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Abunde Feb 2021
You shaped my world with hands of stone then told me my heart is cold,
you made planets out of me when you only desired space,
my galaxy is without stars now for you took away all my sparks
but then I still shine with beautiful array because I'm the sun and you couldn’t put me out,
Why do you always write about  love she wrote, but it's you I always write about
Abunde Jan 2021
You flare up the spark in my heart
There's a fire dying in your eyes
Ignite with me now
That forever we may burn like stars
Abunde Jan 2021
I used to embrace the pain, I thought it was love
I don't know why this is so in my mind
Abunde Jan 2021
I may be lost myself, or could it be that life is expensive and I can't afford the cost
The cost of living
Abunde Jan 2021
Do you just only love me, or are you in love with me..?
love vs Love
Abunde Jan 2021
Our love was like fire but now my tears extinguish the flame, watch our dreams go up in smoke and see the beauty come out of ashes
Abunde Jan 2021
Read the stories in my scars
I write love poems for the dead
Ink spills on the skin of my griefs
Pain written on African flesh turns to red
On black pages they read, wounded melanin forever bleeds
Not because of a dark past, but of present doom
Torn through the years, my tears on sand in empty beaches fall
Like rain on a sunny day, the storm breaks down my walls
Threatening my sanity
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