think about it
you matter in the middle of the night
not my style to fake emotions
to evoke rage
so instead of negative affirmations
lets mute out the sadness in our words
tell me you love me
tell me I’m worthy
tell me I’m the only one for you.
Teemers Jan 2014
On a paper, fully loaded
**** that bullet
Fire that pen
So many words I can’t stand still
Heart aching and mind racing
Hold me till im numb I keep pacing
Collect the pieces and let them drop
Addicted to the irony of life
Addicted to the bad habits of fun
The spurge of coldness
Creeping up my spine
My hands are shaking I cant love still
All I do is right in the wrong ways
Mind tricks that blow away
Stronger then your weakness of your throne
Nothing should make sense
Nothing ever makes sense
Already played the games
Already won the fame
Everything should fall in place
Teemers Aug 2014
Music really sounds better with you
Destined to become better
Holding myself up like a rare individual
I feel it, I'm different ; what did I come for?
...again floating in desires of chaos
It's painfully delightful
It's healing me mentally
A powerful queen searching for her throne- so unlikely.
Teemers Jul 2019
Every time I start writing again
I hide
I hide from everyone and everything
I hang out with similes and metaphors
I tongue kiss words
And ****** my vibe
Deal with it
Teemers Jun 2019
For you darling
Please be a good man
And give her a love story
Reaching out for glory
But I will never plead for attention
Some of you are still trying to figure me out
Maybe sometimes mysterious
But if you don’t float in the same principles
Then you will either drown, or forget who you are.
Taking it slow has always been my style
I’ve been told many secrets
That’s why I never say much
Observing has been my function
And I’m officially here to listen.
This is not a poem for the whole world
Just those willing to understand my vision.
Teemers Jan 2014
Occupied by your knowledge
Eager to learn your story
Your image is a piece of art
And your heart is filled with glory
I adore you
You got me anxious
You inspire me to be exquisite
I can’t be silent about your power
Only ****** about your honor
Your something else
A different flower
You've accomplished my heart
Yet this seems idiotic
But I’m being ferocious about these feelings
They hold too much meaning
I’m just being real
You intrigue my thoughts
You got me feigning.
Teemers Jun 2020
All we are
Playing games
subliminal message
did I ever?
somehow in a mood and its a secret
all I ever asked for
is for you to show me so love
baby please be the painter
and let me be your muse
Reminiscing on positive affirmations
love notes to myself
while hugging my thighs tighter
we around for about decade
wondering what type of love that make us come back
however it was
I am still here for it
please stop looking for me
you will never know this misery
that grew a hungry monster
inside of me
Please don't ever forget
how fragile I am
Teemers Jun 2019
And satisfied
Strange and beautiful
This feeling wasn't miniature
I would love to be around your love again
I fancy who you are
Scrambled upon the words
Im orderly
Im temperamental
And i can be frail at times
We are jam baby
We make sweet music together
So i can't sprint these words
I will forever cherish the times we’ve had
I  will never dispute them
Teemers Jun 2019
Effortless as I sat down being amused by your chaos
It was not what you did to me, but it was what you didn’t do for me
Fully sexually fulfilled, I was always starving
You kept me full, never feeling dull
And now, as I glance upon your chaos
Your beautiful heartache chaos
I had now realized what being aroused was
Sexually, mentally , physically, emotionally
I was so quick to demand more
It was improbable.
Teemers Oct 2019
And I don’t care how high you are
Is your mind open?
Blissful emotions exploding in these tunes
Mind blown, useless frowns
Wake me up
This life is endless, it’s passing
Moving fast or not fast enough
Fully loaded, Let me spill
Let me fill you in on these beautiful skills
People know different stories
That sought to different meanings
Words equal emotions
Emotions don’t mean anything unless actions are being introduced
Don’t speak to me in one way and value another
Perspectives are opinions from our natural aspects
Floating in the air like we are meaningless
Humanitarian power is powerless
We fear the unexpected and familiarize ourselves with the basics
Never wanting to struggle to learn
Powerless minds are always lurking
Be careful who you become
Everyone’s the same.
Teemers Jul 2019
No matter how  much you are afraid to be alone
One day you have to walk alone to know your worth
You stopped saying your goodnights
And that’s  when I knew I’ve lost you
I want more women to experience love that doesn’t involve suffering first
And being glorified later.
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