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 Mar 2017 Maddie
Alexis Martin
I didn't really know much about whirlwind love
or shotgun weddings
Until I went out with a forbidden boy in my new city
almost immediately we were struck by lightning
electric and on fire
with his hand on my face
dancing and kissing and sweating and laughing
someone thought we were married
so to make it right
he got down on one knee and I spent the week as Mrs. S
I broke all my own rules with him
*** with the lights on, holding hands in public
giving up my jaded and calloused heart
my favorite moment?
standing in the shower with him
listening to Beach House
hot water falling on us like sweet honey in the summertime
the soft glow of afternoon sunshine beaming in from the window
we took turns washing each other's hair
and kissing each other's necks
nothing has ever felt so pure
so safe
so beautiful
 May 2016 Maddie
Ignatius Hosiana
A day will come when those roseate lips will be wrinkled black
when that flexible and slender waist will be a bended back
when that hair you fried in search of exotic beauty
will one by one shed off until there's nothing left on your head
when that big sensual artificially induced *****
will progressively shrink and their bright shine will fade
time will come when your ballooned succulent firm *******
will deflate and turn into two flabby pieces of meat
when that graceful saunter that you've embraced
will be no more for those strong bones will be deadbeat
someday those bright eyes will be grotesquely sunken
toothless, your precious white teeth will all be broken
all those features that steal millions of souls and rob so many hearts
those that command respect and attract lustful love
from desperate suitors some of whom you feel don't deserve
will someday be depreciated and rusted invaluable parts
someday instead of being the art piece that you are
you'll be a pinnacle of horror to the oblivious of the beaut you were
you'll want love but only command passionate hate
enjoy your youth... right ahead awaits nature's terrible fate
 Apr 2016 Maddie
Shield Maiden
My love life is cursed
I have done it again
Trusting the wrong woman
with my heart
You’re so intoxicating
It’s a heart breaking swim
Swimming in an ocean of tears
Tears I’ve cried for you
Because I couldn’t see the truth
Truth that I have fallen
Fallen for the wrong one
Time after time
why do they call it a crush?
Because that’s how you feel when they don’t feel the same way in return
 Apr 2016 Maddie
Stayed home from work today
It's gonna come a flood they say
But I've seen worse than this o.k.
I should have went on in anyway

Cause it's barely raining outside
But it's pouring in my heart

I hate to be alone this way
In this bed where you once laid
Thinkin' about the love we made
Looks like I made a big mistake

See it's barely raining outside
But it's pouring in my heart

I've tried to keep my mind off you
Drive around sometimes til 2
Turn my radio down on songs sung blue
What's a lonely boy to do?

When it's barely raining outside
But it's pouring in my heart

God we used to laugh a lot
It's like we read each others thoughts
I still can hear the times we talked
Your memory is near- it's you I've lost

And it's barely raining outside
But it's pouring in my heart
Song poem.
 Apr 2016 Maddie
 Apr 2016 Maddie
Today I wanted to die,
I imagined the plane crashing and exploding,
I dreamt of falling to my death,
I envisioned free-falling till I was like a bug...
yet I didn't want any of this.

I hoped my heart would stop on a caffeine overdose,
I wanted to be dead to be numb again,
I longed to feel empty and alone,
I couldn't feel tired knowing I failed...
**I wanted all of the pain, regret and disillusion.
 Apr 2016 Maddie
Sometimes I'm only crushed
The reality of it all
These scars as a reminder
These stars that guide our future
This word that is mine
That I carry each and everyday

Sometimes I'm only broken
Because I have to be strong
This light I carry with me
The darkness that's surrounding
These stars in my eyes
That I carry each and everyday

Sometimes I'm plastered
Because I choose to be
This poison in my blood
This ever rising flood
This impossible love
That I carry
Each and every
 Apr 2016 Maddie
 Apr 2016 Maddie
I wish for a hug...
One that lasts only mere seconds.
Yet could only mean nothing
but eternity.

I long for a hug...
One that finds me struggling,
and offers the line that'll hoist me up
so that the whims of the world
would simply fall away.

I yearn for a hug...
An embrace that grants me the briefest
moment of solace.
Amidst the clamour and chaos
that overwhelm.

I want a hug...
One that's unconditional.
One that'll just take me in, as I am.
One that wouldn't cringe
at the misfit of my bones.
One that wouldn't judge
if our heartbeats don't
thump in sync.
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