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13.9k · Feb 2012
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
Off to Heaven tonight
Drifting in a beam of light
Rising up to the clouds on high
Upon golden wings I fly

I was dead from the very start
With panic did my eyes dart
I watched with heavenly agony
As your arrow pierced my heart

Melting away, my mind does flow
Taking with it your hand to hold
You didn't even give the onlookers a show
When love struck me down in one swift blow
11.9k · Dec 2011
Fly, Dragonfly
OnlyEggy Dec 2011
Fly, Dragonfly, fly!
Spread your wings and flex your tail
take off to the skies, follow the blowing winds!
Leave behind the Wicked Men of Hollowing Trail
and escape the poisons of their worded sins
Fly, Dragonfly, fly!

Race, Dragonfly, race!
Sweep your wings back against the windy skies
Let your heart propel your spirited sprint faster! Faster!
Escape from the Forest of Unnerving Lies
and the creatures of the Lost Souled *******
Race, Dragonfly, race!

Hunt, Dragonfly, hunt!
Beat your wings to the sounds of the butterflies
Feed your hunger for protecting the meek
with the haunting taste of Honey-Soaked Flies
and the sting of Sugar-Coated Bees
Hunt, Dragonfly, hunt!

Rest, Dragonfly, rest!
Allow the venom to still your beatful wings
Let the swift death claim a Hero's life
Beckon the Raven of Heaven to blissfully sing
to the tune of the Stalking Sparrow's whistling knife
Rest, Dragonfly, rest!
6.7k · Sep 2011
Evolution of my Mexican Food
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
I was making a burrito when
I dropped the tortilla into the fryer
    looks like I'm eating tostadas instead...

I was making a tostada when
The tortilla folded over inside the fryer
    looks like I'm eating tacos instead...

I was making a taco when
the edges of my overside tortilla folded up in the small fryer
    looks like I'm eating a taco salad instead...

I was making a taco salad when
the shell was dropped and shattered upon the counter
    looks like I'm eating nachos instead...

I was making some nachos when
I ran out of chips, so I grabbed a tortilla
   looks like I'm eating a burrito instead...
OnlyEggy Dec 2010
Fros-ty the Snowman
had a twin brother named Lou
He got hit by a truck,
and we said "What the ****?",
and "You should totally sue!"

Before-he could call a lawyer
along came a snow plow
it mixed him up,
with yellow snowman guts
and he got snowman AIDS and gout

The ne-xt day, Lou died
but he left an inheritance check
Frosty sued the man,
and took all he had,
then he cashed in both of the checks

Fros-ty moved up north
Alaska is where he's livin'
where he got buck wild,
and had a child,
that he fathered with Sarah Palin

Fros-ty the Snowman
had a twin brother named Lou
who brought about fame
to the family name
in Time and US Weekly too!!!
Paradoy to Frosty the Snowman
4.7k · Oct 2011
Ace of Spades
OnlyEggy Oct 2011
All I do is win, for I'm an Ace
Painting a bulls-eye on everyone in the place
In my plane I leave everyone else
bailing out of the fight in disgrace
If I was a horseman, I'd be War
'Cuz like the card game
I win against Kings and Queens
and take them out of the deck
like the Joker on the sidelines, alone and bored.
I don't need a Diamond to win you Heart,
and I don't wanna join your Club,
this was skill and not luck from the very start
I am the Ace of Spades,
and I'll use my ***** to dig out your graves
I've been painted on the sides of planes
cars and trains
helicopters, submarines,
and the munitions that deal out the pain
I'm a trick shot Ace with the pool stick
As a quarterback, I've yet to throw a pick
As a pitcher, I make the other team sick
The starter and the backup plan
the Ultimate Ace in the Hole
The best card in a poker hand
lay me down and the money's in the bag
I run solo, streaking across the land
You only need to hold me in your hand
and your enemies will become ****
and I'll give 'em a taste
of this whirling dervish's mace
Leave them breathless upon the ground
as I rob the air from out of this place
you'll stand in awe of my greatness
take a picture, make a statue
Fill up every empty space with my name
For I am an Ace!
Another Insomniac Poem
4.4k · Nov 2011
A Perfect Woman
OnlyEggy Nov 2011
A woman is perfect
in her own eye
when the mirror tells her
that the curvy reflection
is no lie

A woman is perfect
in the public eye
when she cooks
and she cleans
and she saves money when she buys

A woman is perfect
in a family’s eye
when she teaches the girls
and she bathes the boys
and her only complaint is an exasperated sigh

A woman is perfect
in a man’s eye
when she celebrates his victories
and manages the bills
and keeps his ego riding high

But a woman is only perfect
in the inside
when her man is at his lowest
and all hell has broken loose
the money’s all gone
and the house they’ll lose
and the children are wearing hand-me-down’s
and worn out shoes
the car’s broken down
and all the unemployment ‘as been used
and yet she still has the strength
to pick up her man
and carry the family on her back
and get them all to stand
with chin’s held high
and still give her man a kiss
and look him in the eye
to tell him the she loves him
and everything will be alright
Wrote this awhile back. Enjoy :)
3.9k · Jan 2011
Which Lips?
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
You know that poem about your lips?
And the one about your soft caress?
Those doesn't apply to tonight
My thoughts are not slow, not gentle
The softness of your touch
Throw that out the window
I want it to be rough
Forget the foreplay
Lets just start the play
Tonight, I'll let you pick
Want the handcuffs, without the key
Or do you want the stiffness in a whip?
Forget the bed, take it to the floor
Give you a spank, and those headlights,
I'll get a grip untill they're sore.
If you must have a good kiss
Then I must ask you, girl
Which lips should I give this kiss?
Is it the control you crave?
Well then, cowgirl, load the gun
Grab the bearings and give them a roll
Tonight, let's let it out and have some fun
We can go on a mission, happy trails
Take it to the couch or even the table
Leave welted streaks with your nails
Turn up the radio to drown the moans
Back up and head down, we can mimic the dogs
Pillow, headfirst to muffle the groans
To the edge of the bed, make it wet
I don't want it easy, darling
All I really want is to get
That shirt off your chest
Those jeans off your ***
Those curves are the best
Lets not let this opportunity pass
I don't want it easy, baby
My thoughts are not gentle, not slow
So come on woman, lets go!
Another Insomniac Poem
3.8k · Aug 2011
Crawling In (With You)
OnlyEggy Aug 2011
Twisting thoughts of a bed left yearning
Stretching across sheets that thirst for a touch
Embracing blankets that cover your naked body
Taunting ****** outlines begging for me to clutch
Beckoning pillows call out as they frame a pretty face
Wandering thoughts as a dimming light begins the learning

Twisting, I shed the clothes left yearning
Stretching sheets smile as they accept my touch
Embracing blankets warm me with the heat of your body
Taunting shapes shift from two to one under a lover's clutch
Beckoning lips begin to prepare for the reception of your beautiful face
Wandering hands of ours begin their journey of ****** learning
OnlyEggy Jun 2011
I don't write lyrics, but I do have flow
I don't write music, but I do have soul
I'm not an artist, but a picture I'll paint
  Sistine Chapel leaves you thinking I'm a saint
I don't play sports, but I do play minds
I'm not a catcher, but I still show signs
I'm not a racer, but I still cross lines

I'm not a witch, but I'll still cast doom
Not the undertaker, but I'll set up your tomb
Not a fortune teller, but I can spell your demise
I'm not a magician, but I can see your surprise
I'm not a gardener, but I can plant you in the ground
I'm not a devil, but hellish is my sound
  Demons in the room have come to stomp you down

I flow freely, 'cuz I'm a bad-*** poet
But I'm not all bad. Here, let me show it
I can make your heart beat to the sound of my melody
  Make you love-sick; I'm sorry, there is no remedy
I'm like soldiers in the dirt, always brave
I'm strong, and I'm bold, and I'm a slight knave
Always protecting innocence with the tip of a glaive
*  Now this time I must remember to hit save
Another Insomniac Poem
3.6k · Mar 2011
OnlyEggy Mar 2011
I beg to differ
There is someone out there
that is much better than me
So I don't believe, for one second
that i'm...

A word applied
To the beautiful people without
beautiful minds, embraced
by the ones less intellectually fecund
than they are...

Polished? I am.
Your feelings? Your worries?
*******. I disregard not with brashness
But with angelic cause as my own problems
are significantly more...

Shifting focus from
your meager existence
as my shear presence fills this page
Outraged? You created these proems
when daily topics I...

Full moon rising.
The lighthouse to your sinking vessel
I am not the best, but I am the best of
the better of you and your kind, lower-class
no offense, I speak...

And the pain it brings
I don't worry about such things
I don't discount, but I do surpass
Their muggle mind with poise and sass
Dare I say I'm not cocky, just...

Confidently better than you.
3.6k · Apr 2011
Rain in Spain
OnlyEggy Apr 2011
They say, The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain
But I blame, in vain, the rain for the insane, you see
This plain pain hasn't the same name, nor the same game
For the rain's pain is the same sane as they claim
And since the pain's shame resides mainly in Spain,
Neither the rain nor Spain is to blame for the insane, so now
This sane can claim the uneven plane's plain's the name to blame

But the strife of life is held under the knife of a wife
Where strife runs rife throughout the wife's life
The knife, learning from the fife, plays with the life
While the fife excites life, the knife excites strife
The wife with the knife is at fault, fact or fake?
Is the knife to blame for the strife of the wife's life?
Or the fife for teaching the knife to play with strife?

This just goes to show that no one knows the real rose
For the rose, in it's thorny clothes, just shows the nose
The smell, a pose, so close, tingles the nose till it glows
But the finger, too close, chose to trust the nose's prose
Blame the rose who proposed the show and showed the pose?
Or the nose, whose clothes glowed from the smell of the rose?
The finger couldn't 'ave known the true pose of prose from the rose to the nose.
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Jun 2011
I let my hands glide,
ride up the back of your shirt
Flirting finger tips slowly dance a pas
bra slips while other fingers edge your skirt
Gently waltzing the inside of your thighs
eyes closed as the sensations tingle and spurt
Violin fingers soon find a pantiless lip
****, where strumming fingers begin to flirt
My lips start creeping down from yours
lower until you're forced to remove your shirt
Rhythmic breathing gets heavier as my lips meet your chest
invest my tongue along outlines of your vicious curve
Pressing with tongue and fingers until there is an uncontrolled moan
hone in until resisted shivers race through before fingers insert
stroking you as tongue dances its way down gently
violently, your quivering lips utter a shaken moan to release a blissful squirt...
Another Insomniac Poem

Four days without sleep...this is getting fun...
3.5k · Apr 2012
Dancers of Element
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
The clouds move over the sun
as the stage is set, lights dim
Movements of dancers getting set
nervously watching as the clouds darken

Lightning flashes in the distance
as the dancers beat there chest
the rolling thunder reckoning its approval
as the lead pumps her fists

The first drop falls with pounding grace
as the dancers jump up with thunderous sound
The soaking drops rain its applause
as their collective feet touch the ground

The wind licks at the cloth draped around them
as they spin and flip as a choreographed group
And the wind yells in violent glee
as their movements express their vigilant youth

The dancers finish with their perfect end
as the elements smile on the energetic routine
And as the lights raise and the clouds move away
The dancers turn and bow to the future of We.
3.5k · Mar 2014
OnlyEggy Mar 2014
This is a mobile poem,
Written from my mobile phone.
Derived from a mobile song.
Developed near a mobile home.

Radio blasts from its mobile ring
Melodies radiate; singers sing
rhyming can be a mobile fling,
So long as you're willing to fight through this autocorrect thing.
OnlyEggy Aug 2011
You close your eyes and see my face
smiling, laughing, loving
A time when nothing is out of place
and all your fears are temporarily displaced
Envision the fantasy...

My touch of oblivion, of space
singing, ringing, tingling
As the moon rises across your lace
across your senses shooting stars race
Reaching you across an endless sea

Your tongue dances around your lips with grace
dreaming, thirsting, yearning
Hoping that I suddenly fill this space
to put my skin around your quivering embrace
To end this hungry misery

But when you wake, by a pillow I am replaced
plain, sane, vain
Lonely fear begins to creep from someplace
One phone call and I'll come running to embrace
Enlace my fingers around your heart, Lovely
3.3k · Dec 2010
Waiting for Santa
OnlyEggy Dec 2010
White snow falls onto the roofs
as we strain to hear reindeer hoofs
hoping for some of the Christmas joys
that Santa brings to good girls and boys
We dream of the toys that his helpers made
Trucks and dolls, trains and *****
stockings stuffed with goodies and the jingle of bells
and the many boxes wrapped by elves

The room cools as the fire dies
and we strain to not close our eyes
but we slowly drift away into dreams
visions of the North Pole and it's magical things
and when we wake in the morn' sun
we find the milk and cookies gone
with presents stacked under the tree
and stockings full of fun and glee

White snow falls onto the roofs
but we didn't hear reindeer hoofs
yet we know Santa came with Christmas joys
and he shared with all of the girls and boys
(AIP) Merry Christmas 2010
3.3k · Sep 2011
Beautiful Letdown
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
This is how to start the beautiful letdown
so get down
no rebound, just sit down
short timing, so explain how
we were to, and supposed to
while I talked to,
don't frown, and anger is not your best dancing gown
was it a game? I read minds
am I to blame? In due time
are you the same? I think better
this shoulder ain't cold, but I'd still grab a sweater
'cuz while you look at me I'll make you shiver
stare in my eyes and I'll make you wetter
hang on my words and savor every letter
enjoy the taste of this moment, for its time is shorter
end of days is the reason I'm the exploiter
So, goodbye goodbye
breathe in a deep sigh, this time
this time
will inevitably pass by, and thus begins
the Beautiful letdown
3.1k · Mar 2011
Fast Serenade
OnlyEggy Mar 2011
Driving around this valley of sheets
When I see a IHOP and realize
that a sudden hunger has come over me
They say Come Hungry, Leave Happy, and
with one glance at your buns, perfectly made
I realize that I have been staring far too long.
Like Taco Bell, I should Think Outside The Bun
But as I pass a Burger King I begin to wonder
how many possible ways there really are
to Have It Your Way, and as I lay you down
I smile at the thought of how wonderful the taste
of each one of your Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors will be.
While I start to undress you I pause, hesitant
With your smile and slow rhythmic breaths
a song bursts into my head with a just one tip
as if I'm at Cold Stone, and I think, just Let Yourself Go.
"Where to start?" I ask as I glance up at Subway
and I am reminded that I should always Eat Fresh.
I should go in slow, but I dive right in like a bucket of KFC
The scent of you, so enticing. The taste, Finger Lickin' Good
I'll savor every moment, and by the subtle McDonald's arches
that your back resembles, I'm Lovin' It and so are you.
I grab a handful at ******* and realize that this poem
is Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined. Nonetheless,
I can tell by the look in your eyes that you are ready
Asking the same question that they ask at Wendy's
Where's The Beef?
3.1k · Jul 2011
Cautioned Heart Crossing
OnlyEggy Jul 2011
Dear Lovely, my tormented fair-maiden
I write thou in love, transparent and unhidden
I know you seek answers that are hard to find
searching this soul and this ****** heart of mine
Seeking the signs of a lover's true intention
while hanging on the lips of every word mentioned
You look and you hunt through your longing
to discover if I am your true belonging
I know by the pause's in your words spoken
that you're trying to avoid another heart broken
I've been honest, dear Lovely, with every answer given
and as you slowly say my name I begin to give in

But these walls I create are for the protection
of a heart once fooled with misguided direction
Everything I do, I do for our future
so you know difficulty inherent with this suture
With caution I proceed, by no cause of yours
But from past loves I've learned there are no do-overs
I, with pounding heart, beg of thee, please understand
that on this earth we can walk hand in hand
But time heals all wounds, and these are freshly made
I can love and never leave, dear Lovely,
      once the scars begin to fade.
3.0k · Apr 2011
OnlyEggy Apr 2011
I lost you at the start of this inception
A process to change your haunted perception
Fight it, fake it,
Falling for my perfect deception
Do you have the mettle,
to allow this poison to settle?
Embrace this ugly infection
Sickness by forced injection.
For you don't have the strength to last
against the twisted demons of your past
With one lonely taste, the devil awakes
With the blood of angels, your lips are stained
You have fallen, sinner, lost all you've gained
Repent now? Too late!
There will be no objection
To this marriage of misconception
Your pain truly hides inside this illusion
My presence will only further push
your bending mind into seclusion

You haven't given me one silly reason
To lend you my hand
Is it your plan,
To continue onward with this treason?
Change? Unseen by the turning season
This was all a lie, you won't get by
This is where monsters come to die
I control this twisted dream,
The honorable seizin
Let me lead you to the stream
Where your ears can drown in haunting screams
We can rinse your lying lungs clean
Tear the tears from the obscene
To burn your eyes, a brutal reception
Savor the harshness of this deception
2.7k · Nov 2011
Undo Sensitivity
OnlyEggy Nov 2011
its too easy to create
a word, a lie
a slap, a black eye
bred from well timed hate
but to undo the sensitivity
isn't possible I find
once it's created, the mind
makes the reaction innate
and now their fears are realized
because you stopped yourself
one word too late.
(Another Insomniac Poem)
Reaction Hello Poetry's adopt a metaphor- *Undo Sensitivity*
2.7k · May 2010
The Bearded Bald Men
OnlyEggy May 2010
Wobbling three legged tables
where the bearded bald men are
sitting upon the legs of standing chairs
while telling local tales heard abroad
recalled from memories long forgot

Like stories from a ******* genius's journal
read in public by the town's blind doctor
clearly translated by a girl who was mute
to a man listening with old deaf ears

Or the one of the parched fisherman drowning
who was seen from a distance by a nearsighted man
that sent his lame messenger running to get help
and was reeled in by the fish he had caught on his line.

But none were as simply complicated
as the one of the bearded bald men
whose sitting stools stood tall as they sat
and whose three legged table wobbled.
Another Insomniac Poem

(Three legged tables cannot wobble)
2.5k · Jun 2010
Bench Warmers
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
The bench
Supporting cast
Men of few talents
The star watchers
Few know their names
"No skill", they say
Trading tokens in the money game
Roster holders for the next star
Only put in to give others rest
Pass the ball, set the pick, take a flop
Help the star look good, give him a chance
Never to take the ball and make the shot
Unknown, Unsung, Underrated
Until the big play
The highlight reel
The game winner
ESPN's fifteen minutes of fame
Talk of the town
The hero
Until the next game
Then it's the back to normal
Sitting on the bench
- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
2.5k · Feb 2011
OnlyEggy Feb 2011
Hello, Hello
You avenger of the dark
I see you sulking, waiting
Are you hunting or do you fear the light,

Vampire, Vampire
This place is your temple
Your victim the lamb
Are those fangs for blood or romantic

Desire, Desire
Hearts pumping life
Lovers hunting lovers hauntings
Do you fear the cross or the sun's

Fire, Fire
Set to burn
Sent to blaze
Shall I burn your world or show you the

Empire, Empire
Watch it grow
'Till it crashes and falls
Will you save yourself, or feed on the ******,
2.3k · Sep 2011
Hot Air to the Mast
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
There is a sailboat out at sea
empty and lifeless
as lonesome as can be

     You can blow hard, but you'll fail
     as you make no progress here
     pressing against this furled sail

          Waves of the waters, Wind, I surmise
          you're waiting and hoping
          to watch it capsize
Another Insomniac Poem
2.0k · Jan 2012
The Tick Tock Taunting Clock
OnlyEggy Jan 2012
Stared at a clock today
   it was broken
it ticked slower and slower
until it's time seemed to be frozen
     Even in it's current state
It would be right twice a day

                                                *  I was reminded of lie I was once told
                                               it had left me broken, bitter
                                                          ­    battered and cold
                                                        But even this lie would've been made true
                                                     if it was left to sit unfixed
                                                                ­   and I let those emotions brew

I stared at the clock, unimpressed
the clock had stopped,
         twelve o'clock it read
but I knew that it was taunting, teasing
   and I believed what it said

                                                        *Th­ere, I stood, alone and naked
                                                           ­    debating with myself if I stood
                                                         broken      and      forsaken    
                               ­                                  or if this was the start of the new
                                                           the beginning of the path less taken
                                                   for whichever I stood to believe, this I knew
                                                            ­where I stood then, that was the catalyst
                                                       and where I will be next can't be presumed
                                                        ­     but for this moment, this second in time
                                                        is the only time it will be my center, my middle

                                                         ­                   my noon

And with a taunting tick, this clock
began to move again
tock, tick; tick, tock
     and without a show of face
I stared in surprise
the clock began to run backward
         began to mock
Turning back time
  seconds, hours
     whispering, shimmering
tempting with the ability to rewind
                                                                ­           *   ...and her face began to focus in my thoughts
                                                        ­                                      the ringing in my ears became clear
                                                           ­                        became screaming
                                                       ­                                                    and the pain I had wrought faded
                                                           ­                  and the scars done to me dissipated
                                                                ­                   just for a second, I was watching myself
                                                          ­                                          holding her, touching her, * despising her
                                                                ­                                                           ...and I awake alone
                                                           ­                                     sweating                    ­
                                                                ­                                                                 ­        yearning                
                                                                ­                                            scars burning                   
                                      ­                                                                 ­                                                 stomach turning
*And   down   the   hall   the   clock   can   be   heard   with   it's   ominous,   taunting   tick-tock   ticking   into *    
                                                      ­                             *oblivion
1.8k · Feb 2014
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
Misery and woe.
How far down will this misery go?

Through faulty lines
Down fault lines
Who's fault lies
beneath this miserable snow?

This, misery
So miserably so
Why do you escape so miserably slow?

I choked up
on choking up
your choked up song
I just want to know where did this go so terribly wrong?

Hey misery
Sir Misery
Please misery, go
And take your miserable act out of this show.
1.7k · Feb 2014
Ritalin Slow
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
On this Ritalin,
I am slow
Brains aren't racing
Thoughts don't go
Oh, I'm so productive
Ask anybody; they'd know
But my creative spark suffocates
Under the Ritalin filled glow.

I can't even tell you
how hard it can be
When every word you say
doesn't go past me
I can hear every syllable
Every motion I do see
Then my brain melts at the pressure
Not spouting off wittily

They say I speak normally
The words come out so true
But to me they sound labored
So slow and confused
I have thought into every motion
of my vocal cords abuse
And feel every vibration
to my tingled lips amuse

Some times I'm real happy
no way my spirit'll shake
Some times I'm real sad
It's more than I can take
Sometimes I don't feel anything
That's a feeling I just can't shake
Sometimes I feel everything
And I'm waiting for my head to break

My doctor never gave me Ritalin
As a kid I never did have
But now I'm all grown up
And this time I've a' bottle in hand
I used to let my mind race
Daydream of robot bands
Now I've let these pills run coarse
N' hourglass runs on Ritalin slowed sands
1.6k · Dec 2010
My Picasso
OnlyEggy Dec 2010
Where lovers do catch the very fabric of the heart
Your lips float with the grace of a snowflake
Snowglobe on the mantle for all to see
But only my hands to embrace
Precious keepsake

The moon-light echos the radiance of your touch
Drawing warmth to calm my inner throe
Soothing with every stroke
A master and a brush
My Picasso

In the lovers mind you endlessly wander in wonder
As you seek to grip the slow progress of carnality
Where your unchained immortality rests
Embroidered deep in my eyes'
Caress of reality
Another Insomniac Poem
(in response to Caress of Reality by Neva Flores)- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
1.6k · Jan 2011
Bouquet of Roses
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
Left to surmise
My surprise
Bouquet of Roses
Love devise
Soul remise
Two single Roses
Your device
My demise
Dozen throned Roses
Your disguise
Heart excise
Petal felled Roses
Anger arise
Hate comprise
Black-tipped Roses
Left to surmise
My surprise
*Bouquet of Roses
1.6k · Jun 2010
The Sleepless Fairy
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
If there is a Tooth Fairy
and Santa Claus
If the is an Easter bunny
and leprechauns
Then there must be
a Sleep Fairy
who closes our eyes
when they get weary
And if I could send her a package
as a FedEx load
I would send it with flowers
and rigged to explode

And then maybe I will finally get some sleep!
Another Insomniac Poem- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
1.6k · Apr 2010
The Flame
OnlyEggy Apr 2010

So bright
so high
giving birth
to  heat
warmth giving
breath stealing
wonder and awe


Man's pain
destroyer of hope
life stealing
pain dealing
crushing, burning
families broken
memories gone
colors mocking
it crackling song


Bringing together
get togethers
thrilling, grilling
meats turning
corn popping
chocolate delights
lovers ignites
cuddles, snuggles
without struggles
1.5k · Jun 2011
Super Punctuation
OnlyEggy Jun 2011
In this modern world of seldom proper and overused punctuation
the smallest of them all seems to leave the biggest connotation
the dot, or period, as some would say under the proper observation
has given text-ers and type-ers of this technology driven generation
and easy way to send a message in a short-hand communication
One dot can signify the end of the certain conversation
and three dots can lead one to believe that there will be continuation
Five dots can relay the writer's growing frustration
as he believes the recipient might not've read his brief annotation
and with growing anger at the recepients subtle procrastination
he can send the word 'hello...' as a sign of quizzical agitation
Three dots can be used to signal a reader to use insinuation
as in 'They went into the bedroom and then...(use your imagination)
Professionals use the multiple dots when invoking exaggeration
by skipping parts in a speech to warp the innocent quotation
such as 'The senator voted against the new... school legislation'
We know that dots after every letter are a definite implication
that the word is an acronym, and there's one for every situation
for example P.O.R.N.O. People Often Require Numerous Osculations
Yes, the period can be used so freely, with such adaptation
depending on the context, it can symbolize a sigh of exasperation
It is a punctuation so versatile, it has almost no limitation
and more than one of its forms can be found in every publication
I don't hesitate, as you can see, to submit this postulation
flexibility will always be in the period's reputation...
(Another Insomniac Poem)
1.5k · Sep 2011
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
Breathe in, breathe in
hold the breath of the wicked sin
slowly savor the smoke of the lost
let the effects of this terrible cost
persuade your ghost into giving in

Breathe out, breathe out
exhale the destruction of your doubt
hissing the song of your failure
as smoke escapes in a disgraced aura
to blind yourself down this perilous route
1.4k · May 2013
Nugget's Lullaby
OnlyEggy May 2013
Here's a little Nugget on a pirate ship
sailing away to where all the pirate's sit
Give them a taste of this sleepy buck'a'roo
And by the way, I love you

Here's little Nugget on a itty bitty boat
sailing away through the muddy, murky moat
With little sleepy eyes and some mud on'is shoe
just remember that I love you too

There goes Nugget on his super duper raft
ridin' through the rapids going super duper fast
Closing his eyes and off he flew
and by the way, I love you
I was trying to write a lullaby for my soon-to-be-in-my-arms newborn. Instead I came up with this!
1.4k · Mar 2010
The Comb-Over
OnlyEggy Mar 2010
When the age gets up there,
and you start to dispair,
when you look in the mirror,
and your lack of your hair...

Do not cry or whine
as your dome starts to shine
there are thing you can do
to make you look fine

If you are good with your age some
then grab a comb
and comb your hair over
the bald spot on your dome

If you don't mind extra attention
then shave it for inspection
then grab the wax
and wax for good reflection

But if shaving and combing like that
have you worried that they will laugh at
the big spot on your head
then just put on a hat.
My take on my math instructor and his awesome comb-over.
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
I am writing this from my usual position
For I Am Bold!
I Am Strong!
And My Bowels Keep Me Sitting
Upon This Commode
All Night Long!
1.4k · Feb 2012
Born From a Boombox
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
We are young!
We are strong!
Lungs to the heavens
as our hearts sing along!
We run as thousands
but we stand as one!
Souls in the heavens
with eyes on the gun, fun!
Pound our feet in the ground,
rumblin' rhythmic footsteps
move mountains with its sound!
Our words heat the air
as the ice cracks loud!
Their shiver is shared;
Let them stare, we don't care
Melt into the crowd,
and we still stand out!
Yet still feasible to stay reasonable
No treason is seasonal
No wall is that pliable
Withstand hate with strength undeniable
Vicious, and still likable
Quick to bite; to heal a wound
Get hurt, get chewed
Get back up, Get out soon
And we stand up in rythum
And get back in tune
Singing a song, to sing along
Where we all belong,
Where none is wrong
Mass hysteria with a flex of a muscle
Show them all just how strong
Long in the tooth
or still young
You too can have youth
melt in the crowd, stand your ground
or get swallowed up by the swiftness of our sound
OnlyEggy Feb 2011
Dear Mrs. Lorraine;

It brings me a great deal of pain
to tell you that for the third time
(and really this should be a crime)
that the score on your credit
you gave us was not how you said it

We know that the offer sent in the mail
said no credit check, but read the fine print
it said that that was on approved credit.

So with all the due respects, we respectfully
and with understandable distain, regretfully
must inform you that your credit has been declined
and if you must so be inclined
to ask why we even bothered writing this letter
we, by local and state law, (and mostly the latter)
are required to inform you that you are worth nothing
zero, zilch, nada. So with respect and courtesy
stop sending in applications, for you see

This company is trying to go green
and with every application you **** another tree
And also, with a courteous plea
(and this is just between you and me)
I am really getting tired of staying after hours
to write the responses to these repeated declines.

So if you could do us all a favor, stop replying to
the falsely advertised credit cards we send you
This will take an effort on your end, because
the marketing department won't remove you
from the mailing list without just cause.

-We greatly appreciate your business-
Sincerely from the credit department;

1.4k · Jan 2011
Innocent Yearning
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
The last of God's angels
Presence that gracefully push lungs into cessation
Beauty that beckons radiantly in the dark
Immense, Intense

Winding curves of silk
Gently strewn upon the ****** skin of creation
Mental fingers running from head to toe
Burning, Learning

Coitus whisperings of Heaven
Fabrics slowly cascade with ******* revelation
Tempting Temptress of the moon-lit night
Mentality, Physicality
Another Insomniac Poem- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
When tonight I dream of you,
I hope that everything comes true.
And when we wake, the day is new.
    Baby, I will still love you.
So go to sleep and dream of me,
then tell me all the things you see,
and in turn I'll take each word, and hold it close,
     for I am yours.

I hold on to every word, and sing them in my head.
For these thoughts and dreams are like a bird,
singing the nothings said.
It tweets and tweets and tweets along,
words that feel so true.
And I sing, I sing, I sing along,
to the words of 'I love you'.

My heart in turn it sings along.
Though it cannot ever hear your song.
It seems to me to fated be,
that we would have even gone and met,
yet here we are we've come so far.
And it aint over yet*

And as the birds sing and our hearts scream,
These words I'll whisper to thee.
I love you, you know it's true, and this was meant to be.
Now rest your head upon this bed
and close your eyes to the tune,
for the bird will sing in the morning sun to the day's beautiful tune.
(AIP)  This was an actual exchange between myself and the co-author Chelsea Decker. We're hopeless....
1.3k · Nov 2011
Stick Figures
OnlyEggy Nov 2011
Sitting at the library with blank paper and pen
I was bored so I began to draw a stick figure man
His head was round and his legs were long
He wore a hat and he whistled a song
And in his hand I began to draw another
and decided this hand belonged to his lover
Who was pretty and tall and stick-figure thin
and the stick man knew that she belong with him
So they went for a walk along a lovely beach
And I drew a sand castle just out of reach
With the setting sun in the distance so bright
I drew a bonfire and some marshmallows for the night
A dog, a plane, some friends and some food
Then I stepped back to look at what I drew

I smiled, and with a thought the smile was gone
Something was missing, something was wrong
So I stared and I thought, and I stared so long
Until I realized what had been missing all along
And with a smile I wrote your name by her face
Then I crumpled up the paper and threw it in the waste
Another Insomniac Poem
1.3k · Nov 2011
Running Through My Head
OnlyEggy Nov 2011
I was laying awake in bed when
a lame pick-up line came to mind

   "Are you tired girl? 'Cuz
   you've been running through my head all day!"

I was bored so I broke it down

I was thinking of you when I woke up
wondering when's the next time I'd wake to your skin
I was thinking of you when I got dressed
and how you'd always ask if your clothes made you look thin
I was thinking of you when I poured coffee into my cup
and how you'd curl your nose at my coffee-breathed kiss
I was thinking of you while I flossed
dreaming of your smile which sends my heart into doing flips

I was thinking of you as I drove to work
and your love texts I'd get throughout the day
I was thinking of you during my break
how you'd wiped the ketchup off my face that first date
I was thinking of you as I waited for the bank clerk
you were excited as they rep handed you our new house key
I was thinking of you while I was picking up a steak
and how beautiful you looked when it rained on our picnic by the sea

I was thinking about you as I drove around town for an hour
and how I missed your loving eyes when I'd pull in the drive
I was thinking about you while I cooked my dinner
oh, how I missed the way you baked my favorite pumpkin pies
I was thinking about you as I was taking a shower
and the steamy nights that started where I stood now
I was thinking about you as I had laid my head to sleep
and I was thinking about how tired you had to be now

I think I'll let you run a bit longer in my dreams.
1.3k · Feb 2012
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
This whole intervention is designed
I have failed to mention

The interpretation sublime
I'm beginning to question

The attention cuts eyes blind
Selfish agitation

The anticipation is revealing lies
Step back with admiration

The revelation of the simple signs
Begin the cross-examination

This whole intervention is mine
You have our attention
1.3k · Jan 2011
Moving At Pawn Speed
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
I was running full speed
with hands a-blur
Legs moved at warp speed
but I couldn't be sure
That my mind kept the same speed
as initially procured
Subtle hints in their voiced word speed
that my lungs endure
At the pace of vocal cords and their speed
to a heart that's pure
While I raced at the pace in the fast lane at full speed
I was ignorant for sure
To the signs of the fissures that form when spirits break at this speed
too small to see in this blur
So I raced for the carrot hung at the end of this rope, where we move at break neck speed
Like a pawn on a skewer
Where I was lead to believe, but it's hard to be certain when you're moving at this speed
Where's the truth on the lure
On the line of lies that they casted out of the reel of hope where the victims speed
As my face shows the fissure
From the hits I have taken by the promise of the shelter of a slower speed
Realized faith in the sewer
I slow enough to read the signs missed at my blistering speed
A shock to be sure
Led by misguided voice that speaks at light speed
from the mouths of the cur
NO U-Turn, maintain current speed
but there is no future
And as I started to lower the speed
their words were fewer
Traveling at old fool speed
I was now sure
That life's speed
was nothing but manure
Another Insomniac Poem
1.2k · Feb 2010
Unmotivated Pain
OnlyEggy Feb 2010
You go on your own
But you don't want to
Its crowded and loud
And the groaning and moaning
Only serves to dishearten you

You're told that is good to go
But the pain your body feels
Tells you that's not so
You can leave if you want
But you don't want to appear weak

When you finally decide to quit
Your body beaten down and sore
There is no sense of accomplishment
Just the nagging pain in your limbs
That tells you you can't take much more

You shuffle your feet
As you head to the door
Trying not to show any pain
And concentrating on not falling to the floor
As you get into your car
And wonder,

Why did I join a gym?
1.2k · Jan 2011
Rebel Divine
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
As the singer sings his last tune
And the last dancer vacates the ballroom
The forest's divine string their bow
Preparing the hunt of evil, hate, and woe
In the air are sounds of grinding teeth
And swords are drawn slowly from sheath
Out of the trees extends a shadowed glow
While in their guts, the uneasiness does grow

The parliament speaks with the gnashing of jaws
While the public stands impatient with sharpened claws
For the prophets to sing them another lie
And the puppets to dance it's truth to their eye
While they stand idle for their ears to be fed
The rebelled divine load an arrow of blackmail and lead
With sights set upon the political beasts of Nations
Tonight, the hunters will over-step their station
Another Insomniac Poem
1.2k · Feb 2012
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
Faces showed complete shock
when they found him slumped
in front of the 808's
as the bass rocked
They say his beat stopped
Speakers blown, Voice slowed
He tried a new tune
and soon
his addiction grew
and grew
Until his eyes closed
and pleasure and pain
was all his face showed
The paramedics put on hip-hop
country, rock, and even k-pop
But no weapon won the battle
as his ear drums slowed their rattle
and his heart came to a stop
If only they knew the strength of the bass
the length of the drop
they could've increased his survival
They pronounced him dead, and I know why
His brain was blown
by the sound in those ear phones
and now I know he had been....

Dubstepped on Arrival
OnlyEggy Oct 2012
I swing, I swag
I hand out punishment in a bag
You're fresh, You're fly
The boys turn heads as you walk by
We're rock, We're roll
   They're playing flag,
   Two hand touch,
And we're playing professional
1.2k · Jun 2010
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
It just takes one
to brighten your day
from a passing stranger
or a good friend

It just takes one
to make a your day
from a friendly stranger
or a close friend

It just takes one
to darken your day
from a hurried stranger
or a bold friend

It just takes one
to ruin a day
from an angry stranger
or a not-so-close friend
Lost track of where I wanted to go with this poem after the first verse.
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