A 5d

I don't really care if I say 'I hate myself' a lot

Because if I said 'I hate you'
I'd definitely be lying

A Sep 30

He was enjoying
Man of Steel
While I was enjoying
the company of my superman.

I didn’t like L.Lane for Kal El
A Sep 29

How can a broken thing fix a broken thing?

How can I fix myself?


Aren’t we all?
A Jul 19

I want to be just like the sun.

Because after it sets,
it rises.

And I, too, will rise.

you are strong; you are the sun.
A Jun 21

I am at this state —
this state where I can't write.
Because someone,
managed to make me happy.

  Jun 16 A
Ren Crostini

I remember....
When there was no one
To disappoint me.

I long for those days.
I long to be alone

I would say lonely,
But I already am

A Jun 15

"I love you,"

I said.

He replied,

"Good night."

That night

I knew

what love was for me

was a dream to him

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