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Nov 2020 · 217
I Free Thee
OnlyEggy Nov 2020
Be free!
I release you, Nurtured Feathers
Go! Fly!

Run and flee!
Leave this wall-less house of Forever!
Escape, bye!

Be gone!
No longer Us bound together!
No longer try!

Just remember!
I sewed your wounds better!
Dried Nurtured's eyes!

Don't forget!
I severed Binds that held Nurtured tighter!
Eliminated lies!

Of toils of illness and bouts of fever!
Shoulders where Nurtured voice cries!

Just know!
There never were walls, windows, doors, locks, or levers!
Nutured was always free to go and try!

Freed Ye!
Become loveless to the hand of the deepest lover!
Beseech my soul as it dies!

So, Be free!
I smile as I release you, Nurtured Feathers!
Ever hurt as you go by!
Apr 2020 · 138
We Gave a Rotten Fruit
OnlyEggy Apr 2020
Apples to apples
Grapes to grapes
Pears to power
Plum the drapes

A wine for whining
A wax for the shine
A soft spot for fermenting
A barrel for time

Sour's their power
Fruits of a labor
A well lit touch on the country's porch
Turns the harvest to vapor
May 2019 · 439
Runnin' (From You)
OnlyEggy May 2019
Runnin' away the voices in my head
Skipping through the wrinkles on this hard bed
Jumping through hoops of the 'left unsaid'
Tuck, roll, and-and run-n-n-n-n

Far away from the gaze of your unrest
Try-hard tried hard to match your best
Chased out like a King in chess
Shakin' off and runnin'

Run, Run, Run, Run
I meant no disrespect...
Would you run, run?
From feeling the kiss of reject?

(Run on. Run on. Run on. Run on.)

Runnin' away from the theories in my head
Skipping through my mind, it's on bend
Jumping through the words of what was said
Tuck, roll, and run-n-n-n-n

Far away; is your gaze that-of unrest?
Try-hard; did we try our best best?
Chased out-of mind, you in that dress
Shakin' off and runnin'

Run, Run, Run, Run
I meant no disrespect...
Would you run, run?
After your kiss I reject?
Run, Run, Run, Run
I couldn't tell what you meant
Would you run, run?
I wasn't ready for the rules that can't be said

(Run on. Run on. Run on. Run on.)

Run up the tall-ey in my...
Skipping through my mind, it's on bend
Jumping through the words of what was said
Tuck, roll, and run-n-n-n-n

Far away; is my gaze still that of unrest
Try-hard; did we try our best best?
Chased out-of mind when I saw that dress
Shakin' off and runnin'

Far away; is our gaze that of unrest
Try-hard; didn't we try our best best?
Chased out-of-mind, taking off that dress
Shakin' off and runnin'

Run up the tall-ey in my head
Skipping through my mind, it's on bend
Jumping through what your body had said
Tuck, roll, and run-n-n-n-n
These lyrics are written to...
*Bouncy Castle*
Need Your Light
Dylan Sitts [Composer]

I don't usually do songs so tell me what you think!
May 2019 · 136
OnlyEggy May 2019
The drive home, agonizing
Car flooded with fearful tears
Doctor just spoke the worst words
Cancer; confirming the worst of fears
Forget about money, distance
pressure, and the rain
My shoulder is soft
lean on it when the pain's
to strong to bear
and I'll bear it for you
when you're too weak to stand
I'll be your strength to support you
When you fall, my arms
are the only place you're head'll lay
when you feel like giving up
my love will show you the way
My fingers'll wipe your tears
and my hands are for you to squeeze
Apr 2019 · 191
OnlyEggy Apr 2019
Stress is the constant that never goes away
Pain in the chest
Restless rest
Mind entering the fray

What is one more thing? Already taking it well...
Ethical dilemma
Emotional drama
More sleep minutes to sell

Tell lies to try and appease the few
Hurt inside
Pushed aside
Because it's good for you
Dec 2017 · 269
OnlyEggy Dec 2017
I guard during the day
I teach
I play
I dole out friendship
I dull pain
I am safety
Providing safe places to lay

I create
I save
I am a model
On how to behave
I am calm
Clean and shaven
Bent, shoe-tieing
Stretching to the heavens
Exercising more than bodies
Ages zero to eleven

I am a teacher
That's my title on my shirt
My students call me Mr.
"But you're daycare!" You blurt
I frown and sigh
An 'insult' meant to hurt
But I know you can't have one without the other
Like having trees without dirt
So is a teacher to daycare provider
That's the title on my shirt
Jun 2017 · 470
This Family
OnlyEggy Jun 2017
We come from different worlds
Different parts of the map
Two different livelihoods
Two different paths

Two separate childhoods
Two types of families
One; grown up too fast
One so naïve

Both playing games online
In two different places
Fate pushes introvert and opposite
To two smiling faces

One avoids mistakes
From one big one to two
One just trying to take a guess
What the other just might do

One runs away
With a tank full of gas
One sits at home
Hoping the pain will pass

Two different hearts
Tell two what to do
Both do not understand
What the other's been through

One in recovery
One drives all night
One is so confident
The other is in fright

Two different people
From two different places
Lock arms for the first time
And stare into faces

These two different hearts
Began to beat as one
Through hiccups and heartaches
These hearts produce a son

Now two families merge
Two become stronger than the sum
I'll hold you both forever, Love

This story's just begun
(AIP) Justin Griego
Mar 2014 · 1.0k
Sleep Child
OnlyEggy Mar 2014
Go to sleep Child,
It's the midnight hour
You were sleeping soundly
but that slumber has soured
Here's a pacifier, a blanket,
a song hummed down low
One more kiss and
off to sleep you go

Go to sleep child,
It's two in the morn'
You were sleeping soundly
but now you howl like a horn
Here's a lullaby, sung by nightlight
and a pacifier in my hand
Once more before you succumb
to the Sandman's sand

Go to sleep child,
It's four, just before dawn
Am I supposed to assume
you're a hungry little fawn?
Here's a warm bottle, clean swaddle
and an elephant burp cloth
It's only a matter of time before you're
moving slower than a sloth

Go to sleep child,
It's no longer night
We both look exhausted
Oh what a sight!
Here's a blanket, a pacifier, a soiled swaddle;
Sandman's sand, a burp cloth, and a ***** bottle
I'm staying home today 'n I don't know about you
But I say lets take a nap and sleep till this afternoon
(AIP) Dedicated to Matthew Griego. Go to sleep son.
Mar 2014 · 3.5k
OnlyEggy Mar 2014
This is a mobile poem,
Written from my mobile phone.
Derived from a mobile song.
Developed near a mobile home.

Radio blasts from its mobile ring
Melodies radiate; singers sing
rhyming can be a mobile fling,
So long as you're willing to fight through this autocorrect thing.
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
I am writing this from my usual position
For I Am Bold!
I Am Strong!
And My Bowels Keep Me Sitting
Upon This Commode
All Night Long!
Feb 2014 · 1.8k
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
Misery and woe.
How far down will this misery go?

Through faulty lines
Down fault lines
Who's fault lies
beneath this miserable snow?

This, misery
So miserably so
Why do you escape so miserably slow?

I choked up
on choking up
your choked up song
I just want to know where did this go so terribly wrong?

Hey misery
Sir Misery
Please misery, go
And take your miserable act out of this show.
Feb 2014 · 1.8k
Ritalin Slow
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
On this Ritalin,
I am slow
Brains aren't racing
Thoughts don't go
Oh, I'm so productive
Ask anybody; they'd know
But my creative spark suffocates
Under the Ritalin filled glow.

I can't even tell you
how hard it can be
When every word you say
doesn't go past me
I can hear every syllable
Every motion I do see
Then my brain melts at the pressure
Not spouting off wittily

They say I speak normally
The words come out so true
But to me they sound labored
So slow and confused
I have thought into every motion
of my vocal cords abuse
And feel every vibration
to my tingled lips amuse

Some times I'm real happy
no way my spirit'll shake
Some times I'm real sad
It's more than I can take
Sometimes I don't feel anything
That's a feeling I just can't shake
Sometimes I feel everything
And I'm waiting for my head to break

My doctor never gave me Ritalin
As a kid I never did have
But now I'm all grown up
And this time I've a' bottle in hand
I used to let my mind race
Daydream of robot bands
Now I've let these pills run coarse
N' hourglass runs on Ritalin slowed sands
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
Forgive me. This I pray
to the demons and shadows
that haunt the day
I've got no more patience,
only tension, to keep war dogs at bay

To the stress of the eve,
Down I say!
Relax your torture; calm your steed
Gallop no further into the night
Patience is a virtue, 'nd I've run dry I believe

Hush child, calm your nerve
I'm an adult now,
corroded and perverse
Scream no longer about the weight of the world
I can carry you, fend for you,
    give you what you deserve
Another Insomniac Poem
Nov 2013 · 823
OnlyEggy Nov 2013
The pressure, the strain
from too many days in the flame
pulled in opposite directions,
where no path's sane

Support the one, lose the other
Support the other, lose them both over
lenient in nature is the neither
picking one makes the other colder

One needs a back to break
the other needs a shoulder to take
each one supports the other path's choice
but neither'll forget when forsake'd
OnlyEggy Nov 2013
Here at last! O' how'd the time pass?
Nine pages on the calendar torn
'N now we're down to an hour glass!
Tipped and turned, watching grains fly;
   on the walls, toy planes stand by!

Here at last! O' where'd the time go?
It felt like seconds ticked by so fast
and yet it dragged by oh so slow!
Tipped and turned, bottles warmed and teddy bears smile;
   at this time tomorrow, these arms'll bear a child!
Oct 2013 · 881
Raise the Jack
OnlyEggy Oct 2013
Forged by the blood upon the ramming ships bow
Gun smoke rising from fired cannons, port side
Missiles launch, starboard side, skyward bound
Raise, 'O Raise the First Naval Jack
Quickly up the flag pole aft!

Lights shone from signalmen fore
Bring flashes from rifles by ******, port side
Naval fly-boys on the starboard side, **, coming about
Raise, 'O Raise the First Naval Jack
Quickly up the flag pole aft!

Cut 'em off and Capture the Savage
So don the iron, Monitor, and defend the 'Sota
For the Midway is close, the codes broken, the ships sinking slow
So, Raise, 'O Raise the First Naval Jack
Quickly up the flag pole aft!
(AIP) In honor of the men and women who have given their lives throughout history serving our Navy
OnlyEggy Jun 2013
These are the riots of the rise
where the innocence of the youth flies
  in the face of a nation
They raise their flags as their spirits rise;
away from the innocence and towards their mindless side

A decision, to each their own mind
Do you take a step towards freed men's hell
or fall back to the child's mind?
Never this day will you be the same
and never this choice fade
   when there's none to blame

Remember this day, your daily bread
fed from your mother's plate by your father's hand
Remember the prayers repeatedly said
and pray they protect you when adolescence is dead
Give us this day, a ****** hand
and try not to stumble into the grave-digger's sand
Another Insomniac Poem
May 2013 · 1.5k
Nugget's Lullaby
OnlyEggy May 2013
Here's a little Nugget on a pirate ship
sailing away to where all the pirate's sit
Give them a taste of this sleepy buck'a'roo
And by the way, I love you

Here's little Nugget on a itty bitty boat
sailing away through the muddy, murky moat
With little sleepy eyes and some mud on'is shoe
just remember that I love you too

There goes Nugget on his super duper raft
ridin' through the rapids going super duper fast
Closing his eyes and off he flew
and by the way, I love you
I was trying to write a lullaby for my soon-to-be-in-my-arms newborn. Instead I came up with this!
Apr 2013 · 758
I Fear Death, Not Dying
OnlyEggy Apr 2013
A man with a gun
Steps from an allyway gloomed
Aimed it at me
And froze me where I stood
He said, "Son, lemme ask you a question.
As death stares you in the eye,
Are you afraid for your money,
Or do you fear for your life?"

Neither, was the response
From between those clenched teeth

I am unselfish in materials;
you can have all my things.
And my body is ready
for when the angels start to sing

"I think you're lyin'"
Said the man with the gun
"I can see it in yer eyes,
I bet you want to run"

If you do what you do
and you say that you may
then my family'll be left
in such disarray
My mum will become
but just a shell of herself
and my dad in his grief
destroy a lamp or a shelf
My sisters will wear black for a week
My brothers will search for you in the streets
Who knows better than you
where these streets can take?
My Woman may die from a broken heart,
and my children may never know
that I was there from the very start
My friends will all cry
and spill a beer in the dirt
and my dog may become violent
as he guards my last worn shirt
My grandkids will know
The year that I die
But they'll never know like knew
the joy of a grandparents smile
I do fear this in my death, good sir
but I've no fear of dying.

The man shook his head
shaken to his core
His eyes stared for a moment
before they met mine once more

"Get out of here", he said in tone real low
"Go, and speak of dying no more,
For I am the son of a father
Who was killed when I was four"
Unfinished, and unedited
Another Insomniac Poem
Mar 2013 · 981
The Need for a Hiatus
OnlyEggy Mar 2013
The feelings of broken minds
the rage
Creeping, freaking
feeling sage
I think thinking's speaking
from a rattled cage
And speaking's shrieking
has soured my brain

I feel clutter by thoughts
in a crowded room
Jilted by vocabulars
on an empty tome
Deafened by the silence
of the un-assumed
Subdued like a man
by a woman's perfume
Left here in a vacuum
vaguely confused

A desk, a chair
the blankness that exists
the door is barred
but I must escape this
Eyes are so distant
as I attempt to resist
Erasers and pencils
put papers in places
Desktops to blacktops
puts distance to this mess
Forgive me, my Writings,
this begins my hiatus
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)
OnlyEggy Oct 2012
I swing, I swag
I hand out punishment in a bag
You're fresh, You're fly
The boys turn heads as you walk by
We're rock, We're roll
   They're playing flag,
   Two hand touch,
And we're playing professional
Sep 2012 · 870
Veils of Rain
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
Cascades, cascades
Veils of rain
Never ending, Never rending
Faith in pain
To see is to explore
in the dim lit night
To see I implore
by hidden moon light
to the ways of the waves
as the rain cascades
on umbrella's held high
but only semi-dry
are the eyes and the sighs
and the little black ties
on doorknobs unlocked
precariously ensconced
those cries of pain
by the pouring rain
Unexplicitly refrained
When the cloud flies
The crowd sighs
And the children unequivocally
Sep 2012 · 796
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
Eyeliner stare
into the sky somewhere
Creamy and Delightful
with an artistic flair

Neon lights streak
across Beauty's cheek
and race off towards the world
Words of Dreams 'er lips speak

And somewhere up above
stars flutter like doves
illuminating Dreamer's thoughts
and capturing the essence of Love

And into this picture I do stare
Seeing your face, knowing you care
gives me promise for the future
that you'll always be there
(AIP) I love you
Sep 2012 · 474
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
1 part Fame
2 parts Game
3 for the party
4's just the same

5 footed chain
6 stitched pain
7 say they're sorry
8 claim insane
This little bit popped into my head and I jotted it down quickly. I'm not even sure the message but I'm sure there is one hidden somewhere.
Aug 2012 · 505
Do you take this man...
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
....and Ma'am;

Do you take this man love him with all you can? hold him when he is sad? support him when he feels had? give to him when he needs a hand? smile with him in the evening sand? laugh with him when the joke was bad? dream with him about your life plan,
       and to live with him when they don't pan?

Do you take this man be your friend?
...your confidant?
...your sin
...and to be your husband?
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
It's all right there, just stay focused
The more you focus, the faster you'll be done.
Like the steak from last night
So good, and the service made it all right
And that waitress; What a sight!

Sight, stay on the task at hand
Just focus on getting out of work and all will be fine.
Like the print on that contract yesterday
and tomorrow, I'm gonna tear up the highway
and maybe get a jealous glance or two thrown my way

My way, my way. The only thing keeping me here is my brain
This rain, this rain, makes my A.D.D. go completely insane
*Insane like that rhyme I just made.
Hey I'm a poet, maybe I could make an A.D.D. poem!
I wonder if there is cure for.........I think I can go for some ice cream.
Aug 2012 · 627
The Façade
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
How can you criticize a man with a weakness?

The soldier who wields a lighter sword
is he not covering for his lack of strength?
yet he is praised for his understanding of battle
and allowed to compensate his arm to such lengths

The painter who paints life as it stands still
does he not show his lack of imagination?
yet he is praised for his forthright abilities
showing the world his mundane interpretation

The musician who bends the strings to his will
he is good, but can he dance or is his voice too shrill?
yet here he is treated like a god
for his guts and his sweat and his need for a thrill

But a man who is lonely, broken, or worn
puts on a smile, his handshake is warm
and yet the others laugh, they point, they scorn
"Your façade is fake, you fool," they say
"the only one you're fooling is yourself," they claim

But a façade is a shield, a crutch if you may
to attempt to deflect the hate that they spray
it allows your wounds to heal below
and keep sympathy, scorn, and disgust away
and if it works, and it does, they'll never know
it was all just a lie, a façade, you had shown
Jul 2012 · 981
Another Year has Passed
OnlyEggy Jul 2012
I believe...

Like wind beneath the swallow's wings
Our love shall too have height
Verily, verily; as these two hearts sing
Everlasting fires doth burn bright

Yesteryear is out of sight
Order this year doth not bring
Unveil the dark with brand new light
...and love me to the end of the trail so winding
(AIP) Happy Birthday Chelsea Decker
Jul 2012 · 477
Today I'm Feeling Sick
OnlyEggy Jul 2012
This short little poem before work
was written without a shirt
I'm gonna be too ******* lazy
and call in sick to that crazy
So I can just lay with my baby before work
May 2012 · 1.1k
OnlyEggy May 2012
Swimming in circles, doing turns
checking reflections in the glass

Motor hums as the water churns
and the rocks on the bottom, dull as dirt

Current runs gently as the plastic grass yields
to bubbles rising from plastic chests

I wonder how my goldfish actually feels
if every three seconds it's all brand new
May 2012 · 574
Red Letter Day
OnlyEggy May 2012
Excitement, Excitement
Creeping into my head!
To sleep! To sleep!
Must find my bed!
No time! NO TIME!
I must lay my head!
Circled Red! Circled Red!
It's what the calender says!

'Morrow's break, 'Morrow's break
is too far awhile
So to sleep! Get to sleep!
So the Stars pass with'a smile
For that day is the day,
The beginning of our trial!
For our Red Letter Day
is the arrival of our child!
OnlyEggy May 2012
To my disdain...

Their stare, violent in nature
and here I thought for sure
the papers, the newscasters
     (for vultures they are)
would see, would glee
at the ugly underneath
from all the slander and banter
that I could gather to slather
upon the wound of your economy
to cover the scars of your villainy
with boasts of your generous chivalry
and yet, the eyes of the vultures mutter disparagingly
about warfare, murders, and highway robbery
as leaders of the Moons, and the Five Red Stars
lick their lips in harmony at your display
They're ready to clip your wings 'O War Eagle
to ***** the flame 'O Lady of Copper
You must strive to prove your regal
Or soon will be our day of violent upheaval
Apr 2012 · 572
A March Claims Them All
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
Be and be
A sea I see
Them and Thee'
'Tis me they'll free
A cross and shield
marching feet yield
real and zealed
Deadly they'll feel
Another Insomniac Poem
Apr 2012 · 495
Somethings, Sometimes
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
Somethings written
shouldn't be read
    Somethings heard
    shouldn't be said

Somethings  sometimes should  be  read
                                            by all but one
Sometimes somethings should be heard
                                         by all but none

Somethings I've written
I want you to read
Sometimes I worry about the letters
'cuz I know you'll see
Another Insomniac Poem
Apr 2012 · 737
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
In this world you've tried
kept M'onsters you still hide
Memories stuffed in closets tight
out still oozes M'onsters' slime
turning the night to wasted rind
and running circles in looped time

'We're all so very tired', they say
but with lights on they lay
'cuz in the dark is when you memories play
and nightlights 'on't work to keep'em at bay
so with bright lights they lay
hoping your M'onsters stay away

M'onsters 'll stay as long as they choose
but I've got a lock to keep the door closed
a touch in a latch and a demeanor so soothed
that no M'onster can squeam its' way through
So dim the lights and let my shining love prove
and consider those M'onsters properly shoo'ed
Apr 2012 · 3.6k
Dancers of Element
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
The clouds move over the sun
as the stage is set, lights dim
Movements of dancers getting set
nervously watching as the clouds darken

Lightning flashes in the distance
as the dancers beat there chest
the rolling thunder reckoning its approval
as the lead pumps her fists

The first drop falls with pounding grace
as the dancers jump up with thunderous sound
The soaking drops rain its applause
as their collective feet touch the ground

The wind licks at the cloth draped around them
as they spin and flip as a choreographed group
And the wind yells in violent glee
as their movements express their vigilant youth

The dancers finish with their perfect end
as the elements smile on the energetic routine
And as the lights raise and the clouds move away
The dancers turn and bow to the future of We.
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
When tonight I dream of you,
I hope that everything comes true.
And when we wake, the day is new.
    Baby, I will still love you.
So go to sleep and dream of me,
then tell me all the things you see,
and in turn I'll take each word, and hold it close,
     for I am yours.

I hold on to every word, and sing them in my head.
For these thoughts and dreams are like a bird,
singing the nothings said.
It tweets and tweets and tweets along,
words that feel so true.
And I sing, I sing, I sing along,
to the words of 'I love you'.

My heart in turn it sings along.
Though it cannot ever hear your song.
It seems to me to fated be,
that we would have even gone and met,
yet here we are we've come so far.
And it aint over yet*

And as the birds sing and our hearts scream,
These words I'll whisper to thee.
I love you, you know it's true, and this was meant to be.
Now rest your head upon this bed
and close your eyes to the tune,
for the bird will sing in the morning sun to the day's beautiful tune.
(AIP)  This was an actual exchange between myself and the co-author Chelsea Decker. We're hopeless....
OnlyEggy Mar 2012
Forgiving the initial insane
with news abstained
by the unrestrained
emotions, untamed
by lab coats
needles and pain
hurt, in vein
struggled in vain
to obtain
the truth refrained
by lips restrained
from medical terms
and privacy red tape
and while our hearts yearn
the anticipation escapes
from voices shaken and strained
by family, friends, staff, and passer-by;s
as a single word has stirred
emotions, devotions
a word better left unheard

(AIP) Dedicated to the woman I love. You'll never walk alone.
Mar 2012 · 633
Three Days Grace
OnlyEggy Mar 2012
Day One:

Let the kids out to play today
They made it off the porch
Stared at the sky
The warden was mad

Day Two:

Apparently, popsicle sticks are gay
'cuz they 'flame' when lit with a torch
The sun says hi
The courtyard fence makes me sad

Day Three:

Pistols are not toys and they do not play
Dead skin is cool to the touch
Behind walls the moon hides
The guard spit on me and I was glad
Mar 2012 · 499
OnlyEggy Mar 2012
Closing my eyes, with head on a pillow
Dreaming about you, as much as I'm able
Wishing this time would speed up when I'm awake
so I can spend as much time in my dreams as I can take.
Feb 2012 · 904
Left Broken by the Bass
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
Story time children
gather 'round
for the tale of the man
consumed by sound

It all started with the turn
of a stereo ****
and a CD of a step left dubbed
that allowed the bass to explode
in the place
in the face
of a man innocent to the sub

When he awoke, slightly dazed
bass in his ears
eyes slightly glazed
he listened closely, intently
and was amazed

at the length of the drop
and the strength of the bass
tried to cover ears to make it stop
but found broken wrists rapping
to the beat, bass, and pounding space

heart attack, heart attacked
by bass and beat and beat and beating
of feet as they started to move
fleeing, fleeting, as they started to groove

Shocked by the abuse his brain was taking
he didn't think of stopping the movements
his body started making
hips popping, arms locking,
twisting, contorting, spastic
as his body was dropping

And as the bass rocked, so did his mind
each length had resistance dropping
each bump of bass had adrenaline pumping
coursing, pushing the drug through veins, so right
making him feel so, so light

the heaviness his chest felt
keys on keyboards run, leaving him winded
lungs on fire, ready to implode
and when he couldn't take any more
the music silenced, rescinded

Lying broken on the floor
he begged and begged for
the speakers to speak no more
but as his shaken voice left his mouth
his fingers did reach
and with an addictive touch
and he knew what the rest of the night held in store
Feb 2012 · 1.3k
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
This whole intervention is designed
I have failed to mention

The interpretation sublime
I'm beginning to question

The attention cuts eyes blind
Selfish agitation

The anticipation is revealing lies
Step back with admiration

The revelation of the simple signs
Begin the cross-examination

This whole intervention is mine
You have our attention
Feb 2012 · 1.2k
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
Faces showed complete shock
when they found him slumped
in front of the 808's
as the bass rocked
They say his beat stopped
Speakers blown, Voice slowed
He tried a new tune
and soon
his addiction grew
and grew
Until his eyes closed
and pleasure and pain
was all his face showed
The paramedics put on hip-hop
country, rock, and even k-pop
But no weapon won the battle
as his ear drums slowed their rattle
and his heart came to a stop
If only they knew the strength of the bass
the length of the drop
they could've increased his survival
They pronounced him dead, and I know why
His brain was blown
by the sound in those ear phones
and now I know he had been....

Dubstepped on Arrival
Feb 2012 · 1.4k
Born From a Boombox
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
We are young!
We are strong!
Lungs to the heavens
as our hearts sing along!
We run as thousands
but we stand as one!
Souls in the heavens
with eyes on the gun, fun!
Pound our feet in the ground,
rumblin' rhythmic footsteps
move mountains with its sound!
Our words heat the air
as the ice cracks loud!
Their shiver is shared;
Let them stare, we don't care
Melt into the crowd,
and we still stand out!
Yet still feasible to stay reasonable
No treason is seasonal
No wall is that pliable
Withstand hate with strength undeniable
Vicious, and still likable
Quick to bite; to heal a wound
Get hurt, get chewed
Get back up, Get out soon
And we stand up in rythum
And get back in tune
Singing a song, to sing along
Where we all belong,
Where none is wrong
Mass hysteria with a flex of a muscle
Show them all just how strong
Long in the tooth
or still young
You too can have youth
melt in the crowd, stand your ground
or get swallowed up by the swiftness of our sound
Feb 2012 · 13.9k
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
Off to Heaven tonight
Drifting in a beam of light
Rising up to the clouds on high
Upon golden wings I fly

I was dead from the very start
With panic did my eyes dart
I watched with heavenly agony
As your arrow pierced my heart

Melting away, my mind does flow
Taking with it your hand to hold
You didn't even give the onlookers a show
When love struck me down in one swift blow
Feb 2012 · 944
Looking Forward
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
I dream in the present
where my body resides
eat, sleep, work, resent
But with phone at my side
I sleep, dancing in the future
Racing in the rain
kissing away the pain
Partying, shopping,
living in the now that isn't
Remembering today as a past
that starts driving back my sane

You can say my head's in a cloud
I'm looking too far ahead
For you'd be right
I choose to ignore this bad
ignore the present sound
and move as swiftly as the second hand can trot
towards tomorrow's finish line
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
This is my brain
My sane
My vane
Or else you'll taste
the flavor of my disdain
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)
Jan 2012 · 993
Halls of the Golden Serpent
OnlyEggy Jan 2012
Trapped inside a mongrel's mind,
  twisted, turning, lurid, divine
Aimlessly wandering halls, dimly lit
by candles on the walls
  where spiders like to sit
where I come across a case
  wooden and dusty
filled with books neatly spaced
  the spines filled with foreign words
and stood up by tigers
     either mis-colored or rusty

Examining the books with gentle care
when something caught my eye's corner
with a glance to the left and with great rise
was the grand spiral stair, where
  splayed meekly on the rise of the walls
was the blood of men and a statue of great size
A serpent, fangs dowsed in rustic red blood
and tail curled around with eyes beading above
seemed to smile with a large bulge along its golden belly
With shudder I wondered what beast sated the statues hunger

My feet, frozen in wonder of serpents message
did not venture forward as my eyes read the ****** paint
For, as my eyes gazed at the dried blood, I noticed sound so faint
Drip. Drop. Drip. Down the rail of the grand old stair
  dripped water onto the marble floor, puddling there
And in the pool of the water, a message did reflect
The symbols were foriegn, yet I read them anyway
How, I couldn't suspect and who could say
Even as I muttered the words I backed away in respect

*This is the easy way to heaven,
                    or so say the men where holywater's bestowed
 But this is where the Serpent herds his devon,
                    You may climb the stairs, but down his throat you'll go
Jan 2012 · 2.0k
The Tick Tock Taunting Clock
OnlyEggy Jan 2012
Stared at a clock today
   it was broken
it ticked slower and slower
until it's time seemed to be frozen
     Even in it's current state
It would be right twice a day

                                                *  I was reminded of lie I was once told
                                               it had left me broken, bitter
                                                          ­    battered and cold
                                                        But even this lie would've been made true
                                                     if it was left to sit unfixed
                                                                ­   and I let those emotions brew

I stared at the clock, unimpressed
the clock had stopped,
         twelve o'clock it read
but I knew that it was taunting, teasing
   and I believed what it said

                                                        *Th­ere, I stood, alone and naked
                                                           ­    debating with myself if I stood
                                                         broken      and      forsaken    
                               ­                                  or if this was the start of the new
                                                           the beginning of the path less taken
                                                   for whichever I stood to believe, this I knew
                                                            ­where I stood then, that was the catalyst
                                                       and where I will be next can't be presumed
                                                        ­     but for this moment, this second in time
                                                        is the only time it will be my center, my middle

                                                         ­                   my noon

And with a taunting tick, this clock
began to move again
tock, tick; tick, tock
     and without a show of face
I stared in surprise
the clock began to run backward
         began to mock
Turning back time
  seconds, hours
     whispering, shimmering
tempting with the ability to rewind
                                                                ­           *   ...and her face began to focus in my thoughts
                                                        ­                                      the ringing in my ears became clear
                                                           ­                        became screaming
                                                       ­                                                    and the pain I had wrought faded
                                                           ­                  and the scars done to me dissipated
                                                                ­                   just for a second, I was watching myself
                                                          ­                                          holding her, touching her, * despising her
                                                                ­                                                           ...and I awake alone
                                                           ­                                     sweating                    ­
                                                                ­                                                                 ­        yearning                
                                                                ­                                            scars burning                   
                                      ­                                                                 ­                                                 stomach turning
*And   down   the   hall   the   clock   can   be   heard   with   it's   ominous,   taunting   tick-tock   ticking   into *    
                                                      ­                             *oblivion
Jan 2012 · 805
N_t An_ther Key
OnlyEggy Jan 2012
mashed a ****'n 'n my shirt
had t' sew 'n an'ther 'ne
mashed a ****'n 'n my keyb'ard
n'w I'm a v'wel sh'rt
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