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2.1k · May 2018
I fathom fatherhood..
Surbhi Dadhich May 2018
I fathom fatherhood
His invincible feats
When that magnanimous shadow danced
Bowing his head lowly
And my cryptic looks
Staring that pugnacious shadow
To what he's been unearthing for
A little later in the twilight of dusk
My drooling curiosity burnt in persistence
As I observed a twinkling toddler
Following the lead of his father
With merry- go rounds and exciting swings
As docile as a lamb
He embraced his daddy
Cause that was his world's best swing
And then blew his index finger in air
Spinning around everywhere
The father introduced the whole world
Without shutting him up
The next half hour passed away
And there temple bells rang
And wind blew
Everything became grave
A reverberation echoed
Together with temple bells
Rung the devotional clap
Of a son
And his father...
Never ever can I fathom
The unconditional fatherly love..
824 · Feb 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Feb 2018
I've been looking for glass sheets
For clear majestic views
But a dreary kaleidoscope I find
Among the wreck and ruins
So strucked was I
To gain pleasure
In those mocking patterns
I've been looking for seashells
For silvery water outbreaks
But sea urchins I dwell
So strucked was I
To love the stingy pain
As I get abased
With the thorns by lane
I've been looking for empathy
But all I discover is cruelty
I've been looking for better
But all I found is clearly opposite..
Don't know the accurate reasons of analogy between thoughts and reality..
808 · Sep 2018
A School Story..
Surbhi Dadhich Sep 2018
" According to the Earth's gravitational pull
He threw his handkerchief up,
Deceleration would take place as it goes up
And there, It'll always come down
May be hard hitting your head..."
But it didn't as it was stuck in a switched-off fan
Innocous, curious laughs poised the atmosphere
Breezed a wind of arrogance and disapproval
"Wait..", he hopped and uplifted by table
Attempt to rescue, tide, brand handkerchief
As he rotated the fan,
" G' morning Ma'am" bowed the class
There he was
In front of the honorable principal
Sweat-Wet, Stuck on the table
Bewildered in a circle of loopholes
She giggled, wished and said,
" Oh ..My inspections truly reveal me the unseen parts of the story
That must be an integrated fun learning"..
My younger brother told me 'bout this incident in his school..
753 · Jun 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Jun 2018
The eternal universe shone, glistened
As exquisite diamonds embedded in divine necklace
While it embraced the moonlit splendid night
The treasurer sun lent shovels and spades
The contingent burrowed the diamonds in divine necklace
The necklace transmuted pale and frail
Solar troops toiled the void
Bouncing on and off, back and forth
The eternal universe shone, glistened
As exquisite diamonds embedded in divine necklace
As it embraced the cloudless brightest morning
The universe is wide awake..
697 · May 2018
Surbhi Dadhich May 2018
Springs of infinite eternity
Centenary faith but immortal love
Bubbles of idealism blew away
Viscous spirituality rose in his heart
Elevation of selfishness and attachment
Detainment of worldly desires
Medication through universal panacea
Knitted in the same fabric of cohesion
Cohesion of his lively soul
Droolworthy negation
Fusing with the Lord of the Universe
He attained salvation..
633 · Jul 2018
Dreamt in peace...
Surbhi Dadhich Jul 2018
Victoria's feet soaked deep down
Shuffled, wrecked under the alcoholic trail of thoughts
As the crevice of pane pulled
A chariot, enthralled was she
The resplendent charioteer hailed
The chandelier, glowing and gorgeous
Embraced and embarrassed as were they
Victoria leashed the chariot
The magnificent chariot boarding chandelier
Departed from the crevice of the pane
Pulling a trail of thoughts and beaming
Victoria growled and dreamt in peace..
593 · Dec 2017
Memories of Affinity..
Surbhi Dadhich Dec 2017
Cheers!! Congratulations! Kudos!!
The shining star of the darkest souls
The twinkling of your beauty
As glittering as gold
Astonished by your drizzling attitude
I'm mutton-headed and crooked
Yet I'm now gazing wildly at our perfect chemistry
Treasuring your memories of affinity
I'm proud ..I'm really proud
Have you as my best friend
I'm missing you badly..
571 · Jan 2018
A morbid moron..
Surbhi Dadhich Jan 2018
An unfortunate sadist
A morbid *****
An overwhelming pessimist
Kind of brittle bone
Unconsciously conscious
Of defeated steps trodden
A rather peculiar guy
Winner oaths for lousy defeats
Frigid troubles a sort for keeps
Liked not being liked
Forget the unforgotten
Unconsciously conscious
Of defeated steps trodden..
537 · Nov 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Nov 2018
Frozen in daylight
Molten in glaciers
Loving is living
Beyond wildest adaptations
Flabbergasted in the fray
Of messy, mixed emotions
Face deep in downfall
Of kins' precautions..
532 · Sep 2017
I don't miss you..
Surbhi Dadhich Sep 2017
I remember the days spent with you.
But, I don't miss you.
I still remember your attitude,
But, I don't miss you.
Your memories last forever,
Your tone enchant my heart.
You are the reason for my valour,
You fill my life with bright colours.
I feel this.
But, I don't miss you.
And I never ever want a feeling of lament,
If there is a defeat of my emotional attatchment.
I want to forget our exciting trips,
I am scared, though being in strong relationships.
And this is why, from now on,
I'll not miss you.
Otherwise, you will become my necessity,
Which I never want all my life through..
I don' miss you..

Surbhi Dadhich.
530 · Dec 2018
A Ridiculous Dream
Surbhi Dadhich Dec 2018
shed in broad daylight, ablaze
shadows indignantly leaping
onto a reindeer"s freight
all barging for Everest expedition
bounding by degrees
amidst the arena of swans
honourable Prime Minister legging
a doughnut, soaring
then stationing intact at the peak
as needles pricking my conscience
i rise a tempering shriek
while the reindeers bellow laughter
with ****** oxygen,I gurgle
freezing, airy, thicker, fatter
yet another needle ****** my conscience
blasts me on my seemingly calm bed...
519 · Nov 2017
How many..
Surbhi Dadhich Nov 2017
How many bridges have we burned
How many lessons never learnt
Try and do but then we don't
Say we will but know we won't

How many flames have we shot
How many mysteries never caught
Reveal but then very well refuse
Admit but still confuse

How much more can we take
How many do we blame for our own mistakes
We know what we need to intercede
But how far do we take that belief?

How many desires we breed
How many sins we commit
Though we know for what we aspire
Still we keep on fits with betrayed trials

How many years have flown by
How many tears have we each cried
Far too many I believe to count
From lips that move without a sound

How many theories never understood
How much head we put
How much we neglect
The oscillations of solace..
Back with A collaboration with Mike Hauser...
A great experience....Exciting journey..
509 · Jan 2019
Silvery shades..
Surbhi Dadhich Jan 2019
A crown of oak leaves
Lopsided, adores her
Earnestness in her eyes
Sparkly, binds me
Torch of her wand
Weeds my conscience
I linger, knuckle
As she evaporates
With a fierce chuckle..
There is something magnetic about her..
489 · Sep 2018
Who knew?
Surbhi Dadhich Sep 2018
I was lynched
In the rainbow of interpretations
In your ravages of prism
I was pelted
In the abaddon of reckless expectations
In your worst of nightmares
I collided with your sooty clouds
Knocked off my heat
As you beat drums
At my crooked harvests
Though rainstorms wounded me
Who knew your gallantry was contagious?
Soaked feet dropped daunting drops
Who knew your blew- out sufferings
At me poured strength?
I was poised
In the rainbow of possibilities
In your gleaming prism..
478 · Feb 2018
The marshland
Surbhi Dadhich Feb 2018
In that algal bloom marshland
Lived a frog with his wife once
Feeding his wife every day
The frog was now tired and tedious
"Oh! My beloved, I can't feed you much
For I'm already old and broken"
His beloved was no longer in delight
As she was in a frenzy of fright
"We can't leave our birthplace
We're not in a great haste
Let us gobble up anything
A twig, a bug or a little fish
Let's settle up our lives
For we have to thrive"
Slowly and steadily
The marsh was empty
All it own was dump like a bin
No pathogens, no bug, no fish
Except two souls counting days till death
As they worked hard with their breath
The marshland was now the property
Of a government official at duty
He called for drainage cleaners
To build there shopping centres
To disappear the marshland
In the crystals of water vapour
As workers dug deep inner
All they unearthed was algae
Nothing more than that
Nothing less than this..
470 · May 2018
Surbhi Dadhich May 2018
I remember those drowsy days
Veiled with rampageousness
When you lodged next to my door
For just a fortnight in that fussed room
When you were the killer
And I unrehearsed detective
When you were the beauty
And I...the monstrous beast
Sheepish daunting crass cacophony
The neighbours reported of our peculiar phrases
But fortnight brought feud
Cause you were still unattached
Unrecognized to someone
Who always looked up to you
In spite of your diaspproval
For your grand arrival...
469 · Nov 2017
Surbhi Dadhich Nov 2017
The striking joy  bound shots
Of the partial challenging life
And the natural ins and outs
Regulates and balances human tribe
The most cheerful moments
Apart from dreary darkness
Gonna happen in astonished absence
This what shapes complains
Wish I could be there too
Wish the world creeps on
Slowly and even slowly
And Yeah, If this'll matter
And somewhat commence
Then only in our worthy absence...
466 · Oct 2017
Glowing Petals
Surbhi Dadhich Oct 2017
Glowing Petals
With Pearls
Sparkle among the ferns
Glowing Petals
Whisper and Chatter
To butterflies
Seeking for nectar.
Glowing Petals
Are bonny flee
Crying for aid
To humming bee
Seeking reputation
For dispersal and Pollination
Glowing Petals
Sparkle among the ferns
Spreading a concern
Not to illuminate the light of others..
Surbhi Dadhich Dec 2017
The devoted scent of relationships
And the unconditional love beyond compare
Hand-in hand in harsh hardships
Trusted promises not to set tears
Hearts enlightened by lush greenery
With the blossom of the sweetest flowers
And then the fragrance embellish the saddened sighs
With the love and benedictions shower
With sometimes the bitterness of weeds
But you both have already sprinkled pesticides
And as I watch day by day
These pesticides turning into mild perfumes
With again the victory of good over evil...
Happy Wedding Anniversary MP:)
Wish you both the greatest years ahead..
Surely the first one not asking for party..
446 · Sep 2017
Blurred memories..
Surbhi Dadhich Sep 2017
Suns of hopes rise everywhere
Above the fatal world
Far above the sky's layer
Where hearty gardens shine like an emerald .
Every step with valour
Without fright and terror
Our destiny in our hands
No one can grab.
We are the lords
We are the slaves
Relationships are like chemical bonds
Devils surely get result of their fate.
Interested things are passion
Uninterested things are merely a profession
For fortune and destiny always attract
Leave a great impact
Earning wealth for leisure
The whole life will pass away'll become an incomplete and blurred memory of heart's treasure..
440 · Apr 2019
Surbhi Dadhich Apr 2019
As we rattled pages
Of our memories
That smiled as that same girl
'Us' used to be
Yours is laboured pain
Mine is lost joy
Glaring from youthful 'us'
In flimsy shades
In clumsy photograph
Lying barren
Vying attention
Smiling as that same girl
'Us' used to be..
437 · Aug 2019
The Middle Void..
Surbhi Dadhich Aug 2019
Between two extremes,
Two poles of universe
Heaven and Earth
The void is the messaging conduit
The breathe which retains
Middle of breathe in and breathe out
The void is the calm realism
The subtle connectedness of love
The gentle glory of balance
The void fills it all..
437 · Jan 2018
A deserted destination..
Surbhi Dadhich Jan 2018
My rusting cries reached a deserted destination
Far infinite in the infinite universe
Neither assurity nor dimensions
Rusting cries tore into hell curse
Glorious stars were ashamed of disgrace
The moon bore the fire of hate
Sensitive planets turned insane
Rusting cries cried and turned pale
Reflected and are now again flowing in my veins.
434 · Jun 2018
Visual pelf..
Surbhi Dadhich Jun 2018
My crooked eyes gleamed with the ecstatic rainbow
Spirals of a pinechord
Petals of a sunflower
Holes of a honeycomb
Grains on a maize cob
Dews in a dreary desert
Rose in the horde of thorns
The pearl at seashore
The angel in a folklore
Apples on mighty hills
Goosebumps in a chilled breeze
Seas in aquariums
Hues in mosses and ferns
Camaraderie in fauna
Coquettish uproar in flora
Immortal in seldom
I waded the silvery tears
"BEAUTY ..indeed ..lies in the EYES of the BEHOLDER"...
430 · Sep 2018
Sept 15
Surbhi Dadhich Sep 2018
" Hey.. What's the date today?"
I turned my idiotic face
With that twitch in ****** bones
"Oh.. It's...."
After four long years of boundless patience
Hopeful eyes looked into mine
Mitochondria is the power House
Yogss 15th birthday...Nope..
I noticed that I was unnoticed
Somebody was gone
I must have looked like a black scared crow
I just had to say," It's September 15th.."
428 · Oct 2017
Surbhi Dadhich Oct 2017
I am kidnapped.
Kidnapped in the locks
Kidnapped in this whirling world
Kidnapped in the chains of cops
For they are nothing but a fraud.

I am kidnapped.
Under the piles of foamy flakes
Meant for show- off
Lying nothing beneath
But with a cheerful top.

I am kidnapped.
In the illusions
In the endless desires
In different relations
In this ghastly world of commotion.

I am kidnapped.
My heart rules over my mind
Day in and day out
They test my kind.
The more I refuse, the more they come somehow.

I am kidnapped.
But the thing of utmost confusion
I don't really want to be independent.
421 · Jul 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Jul 2018
While the ecstatic rain pour in aura
The emerald forests glistened diamonds
The blooming buds bowed enthralled
Lively squirrels swung down the trunk
Jumbos tumbled on petal laden carpet
Fraudulent owls sneaked out in the decent morning
Butterflies kissed flowers ******* the  sweetest nectar
The cubs paddled and panted through channels
Frogs voraciously gobbled the pleasure in drains
Peacocks' rainbow awed the mother nature
"Cascading streams engulf my conditioned elements"...
418 · Nov 2017
Surbhi Dadhich Nov 2017
The crimson velvet beauty sparks
Of the embroidered vast sky
The humming and muzzling callous barks
And the beautiful alerted glittering spies
Under the high canopy
The darkest shade showcases a true story
Story lacking tragedies
Story bearing mysteries
The anonymous heaven of devoted species
Out of accessibility
Away from the maddening world of technology
Where desires are the curse
Where humility is a practice
These bright souls roam
In their own heaven
Of self-sufficiency...
Surbhi Dadhich May 2019
His eyes were the smearing of ink
On a deep scented, long love letter
His skin was the radiant tint
On a warm, lusted petal
His brilliance brimming was rock-hard
On my 'oh so delicate' heart
His hair were specks of love
In my darkest nightmares
His jawline wore the jewel
The magic key to endless treasure
His hands were generously stemming out
Escalating my earnestness to be a beggar
His physique was the far-sighted temple
Mere sight of which shakes the conscience
As I inched closer , with a racing heart
An illegible fire resisted, tempting me more
As I stepped back, frozen
Yet in his unnerving trap
Clouding him behind his back..
Thank you for reading.
416 · Dec 2017
Diamonds pierced...
Surbhi Dadhich Dec 2017
Diamonds pierced by sunbeams
From the jewels of love
Fusion of states filled with dreams
From the cups of thoughts
Donation of the sweetest smiles
From the hearts of gold
Reckoning of decentness
From the fields of mistakes
Codes never deciphered
Secrets never told
Diamonds pierced by sunbeams
From an unknown crown..
413 · Apr 2019
The unknown reality..
Surbhi Dadhich Apr 2019
I plundered
Out of sight, out of mind
Neglecting the unknown reality
"Distance makes the heart grow fonder"
411 · Nov 2017
When I see..
Surbhi Dadhich Nov 2017
When I see the life's colours
The emotions in me rise
From the yellow Sun comes the warmth of love
Held open by the bluest skies

When I see life's illusions
Waves of fluttered doubts rise
Though the Almighty's sigh
Showers and clears them from the vast sky

When I think of life's wonder
Waves of Amazement in me rise
Let no man put asunder
The beauty that I find

When I see life's mad elements
Shimmering Craziness in me rise
From the gloomy heart's scent
Leaves no other choice

When I see life's gifts
Passionate charity moulds in me
From the heart of gold
With rejoice and fraternity

When I see life's foam
Bubble-like desires in me rise
With heavy and blissful tops
But still smashed like pies

When I see life's bonds
Desires for divine in me rise
Like ligaments and tendons
Waiting for the day to traumatize

When I see the whole universe in life
Willin' curiosity in me rise
To solve the unsolved
No one can summarise

When I see the downtrodden
The need in me does rise
To not forget the forgotten
As I look to the warm the Sun in the sky..
A collaboration with Mike Hauser..
This seems exciting when two different or same ideas combine and reshape to produce something new..
Enjoyed a lot..
Surbhi Dadhich Sep 2019
When in September sunshine
The yellowing leaves mounded over our memories
Under the beautifully - painted tree
It made a noisy rustling
Humming sweet talks
When the world was still a magnificent dream...
Under the blanket shade  of date palms
Rosy sunshine rained on us back and forth
The seeds fell in harmony
The world was not yet awake
At the lustrous dawn
We slipped into each other's hearts..
I close my teary eyes leading to a vaulted tree
That world was a debilitating dream
The yellowed leaves and fallen seeds laid bare
As someone crushed the two ants parting  way
The tear trickled down my cheek..
392 · Mar 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Mar 2018
Her inexpressible eyes sided its curtains
No alarm rang
But her alarmed eyes
Day after day
Moulded into binoculars
Rose up in an unknown haste
Flung into the kitchen
Breakfast and batter
Without smash and dishes' chatter
It was Sunday and severe snoring
In the whole house
It was a compulsory duty
At workplace
She couldn't be late
I opened my eyes
The whole house was clean and fine
I had my breakfast prepared
At the shining tiles of the kitchen
In early evening she came
She asked for just a little help
But nobody was there
She was so glittering after such a long walk
At night they just came
Have some fun and dinner
Everybody went in their heaven
Of cellphones
She was alone in a dark room
She had some joint pain
But she had one more line on her head
It's just for family's gain..
How can they call teachers at schools even on Sundays when there are no students in the school? can someone be so rude..
It can take more than 2 hours just to reach the workplace..and 2 hours again back..
How can I talk without any sense to someone who cares for me a lot?..
389 · May 2018
Surbhi Dadhich May 2018
Your elegant embellished clouds
Are eternal bubbles in my coffee
Every morning the hail of my mouth
Storms the cups of my kitchen closet
Your harsh crass vocal chords
Are my splendid baritone
Melodious the song I sing
Reverberated and springed through your teeth
Your sunshine I perceive
After storming with the cups of my closet
In my heart once rose a thunder
The sparks flew of your sunshine
In my coffee and splendid baritone..
382 · Mar 2018
The story of ..
Surbhi Dadhich Mar 2018
Mohit! Why the hell is this plastic still here?
You're like unconscious every moment
Don't fade away your funds, stocks and shares
I'm the lord and you're unfortunately a slave
Mohit is a boy among thousands
Who still hears the melancholy of machines
He's also suffering from the only cash
Since childhood till now he's a teen
A boy with chronic and seasonal hunger
A boy deprived of love and education
Just a skeleton sticking to malnutrition
He's still now involved in some substitution
"Oh my sweetie! Would you tell me where you live?"
Asked a kind cop after seizing the factory
"I...I.....I Sir..." Unable to speak
Mohit is now in orphanage
He's uncomfortable with other teenagers of his age
Couples came and observed him
Who would adopt an unfair, shabby child like him?
People passed by
Years passed by
Time slipped away
Mohit was lost in his own grief and pain
Checking his behaviour
Officials transferred him to the mental hospital
His sight is most common weeping and sobbing under curtains and behind rolled carpets..
378 · Dec 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Dec 2018
while the braggart toppings must brew
bestowed me sparkles your broils
as I lay boundless and bare
yet haughtily up to the brim..
374 · Jul 2019
End, a devastating one...
Surbhi Dadhich Jul 2019
An overladen birch
Roots of which stimulate,
Shake, with a stony breath
Under the carpet of wilderness
Stingy insects rushing their way
To the broken heart,
Shattered as much as twigs around
Crumbling of which rustle,
Rustle with sweeping breeze,
Breeze that marked the end
End, a devastating one
Under the hanging birch
As the beetles sung the death march
The paddling flocked together
Dancing in a monotone of calling,
The silence of which silenced them..
371 · Feb 2018
If I..
Surbhi Dadhich Feb 2018
If I could paint my emotions
On your harsh heart
I'd have pretty done
But I was not an artist
And that was the problem
If I could sprinkle you
With my glistening tears
I'd have pretty pursued
But I was not a gardener
And that was the problem
Since the fork of our ways
Left us unrecognized
And trodded the traces
Leaving us impoverished
I'd done a bit of training
To hide my sufferings
I've been digging weeds out
And portraying your frown...
Based on an incident that strucked me with silence...Why people consider some sections of the society to be the poorest of the poor and treat them just like wild animals or hounds? They have to suffer so much..they're used like toys..hope someone or some day would bring an end to this..
370 · Jul 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Jul 2018
Behold boats ashore
Sailors tucking
Amidst tranquility
Unswept nooks prevail
Behold ant's mount
Throned treasurer
Amidst royal urge
Shattered crevices prevail
Behold crowned emperors
Blessed rancid troops
Amidst hordes of entities
Solidarity still prevails
Seems bleak yet blissful
Let bitter truths be sugary loopholes..
370 · Apr 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Apr 2018
I wish I were a bird
On the top of the world
Flickering my wings
Funding cushiony twigs
I wish I were a butterfly
On the sweetest petals I lie
******* the nectar
As I freely chatter
I wish I were a fish
Pedalling my fins
With fresh bubbles
And immortal fervour
I wish I were that innocuous kid
Rampageosly messing up barefeet
Denying distinctions via poor and rich
Indicating candid camaraderie
Towards his pals in poverty
Life would be pretty on the upswing...
366 · Feb 2018
A gloomy groom..
Surbhi Dadhich Feb 2018
Chimneys smoking cigar
As the dusk perpetuates dawn
Thorps fusing in graveyard
As the ghosts visit haunts
Far in the distant lands
Stands a haunted bungalow
With the myths of royal clans
With grapewines and willows
Algae, lichens and mosses
Snakes poisoning the stuff
Rats feeding on corpses
Crying in the ink of blood
As the ghostly army of midnight
Babbles with a vexing parade
The chaos of tedious tramps
Blows ears like trumpets
In that grey grave
Glitters a gloomy groom
With his suitcase of nightmares
And curse dressed like a boon
As he steps long rambles
To unearth his mate
To add on tragedy and troubles
As he curses his fate
Love was his beginning
His aggression takes wings
As he cries with foxes
The gloomy groom has lent
His soul as it decays
Rats feeding on corpse
Accelerating lichens and moss
Five long years of waitin'
Reached a fearsome end
Villagers still cookin'
Lost someone never met
Bride faded
Love was his suffering
Ignorance was his victory
No chaos, no tramps
Not love nor trumpets
No hatred no disturbance ..
365 · May 2018
The hollow drum..
Surbhi Dadhich May 2018
Life would have showered me
Success, riches, fame
Though breaking the glass ceilings
I never obsessed over the desires that I crave
Life would have pretty adored me
However hard I tripped
Though I never was in a great haste
But I thought of dislikes and disgrace
Life would have satiated my desires
Affirmations and content
Though hard work pays off
All I pursued was past's lament
Life would have surmounted me
The willingness to win
Cherished soul was I
Still always dreamt to perish
Little did I know
I was beating a hollow drum
I intended to be a plum pudding
Without a plum..
364 · Nov 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Nov 2018
I intend not to have the faintest idea
That no leaf has swept away
No stone remain unturned
No fire blazed of trepidation
I seem to encounter the sensation
Almost as well-concerned as a tigress
I might be timid, inconsiderate for you
But why not declutter your chest?
Unfogging the future is structuring a clumsy log
Negotiations over present can't be disfigured...
354 · Mar 2018
Surbhi Dadhich Mar 2018
Oh your crystal transparent eyes
Is it because of your glistening tears?
You might have seen a beautiful sight
Or glanced something fascinating or surreal?
Hey! You look so exhausted and lethargic
You can close the windows of your eyelashes
My conscience is disastrous pricked
As I get stucked by the warmth of your indelible traces
Oh! Don't sleep right now
How can I then rest in your eyes
Rest in your heavy calmness
Rest in your silvery glass case
Rest with your shady grey eyelashes
Oh! Was this a dream
Or just a fake imagination
I'm in peace with your eyes
Without your presence...
It's not always a nap or a sleep which gives us rest ..sometimes heartfelt experiences can also give us the soothing effect which we always carry in our memories..
For a person with great and impressive personality...
353 · Apr 2018
History repeats..
Surbhi Dadhich Apr 2018
High above the world's hectic tumult
Emigrating doves tore breeze in solitude
Gleaming ***** paused and then resumed
No one to bother or worst intrude
Embracing the gulp of dust and vapour
And riding on their tantalising bubbles
A crass crow came candid with croak
And bashed and entangled with one of those
The collision followed a cat fight
Only during their unison flight
A crass crow and doves and doves
Those doves were weirdly enough
The spectacle highlighted with the impressive shower
Of the feathers of the one that couldn't empower
Gleaming ***** resumed with the cult
Of curses and gloomy ******
Fly high as they with their sarcastic grins
Cracking jokes of the ****** and assassin
"The innocous crow soul rest in peace
This's what we can pray for thee"
Reached they their destination
Without any guilt and confession
The morning kissed their eyes
As they began again flying high
One of them entangled with a crow
This time both breeds were equal though
Lest the history repeats itself
Or there'll be pleads and requests
But the former often occurs
And a cat fight had begun
The croaky crows were the winners
The doves flew away in tension
The next morning embraced the eyes
Of both the groups for their regular journies to skies
History repeated itself
One of both again entangled
Lest the history repeats itself
Or there will be pleads and requests
The former often occurs you know
But not every time on show
A round of pleads and requests followed
And all reached their respective homes..
350 · Jun 2018
I hail...
Surbhi Dadhich Jun 2018
To beacon as reforming torchbearers
To smother dubious testimonies
To ablaze invidious roar
I beckon invocation
To hail resplendent among splendid
To brim the exorbitant generosity
To lame dogmas and evils
To gobble irksome cruelty
I hail to you
The onlooker of the world
The progenitor of the universe
The splendid incarnation
To shoulder the keelless..
Surbhi Dadhich Oct 2017
I thought recklessly
And found ultimately
The existence of evil
Threatening biological purity
I thought recklessly
Excess of everything
Is the worst
Is it the same
For the very good and truth?
I thought recklessly
There are no limits
Evil and good
Are the two sides
Of the same coin
Evil is mandatory
To balance the good
To hamper the growth
Of good to become evil
For the defeat
Of any cult
Any type of fault
Blameless holocaust..
340 · Dec 2017
That's the difference..
Surbhi Dadhich Dec 2017
You don't feel awkward
Noo..Cause you're with daily struggle
A deal with sarcasms
A deal with challenges and troubles
We're in our relaxed comfort zone
But you're in a cage of expectations
We're foolish...insane
But you have crossed all our imaginations
We're **** sure of impossibility
You turn them into reality
You opt the worst
To be the best
Your precious life requires no entertainment
It's itself an emotional drama of arrival and departure
You don't require exciting enjoyment
You have made it a true adventure..
Wrote it for a friend..A greatly admirable model of behaviour and intelligence
338 · Oct 2017
As far..
Surbhi Dadhich Oct 2017
As far as one gaze
Veins, berries blossom
Heaven has came on hell
Amongst the drowsy mist and fog
As far as one gaze
In the autumn twilight
Eager to escape
From his woeful life
Fruits are ripening
Flowers are sailing
Season of joy and fruitfulness
When the Almighty bless
The infant whining wind
With fume of flowers amid..
Nature is philanthropic
Nature is the Almighty
Nature is that spirit
That blesses us with every aspect of life
With purity and charity..
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