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Jun 2017
We come from different worlds
Different parts of the map
Two different livelihoods
Two different paths

Two separate childhoods
Two types of families
One; grown up too fast
One so naΓ―ve

Both playing games online
In two different places
Fate pushes introvert and opposite
To two smiling faces

One avoids mistakes
From one big one to two
One just trying to take a guess
What the other just might do

One runs away
With a tank full of gas
One sits at home
Hoping the pain will pass

Two different hearts
Tell two what to do
Both do not understand
What the other's been through

One in recovery
One drives all night
One is so confident
The other is in fright

Two different people
From two different places
Lock arms for the first time
And stare into faces

These two different hearts
Began to beat as one
Through hiccups and heartaches
These hearts produce a son

Now two families merge
Two become stronger than the sum
I'll hold you both forever, Love

This story's just begun
(AIP) Justin Griego
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