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25.6k · Jun 2019
Teemers Jun 2019
I only write,
I am in love
Falling apart.
5.9k · Mar 2014
Teemers Mar 2014
We either become sadder
Or our heart beats become louder
My heart,
My heart is eating so fast my bones are tingling
Vibrating through my veins
My blood stream is failing
I think too much
I don’t pray enough
Lost touch with the angels
The angels lost me
Forgetting this
Words are words by choice
Awkwardly complicated
Passionate souls intertwined in chaos
Beautiful chaos
My hands are shaking, they can’t stand still
I overdo it with coffee, I over did it.
Can’t handle my life sober
So much ****** up **** in the world
Smart people seem like crazy people to dumb people
And if you believe you can change the world
You’re one of a kind.
1.5k · May 2014
Teemers May 2014
I think the world discovered hatred
And forgot the brilliant affections
…terrified of the exquisite
Keen and quick to judge
Society is parched
Kindness is viewed as atrocious
Love is ******
My sagacious mind is spinning
Anxious in silence
Life is precious
Blinded by your surroundings
Relax, always leave your mind spotless
Be immaculate
Be vivacious
And be adored.

1.2k · Jan 2014
fire that pen
Teemers Jan 2014
On a paper, fully loaded
**** that bullet
Fire that pen
So many words I can’t stand still
Heart aching and mind racing
Hold me till im numb I keep pacing
Collect the pieces and let them drop
Addicted to the irony of life
Addicted to the bad habits of fun
The spurge of coldness
Creeping up my spine
My hands are shaking I cant love still
All I do is right in the wrong ways
Mind tricks that blow away
Stronger then your weakness of your throne
Nothing should make sense
Nothing ever makes sense
Already played the games
Already won the fame
Everything should fall in place
1.2k · Mar 2014
the world
Teemers Mar 2014
And I don’t care how high you are
Is your mind open?
Blissful emotions exploding in these tunes
Mind blown, useless frowns
Wake me up
This life is endless, it’s passing
Moving fast or not fast enough
Fully loaded,Let me spill
Let me fill you in on these beautiful skills
People know different stories
That sought to different meanings
Words equal emotions
Emotions don’t mean anything unless actions are being introduced
Don’t speak to me in one way and value another
Perspectives are opinions from our natural aspects
Floating in the air like we are meaningless
Humanitarian power is powerless
We fear the unexpected and familiarize ourselves with the basics
Never wanting to struggle to learn
Powerless minds are always lurking
Be careful who you become
Everyone’s the same.
1.1k · May 2014
Intoxicated thoughts.
Teemers May 2014
1:23 am, this exhale just brought me back to life
The music has influenced my environment
Strangers and lovers and thirsty hearts lingering in my presence
Being pulled by my sides by you and reminded I was beautiful
1:27 am That moment made me reassure my being
I was loved, I was drunk, I was high, I was in love
And that’s all it took, we danced, we danced, and we danced.
Tongues hungry for each other’s minds
Your knowledge excites me; your heart evaporates in me softly.
Your touch is irresistible, and I’d be a fool if I decided to resist you.
3:00 am the goodbyes were a mess
Is this forever can we be that again
Can we do that again and again
Come back and love me I want to be around you again.
4:00 am your knowledge excites me, you’re in my mind, you’re in my tongue, you’re in my breath, you’re in my ear, you’re in my sense, you’re in my head.
Back and forth, it was you, all about you.
5:00 am intoxicated thoughts.
1.0k · Apr 2014
Teemers Apr 2014
We search for love, and any time we encounter love we introduce ourselves to such power. Cause at the end of the day its power. Makes you feel some type of way type of power. We either **** for it or strive for it. Encountering love is seen as deadly, your emotions are roller coasting through the maybes, the what ifs, the why not, oh and the who cares. Well you care, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t think about it so analytical. You wouldn’t question every aspect of f love.  It should be simple, many of us tend to fear this word yet progress conflicting its beautiful emotion with chaos. It shouldn’t be chaos, it should be passion, it should be pure, it should start slow, or it should become true. However it happens we search for love.  Women have idealized this theory of men treating women well. But it makes you reflect on, do women treat men well. In this society, that has ruined our hearts and took over our souls. We have idealized the meaning of a relationship, the meaning of two people intrigued by one another’s mind, the meaning of a happiness that occurs in silence. The energy of love being touched by one soul to another by only a curve of a smile, the beauty of a smile. Smiles change someone’s image, I, being the observant feign, have realized that you can tell when people are faking the smile cause it leads to the vibe. Energy’s feed off each other, the type of energy you give, will eventually become the same you  tend to receive. Becoming off topic is sort of my style, started it out with love thought about smiles. Cause love evaporates a smile, it flirts with your desire, it conflicts with your honor, but it can feed you everything you want to learn about  its power. Love is power, we are all humans, searching for another soul that can touch our hearts and warm up our bones. Someone that can make you feel alive when you’re stuck in that hole. Someone you share your flaws with and still be content that those flaws that excite your beauty, and if you’re imperfections weren’t pure you wouldn’t be worth it. I can be that person, the only problem is, where is my person? where is that one person that makes me cling to my seat with those sweet kisses being spread across my cheek.
945 · Apr 2014
Teemers Apr 2014
She was astonishing, yet crazy.
She would love you till death but hurt you like hell,
If you understood her sense you’d be intrigued by her words.
-And if you pursued her knowledge you’d fall in love.
She only needed respect, and nourishing.
She was able to heal and be mended by the simplicity of happiness and the little things that made her shine .
She enjoyed lavender baths, which included an inspiring novel.
She adored love stories and hopes to write hers someday.
She lived for flowers and knowledge.
She controlled her sadness in order to strive for her glory,
Always keeps you curious about her story.
Cause she’s intertwined between living and chaos,
She's becoming a Queen that’s wise.
933 · Apr 2014
i promise.
Teemers Apr 2014
Engaged in meaningful conversations
Intertwined in chaos and revolutions
Happiness has left me
And this sadness has conquered my soul
Threw up in my lane of no return
Continuing this journey with bullets in my heart
Is like aching for love and holding back
Victory isn't common, winning is abhorred
Create moves to make moves
Positive vibrations leads to aroused lights
I am trying.
I promise.
And if I complain let me live in vain
Cause I only have one life for this fame.
805 · Jan 2014
you complete me.
Teemers Jan 2014
Confidence is free
Your ego just wants to compete
Fully loaded, Let me spill
The Faded past and
the hopeful future
tears of joy and laughter
I dream big
Bigger than my heart
But that’s alright
Minds twirling around these melodies
Intertwined by our memories
Aroused by your scent
And seduced by your mind
Always stumbling on my time
Hold my hand
Light the spliff
I think the vibe is too much
My heart is on fire
You complete me.
804 · Feb 2014
Loving you or loving me.
Teemers Feb 2014
Still dreaming,
yet we are barely breathing
Fully loaded and feigning
Happy enough to not lean
Being me and fully seeking
Looking for thoughts that heal me
Forgot the meaning of just being
Empty always needing
All I need is one last meeting
To be or not to be
To feel and not to see
Hoping  happiness is actually free
Twirling around
Loving you or loving me.
715 · Jan 2014
For- (you)
Teemers Jan 2014
Occupied by your knowledge
Eager to learn your story
Your image is a piece of art
And your heart is filled with glory
I adore you
You got me anxious
You inspire me to be exquisite
I can’t be silent about your power
Only ****** about your honor
Your something else
A different flower
You've accomplished my heart
Yet this seems idiotic
But I’m being ferocious about these feelings
They hold too much meaning
I’m just being real
You intrigue my thoughts
You got me feigning.
683 · Jan 2014
Teemers Jan 2014
Confused thoughts
Fake friends
Fake trends
Lost in a world filled with desire
Promoting hate
We are all selfish
Forgot who you were
Because your all the same
Originality lost its courage
And you’ve lost your fame
Pretty sad smile
Pretty sad people
No one knows
No one asks
Everyone wonders
Everyone is curious
Time is ticking
Time is leaving
And you are being left behind.
Catch up to who you are
The world is filled with the same faces
The same minds
Be different.
Be unique.
Be you.
661 · Aug 2014
Teemers Aug 2014
Music really sounds better with you
Destined to become better
Holding myself up like a rare individual
I feel it, I'm different ; what did I come for?
...again floating in desires of chaos
It's painfully delightful
It's healing me mentally
A powerful queen searching for her throne- so unlikely.
615 · Dec 2014
Teemers Dec 2014
You should of held it closer,
Closer to your soul, breath, and innocence....Clearly I lost it
But you're already insane
But who's to blame?
Complicated freedom is grieving
Forget those who forget you
Adore those who adore you.
But where are they? -hiding somewhere no one can find it
-it's a secret, we're all searching..
Baby , it's called soul finding.
You must of forgotten about the crown, seems like it's tilting.
**** it, I'm never tripping!
Never  dropping this crown that makes me. Respect the loss that saved me
544 · Nov 2014
Somewhere far.
Teemers Nov 2014
Having you shared is a crime
Proclaiming that you're a star
Twirling and blinded by the lies
Trying to reach somewhere far
Point of no return has reached a fly
Everyone is just trying get by
Wanting to reach the sky.
Waiting to set feelings aside
Determined to be heard
Wishing upon a star to be felt.
No need for these fears to be kept
Sharing my feelings in order for fate.
Success is just a bit late.
449 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021
this right here
has me
writting love notes to myself
at 1 am
when it feels this deep
you gotta keep it
here we go
all over again
the same fights cause your ego lets you
i have never
by my loyalty
426 · Apr 2021
i dare you
Teemers Apr 2021
I dare you
to say we weren't special
418 · Jul 2019
Teemers Jul 2019
You still don’t understand where I belong
Lady, hear me tonight
I  wish i was twirling in love with you
I'm still trying to  get over the concept
That our love will never be enough
Poetry is justifying everything
That I want to leave behind
Don't do this to me
327 · Jul 2019
Teemers Jul 2019
I think one of the hardest lessons to learn
In life
Is that no matter how good you are to people,
It will never make them good to you
263 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021
i miss the way you hold me
IN front of the sun
was it lust
do i even matter to you
what am i to you?
cause i speak sonnets
when they ask me
who I'm with....
what do you tell them
about me?
235 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021
but I'm focused
let loose
cause its been a while
here I am
here I was
not believing in my being
I like
I love
the way
you acknowledge my elegance
blowing bubbles with the goons
go ahead and flip
I'm a warrior
you sent me flying  
in tune
with more than my soul
your energy snitched on you
I don't keep just everyone around
you are here
you have earned it
ride or die.
226 · Aug 2019
Teemers Aug 2019
baby this vibe
is all I needed
I didn't need to be subjected  to our desire
to combine these fantasies
after all is this lust or love?
questioning my appearance used to be a habit
now my aura speaks volumes
I overcame the path of being delusional
came across puddles of confusion
I realized that the path of success
evolved through the struggle
I'm a real one
I think you're hip.
218 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021

to warm every anxiety triggering sparks that are flying within me.
breathing heavily
what is on my mind
pure bliss and success
wins and trophies
characteristic respect
i felt your aura
and that was enough
i don't trust many
i thought you knew that
assuming with your tongue
stop that ****
i need that
validating my worth
through my light
and that's enough.
218 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021
on the late night
I want a late snack
that includes you
hovering over my solitude
i need it
i want it
i deserve it
all of it.
when you give it to me
make sure, you are always making love to me
cause I always feel it
when you hitting it right
and when you not
so let me know
if I satisfy everything you've ever wanted by your side
and if I'm not
please let me go
and let me prosper alone in the night.
215 · Apr 2021
rare medium
Teemers Apr 2021
here we go
slowing down
i speed to accomplishments
i dream of communication
slow riding cause i feel insane
creating for us fools
who fall in love hard and quick
spitting facts at 12:15 am
could you kiss me blind
cut the *******
please don't treat me like just another
remind me of my worth
recognize the type of woman I am
214 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021
i shattered
and i crashed
and i demolished every thing that was stopping me
here i stand.
198 · Jul 2019
Teemers Jul 2019
How empty everything seems lately
But my red wine is always full
What a night
What a life
Too much of me
Is often lost
In the vision of what somebody else wanted me to be
Powerful closure
Think about where you were last year
Are you satisfied?
Learning to  pick yourself up after  going through ****
Is such an important thing
That no one ever teaches you
Do not beg anyone to love you
You are worth the war
And the storm
And the calm
Just always be honest with your script.
192 · Jun 2019
It's cool
Teemers Jun 2019
A poem is an experience
It puts language under pressure
Please inspect this love
I chuckled at our courtesy
All i could do is cry
I know what you're doing
You're being selfish
And protecting  your heart
I shouldn't be mad at that,
I can only  imagine
Our love keeps me up at night
You're just doing that to get even
I've startled ways i could approach you
I've declared
That i will always forever
Love you.
Teemers Jun 2019
I've just made a touchdown
Are you still down
Or trying to figure out what's going on
Im not perfect

But it's a  start
I light up the dark
Confused thoughts
Baffled vibes
Have you thought about us
Repeated melodies
The same views
Different schemes
I never gave up on myself
I'm not with you anymore
And i'm not for you anymore.
I see too many changes
Im worried i haven't been able to breathe properly
But i'm so at ease
Writing poetry to feel the tunes
Have you
Have  you realised who i am
Were you intrigued by who I was
You probably think this poem is about you.
Actually please fast forward.
173 · Jul 2019
Teemers Jul 2019
Im here
Not near
I don't need that
I don't need you
I don't need this
I never need that
So i'm here
167 · Jun 2019
Teemers Jun 2019
But im crowned
But i wish to be celebrated
My life is always tumbling
But I'm pleased by
How well I come out of the struggle
Lifeless, but breathing
A couple of words here and there
I've vanished to another dimension
160 · Jun 2020
Teemers Jun 2020
you know I need too much attention
for **** like that
I need you
I need you
I need you
always ends me
temporary love
I tried to tell you
I need more
don't try to deny me
ill switch up

I want more
can you give me more?
160 · Apr 2021
Teemers Apr 2021
lovely day
isolated and in tuned
you are always right
I'm emotional
and that scares the **** out of you
but that's alright
you have never been loved
the way I love
you have never felt love
the way I give you love
I dream of loyalty
160 · Jun 2019
Teemers Jun 2019
It’s a quiet rainy day,
So I decided to write
It’s been a couple months since my mind wrote itself down
Feels like a century
I told everyone to stay away from me
I’ve been yearning for love,
Everything I deserve is coming my way
Indeed you still roam within the walls of my mind
But you taught me that self love is so important, because when I was all alone, praying to god to remove this sadness from my heart.
I was there for me.
Red wine to pass by the time
Poetry is the only thing that ever made sense
The freedom in fear
I pray often now
I’m in touch with the angels
And that is all that matters now.
159 · Aug 2019
Teemers Aug 2019
People romanticize their plans
and the potential benefits
but dread the execution.
The magic you're look for
is in the work you're  avoiding baby.
157 · Oct 2019
Teemers Oct 2019
She was astonishing, yet crazy.
She would love you till death but hurt you like hell,
If you understood her sense you’d be intrigued by her words.
-And if you pursued her knowledge you’d fall in love.
She only needed respect, and nourishing.
She was able to heal and be mended by the simplicity of happiness and the little things that made her shine .
She enjoyed lavender baths, which included an inspiring novel.
She adored love stories and hopes to write hers someday.
She lived for flowers and knowledge.
She controlled her sadness in order to strive for her glory,
Always keeps you curious about her story.
Cause she’s intertwined between living and chaos,
Becoming a Queen that’s wise.
153 · Jun 2020
love letter
Teemers Jun 2020
a love language
rub my feet and love me harder
heavy breathing
heavy reaching
breaking points
started love notes
between you and I
is all I know
the rest can unfold on its own
151 · Sep 2020
At Fuckin Last
Teemers Sep 2020
A Sunday kind of love
And if you don’t like my love
Then teach me how to
What do you like?
Show me how to make love to you
I just want to make love to you
Hold me like there’s nothing else you wanna do
Real recognizes real
Poetry with a couple of glasses of wine
Tell me I’m summer time fine
Tell me my insecurities are benign
For you are mine
At last
11:25 pm

Teemers / Beti
149 · Feb 2020
Teemers Feb 2020
why would you call it love when you knew it wasn't
141 · Oct 2019
Teemers Oct 2019
I broke you
Little tiny pieces
Can I fix this?
Can I fix us
Lustful emotions
And the love memories
139 · Jul 2019
they say
Teemers Jul 2019
They say happiness is the best revenge
But how do I get there?
When will I get there?
Never trade respect for attention
I was  there for you remember that
Not everyone is worthy of the experience that is you
136 · Jun 2020
here we go
Teemers Jun 2020
Here we go
Here we are
September is almost here
I am turning 29
Life has been a shock
Life has been in rocks
Ive been conquering different thoughts
Magic queen
Poetic thing
Demanding fool
A lover and a fighter
136 · Jun 2019
You never decided to stay.
Teemers Jun 2019
Should i reminisce
I admired  
The way you helped me fight my demons
Brighter than sunshine
Hazardous to go down that memory lane
Determined to let you feel what I felt
But i should extinguish these feelings
How am i ever supposed to allow a stranger
To  be content with my flaws
The simplicity of the feeling I get
When you place a magical kiss  on my forehead
I tend to weep for days thinking about it
I will clarify another time
When you have the honor to meet me
Ask me how this love made me feel.
I will clarify it all.
136 · Jul 2019
Midnight blues
Teemers Jul 2019
Midnight blues
Pink moscato
A shot of henny
And i wonder
Do you feel the things i do
Dreaming of elegance
Can i be loved again ?
Small steps
Long  journey
Trying to reconcile
tradition and change.
135 · Jul 2019
Teemers Jul 2019
She talks about you
Like you put the starts in the sky
A woman who writes  feels too  much
You didn’t feel enough
I have been losing myself
Down to my knees
I’ve been searching for a miracle
How many times have I prayed?
I’m losing count
I’m losing hope
I hope the angels find me.
134 · Jul 2019
Teemers Jul 2019
No matter how  much you are afraid to be alone
One day you have to walk alone to know your worth
You stopped saying your goodnights
And that’s  when I knew I’ve lost you
I want more women to experience love that doesn’t involve suffering first
And being glorified later.
133 · Jun 2019
Teemers Jun 2019
And satisfied
Strange and beautiful
This feeling wasn't miniature
I would love to be around your love again
I fancy who you are
Scrambled upon the words
Im orderly
Im temperamental
And i can be frail at times
We are jam baby
We make sweet music together
So i can't sprint these words
I will forever cherish the times we’ve had
I  will never dispute them
128 · Apr 2020
Teemers Apr 2020
stop trying to analyze my mind.

that's not your job.
127 · Jun 2019
broken hearted
Teemers Jun 2019
Maybe I am trying to take you  home
I never knew the motion
baby let me be your notion
however you want
however you like
however you need
let me give you fresh air to breathe
I don't want to keep in on the low
I want to be seen
I want to be felt
I refuse to be startled by deep feelings
I refuse to be pushed aside
naked poetry
naked words
I need you to not only see these scars
I need you to understand every dent
who did you wrong?
probably myself
along with
a broken heart.
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