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Mar 2013
The feelings of broken minds
the rage
Creeping, freaking
feeling sage
I think thinking's speaking
from a rattled cage
And speaking's shrieking
has soured my brain

I feel clutter by thoughts
in a crowded room
Jilted by vocabulars
on an empty tome
Deafened by the silence
of the un-assumed
Subdued like a man
by a woman's perfume
Left here in a vacuum
vaguely confused

A desk, a chair
the blankness that exists
the door is barred
but I must escape this
Eyes are so distant
as I attempt to resist
Erasers and pencils
put papers in places
Desktops to blacktops
puts distance to this mess
Forgive me, my Writings,
this begins my hiatus
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)
Written by
   palladia and ---
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