A Feb 25
He sent the biggest sun emoji and told me,
“Do you know,
You shine brighter than this,
And the real sun,
And the stars,
You shine brighter than anything,
You shine brighter than everything.”
For her. From him. He’s so cute.
A Feb 17
We make out,
And again,
And then we fall out of love.
Make out and make love
A Dec 2017
I don't really care if I say 'I hate myself' a lot

Because if I said 'I hate you'
I'd definitely be lying
A Sep 2017
He was enjoying
Man of Steel
While I was enjoying
the company of my superman.
I didn’t like L.Lane for Kal El
A Sep 2017
How can a broken thing fix a broken thing?

How can I fix myself?

Aren’t we all?
A Jul 2017
I want to be just like the sun.

Because after it sets,
it rises.

And I, too, will rise.
you are strong; you are the sun.
A Jun 2017
I am at this state —
this state where I can't write.
Because someone,
managed to make me happy.
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