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OnlyEggy Sep 2011
I see you staring at me
Dressed in red, laced in black
I can hear your innocent cherry beckoning
You have twenty-three flavors I lack
I start by grabbing those cans
A double ****** stack

Moving higher, I finger your top
until your beauty has been successfully unveiled
It is only now that I catch a waft
of your scent, my nose now entailed
and without hesitation by my tongue
My mouth sets sail

My eyes close slightly as my hands move
bringing joy as your cans meet my face
I slowly tilt back as I sip your goodness
liquid love slips down my tongue with haste
My dear cherry Dr. Pepper, I must say
No other drink beats your taste!
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
Its a party, and everyone is invited

We will supply the place!
You bring the meat,
the party poppers,
and fireworks!

Feel free to bring a guest
or two thousand

It will be a blast
The party will last untill
everyone is gone!!

We will drink the tainted punch
and when we are done,
the last one standing gets a parting gift,
a shovel and a casket
To bury your fallen brothers
and a lighter, to burn the others guests corpses
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
1 part Fame
2 parts Game
3 for the party
4's just the same

5 footed chain
6 stitched pain
7 say they're sorry
8 claim insane
This little bit popped into my head and I jotted it down quickly. I'm not even sure the message but I'm sure there is one hidden somewhere.
OnlyEggy Oct 2011
All I do is win, for I'm an Ace
Painting a bulls-eye on everyone in the place
In my plane I leave everyone else
bailing out of the fight in disgrace
If I was a horseman, I'd be War
'Cuz like the card game
I win against Kings and Queens
and take them out of the deck
like the Joker on the sidelines, alone and bored.
I don't need a Diamond to win you Heart,
and I don't wanna join your Club,
this was skill and not luck from the very start
I am the Ace of Spades,
and I'll use my ***** to dig out your graves
I've been painted on the sides of planes
cars and trains
helicopters, submarines,
and the munitions that deal out the pain
I'm a trick shot Ace with the pool stick
As a quarterback, I've yet to throw a pick
As a pitcher, I make the other team sick
The starter and the backup plan
the Ultimate Ace in the Hole
The best card in a poker hand
lay me down and the money's in the bag
I run solo, streaking across the land
You only need to hold me in your hand
and your enemies will become ****
and I'll give 'em a taste
of this whirling dervish's mace
Leave them breathless upon the ground
as I rob the air from out of this place
you'll stand in awe of my greatness
take a picture, make a statue
Fill up every empty space with my name
For I am an Ace!
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
I woke up and stretched
My favorite thing
Then I went for a walk
My next favorite thing
Then I ate some food
My other favorite thing
Then I took a nap
More of my favorite thing
Then we went to the park
My most exciting favorite thing
Then I peed on a tree
My best favorite thing
Then I played fetch
My super favorite thing
Then we went home
My coolest favorite thing
Then I ate dinner
My yummiest favorite thing

Then I went to bed....
and dreamed of tomorrow....
and all of my things....

*More of the yummiest, coolest, and other super exciting, best favorite things!
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Oct 2011
I called you today
while I was unzipping a suitcase
packing a past life away
and I was struggling to get through this
I listened to the phone ring
and prayed you'd answer to ease this hell
but the only voice I was getting
was your automated voice mail
A heart once ragged and tattered
was being held together with tape and glue
But you'd taken this heart once battered
and started repairing it to make it like new
So how come when the pain is getting to much
I'm still standing here all alone
left dreaming of your soothing touch?
I'll just leave you a message after the tone...
OnlyEggy Apr 2011
I need a hug,
a pillow may do.
I can bury my head and yell, *******.
I can squeeze it as hard as I want as I sob,
strangling the life out of the lifeless feathers
Throw it across the room, against the wall
and pick it up, knowing it will let me hug it still
Yeah, I don't need you for a stupid hug.

I need a beer,
a tall one will do.
I can bury my mind in dizzing sobs,
Yelling ******* at the side of the can,
I can squeeze it till it crushes under my grip
smiling at the sound of its struggling tin skin
Throw it across the bar, into the trash
letting my sorrows drown in the **** colored drink
Yeah, I don't need you for a stupid beer.

I need a long kiss,
fifteen minutes ought to do.
I can bury my tongue into her throat,
gasping for air as we struggle to breathe
I can squeeze my lips around hers
and I'll relish the lipstick staining my shirt
Throw it across my heart, stained in red
letting your memory dissipate in ravenous lust
Yeah, I don't need you for a stupid kiss.
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
Be and be
A sea I see
Them and Thee'
'Tis me they'll free
A cross and shield
marching feet yield
real and zealed
Deadly they'll feel
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Jun 2011
So this marks the end
with one love so strong
my minor mistake makes
everything you do wrong
Everyone can see
the error of your ways
letting a heart die
while appearing unfazed
You cling to one moment
a minute so minor
and clutch it so tightly
that it ignites a fire
Acting out lies
set our love ablaze
and as the bridges slowly burn
in awe I'm amazed
That with every scar etched
across my beating chest
lies the same little lie
forged by that minor pest
Claims of deep pain
emit from pursed lips
but in your breast
is where a healthy heart sits
So stop flaunting your trophy
to every word I say
and lift the broken record
to end the masquerade
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
I was given a new heart tonight
trying something new
I've had so many hearts in one life
I'm hoping this next one will do

I was born with a heart of crystal
so innocent, so pure
until one day it slipped and fell
and shattered upon the floor

So I was given a heart of plastic
one that wouldn't break
but I met that adolescent heartthrob
who's fire melted my heart away

After heartache's call came my heart of granite
it's fireproof after all
until it chipped and cracked and started to split
when adult life came to call

I bought myself a heart of diamonds
so sharp, so strong
was gonna cut my way through this life
but I cut till all was nigh gone

Depression brought me a gift, a heart of stone
heavy and cold, it felt fake
I kicked that heart while I walked along
until I ran into a lake

I skipped my heart across the lake, but I should'a known
your love ran too wide
and your touch ran too deep to skip this stone
And now that is why

I was given a new heart tonight
I'm hoping this one will do
Its soft and comfortable and feels alright
Because it was given by you
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Jul 2012
I believe...

Like wind beneath the swallow's wings
Our love shall too have height
Verily, verily; as these two hearts sing
Everlasting fires doth burn bright

Yesteryear is out of sight
Order this year doth not bring
Unveil the dark with brand new light
...and love me to the end of the trail so winding
(AIP) Happy Birthday Chelsea Decker
OnlyEggy Nov 2011
A woman is perfect
in her own eye
when the mirror tells her
that the curvy reflection
is no lie

A woman is perfect
in the public eye
when she cooks
and she cleans
and she saves money when she buys

A woman is perfect
in a family’s eye
when she teaches the girls
and she bathes the boys
and her only complaint is an exasperated sigh

A woman is perfect
in a man’s eye
when she celebrates his victories
and manages the bills
and keeps his ego riding high

But a woman is only perfect
in the inside
when her man is at his lowest
and all hell has broken loose
the money’s all gone
and the house they’ll lose
and the children are wearing hand-me-down’s
and worn out shoes
the car’s broken down
and all the unemployment ‘as been used
and yet she still has the strength
to pick up her man
and carry the family on her back
and get them all to stand
with chin’s held high
and still give her man a kiss
and look him in the eye
to tell him the she loves him
and everything will be alright
Wrote this awhile back. Enjoy :)
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
Apple, oh Apple
Whatever shall I do?
All I wanted was a taste
But apparently, the worm did too....
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy May 2012
Swimming in circles, doing turns
checking reflections in the glass

Motor hums as the water churns
and the rocks on the bottom, dull as dirt

Current runs gently as the plastic grass yields
to bubbles rising from plastic chests

I wonder how my goldfish actually feels
if every three seconds it's all brand new
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
This is how to start the beautiful letdown
so get down
no rebound, just sit down
short timing, so explain how
we were to, and supposed to
while I talked to,
don't frown, and anger is not your best dancing gown
was it a game? I read minds
am I to blame? In due time
are you the same? I think better
this shoulder ain't cold, but I'd still grab a sweater
'cuz while you look at me I'll make you shiver
stare in my eyes and I'll make you wetter
hang on my words and savor every letter
enjoy the taste of this moment, for its time is shorter
end of days is the reason I'm the exploiter
So, goodbye goodbye
breathe in a deep sigh, this time
this time
will inevitably pass by, and thus begins
the Beautiful letdown
OnlyEggy Jun 2011
Revered and Solemn
Kneel and Pray
Lover's Caress
Mind, Body
OnlyEggy Feb 2014
Forgive me. This I pray
to the demons and shadows
that haunt the day
I've got no more patience,
only tension, to keep war dogs at bay

To the stress of the eve,
Down I say!
Relax your torture; calm your steed
Gallop no further into the night
Patience is a virtue, 'nd I've run dry I believe

Hush child, calm your nerve
I'm an adult now,
corroded and perverse
Scream no longer about the weight of the world
I can carry you, fend for you,
    give you what you deserve
Another Insomniac Poem
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
The bench
Supporting cast
Men of few talents
The star watchers
Few know their names
"No skill", they say
Trading tokens in the money game
Roster holders for the next star
Only put in to give others rest
Pass the ball, set the pick, take a flop
Help the star look good, give him a chance
Never to take the ball and make the shot
Unknown, Unsung, Underrated
Until the big play
The highlight reel
The game winner
ESPN's fifteen minutes of fame
Talk of the town
The hero
Until the next game
Then it's the back to normal
Sitting on the bench
- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
OnlyEggy Aug 2011
You close your eyes and see my face
smiling, laughing, loving
A time when nothing is out of place
and all your fears are temporarily displaced
Envision the fantasy...

My touch of oblivion, of space
singing, ringing, tingling
As the moon rises across your lace
across your senses shooting stars race
Reaching you across an endless sea

Your tongue dances around your lips with grace
dreaming, thirsting, yearning
Hoping that I suddenly fill this space
to put my skin around your quivering embrace
To end this hungry misery

But when you wake, by a pillow I am replaced
plain, sane, vain
Lonely fear begins to creep from someplace
One phone call and I'll come running to embrace
Enlace my fingers around your heart, Lovely
OnlyEggy Apr 2010
There is no subject
no process of mind
to assist my thoughts
in writing this ryme

No direction for the words
for my thoughts are locked
in this curse for writers
the minds writer's block

Maybe this will help
maybe a good sign
this little nonsense poem
will help my next ryme
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
We are young!
We are strong!
Lungs to the heavens
as our hearts sing along!
We run as thousands
but we stand as one!
Souls in the heavens
with eyes on the gun, fun!
Pound our feet in the ground,
rumblin' rhythmic footsteps
move mountains with its sound!
Our words heat the air
as the ice cracks loud!
Their shiver is shared;
Let them stare, we don't care
Melt into the crowd,
and we still stand out!
Yet still feasible to stay reasonable
No treason is seasonal
No wall is that pliable
Withstand hate with strength undeniable
Vicious, and still likable
Quick to bite; to heal a wound
Get hurt, get chewed
Get back up, Get out soon
And we stand up in rythum
And get back in tune
Singing a song, to sing along
Where we all belong,
Where none is wrong
Mass hysteria with a flex of a muscle
Show them all just how strong
Long in the tooth
or still young
You too can have youth
melt in the crowd, stand your ground
or get swallowed up by the swiftness of our sound
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
Left to surmise
My surprise
Bouquet of Roses
Love devise
Soul remise
Two single Roses
Your device
My demise
Dozen throned Roses
Your disguise
Heart excise
Petal felled Roses
Anger arise
Hate comprise
Black-tipped Roses
Left to surmise
My surprise
*Bouquet of Roses
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
Breathe in, breathe in
hold the breath of the wicked sin
slowly savor the smoke of the lost
let the effects of this terrible cost
persuade your ghost into giving in

Breathe out, breathe out
exhale the destruction of your doubt
hissing the song of your failure
as smoke escapes in a disgraced aura
to blind yourself down this perilous route
OnlyEggy Jul 2011
Dear Lovely, my tormented fair-maiden
I write thou in love, transparent and unhidden
I know you seek answers that are hard to find
searching this soul and this ****** heart of mine
Seeking the signs of a lover's true intention
while hanging on the lips of every word mentioned
You look and you hunt through your longing
to discover if I am your true belonging
I know by the pause's in your words spoken
that you're trying to avoid another heart broken
I've been honest, dear Lovely, with every answer given
and as you slowly say my name I begin to give in

But these walls I create are for the protection
of a heart once fooled with misguided direction
Everything I do, I do for our future
so you know difficulty inherent with this suture
With caution I proceed, by no cause of yours
But from past loves I've learned there are no do-overs
I, with pounding heart, beg of thee, please understand
that on this earth we can walk hand in hand
But time heals all wounds, and these are freshly made
I can love and never leave, dear Lovely,
      once the scars begin to fade.
OnlyEggy Dec 2011
Heal a hand to hold a heart inside
let the fingers wipe ****** tears cried
let them run along voids long dried
help them find the pain held deep inside

Holding a heart with hands held high
given to hold in love's own eye
so holds these hands to a heart's sad sigh
to care and protect until the day I die
(AIP) Dedicated to my better half
*Retitled, Formerly 'Heal the Stain, Clean the Pain'*
OnlyEggy Jun 2010
It just takes one
to brighten your day
from a passing stranger
or a good friend

It just takes one
to make a your day
from a friendly stranger
or a close friend

It just takes one
to darken your day
from a hurried stranger
or a bold friend

It just takes one
to ruin a day
from an angry stranger
or a not-so-close friend
Lost track of where I wanted to go with this poem after the first verse.
OnlyEggy Mar 2011
I beg to differ
There is someone out there
that is much better than me
So I don't believe, for one second
that i'm...

A word applied
To the beautiful people without
beautiful minds, embraced
by the ones less intellectually fecund
than they are...

Polished? I am.
Your feelings? Your worries?
*******. I disregard not with brashness
But with angelic cause as my own problems
are significantly more...

Shifting focus from
your meager existence
as my shear presence fills this page
Outraged? You created these proems
when daily topics I...

Full moon rising.
The lighthouse to your sinking vessel
I am not the best, but I am the best of
the better of you and your kind, lower-class
no offense, I speak...

And the pain it brings
I don't worry about such things
I don't discount, but I do surpass
Their muggle mind with poise and sass
Dare I say I'm not cocky, just...

Confidently better than you.
OnlyEggy Aug 2011
Twisting thoughts of a bed left yearning
Stretching across sheets that thirst for a touch
Embracing blankets that cover your naked body
Taunting ****** outlines begging for me to clutch
Beckoning pillows call out as they frame a pretty face
Wandering thoughts as a dimming light begins the learning

Twisting, I shed the clothes left yearning
Stretching sheets smile as they accept my touch
Embracing blankets warm me with the heat of your body
Taunting shapes shift from two to one under a lover's clutch
Beckoning lips begin to prepare for the reception of your beautiful face
Wandering hands of ours begin their journey of ****** learning
OnlyEggy Apr 2012
The clouds move over the sun
as the stage is set, lights dim
Movements of dancers getting set
nervously watching as the clouds darken

Lightning flashes in the distance
as the dancers beat there chest
the rolling thunder reckoning its approval
as the lead pumps her fists

The first drop falls with pounding grace
as the dancers jump up with thunderous sound
The soaking drops rain its applause
as their collective feet touch the ground

The wind licks at the cloth draped around them
as they spin and flip as a choreographed group
And the wind yells in violent glee
as their movements express their vigilant youth

The dancers finish with their perfect end
as the elements smile on the energetic routine
And as the lights raise and the clouds move away
The dancers turn and bow to the future of We.
OnlyEggy Nov 2013
Here at last! O' how'd the time pass?
Nine pages on the calendar torn
'N now we're down to an hour glass!
Tipped and turned, watching grains fly;
   on the walls, toy planes stand by!

Here at last! O' where'd the time go?
It felt like seconds ticked by so fast
and yet it dragged by oh so slow!
Tipped and turned, bottles warmed and teddy bears smile;
   at this time tomorrow, these arms'll bear a child!
OnlyEggy Apr 2011
Dear Lover,
I know you won't read this, it's too poetic you'll say
But I just want you to know
This hate you feel inside
had radiated into my soul, eating
preying on my conscious, and today
I have finally snapped.
Dear Lover,
You said Till death do us part, and I say
The vows of my heart still rang true
but your silent vengeance
due diligence of the untrue
under, stand this pain any longer
But today, I'll be dead
Dear Lover,
This is my letter to you, and as I pull
the trigger on my life of lies
created from your unwavering mind
I'll savor the bullet of insanity
humility is all that awaits me now
Dear Lover,
Long lost has my mind gone, gone
Failing, falling, fading, facing
I am a bumbling fool, and you force
my hand to pull the trigger on my yesterday,
our yesterday,
bye yesterday, and cruel world of heartfelt echos
Dear Hater,
I despise thee so,
I used to love your voice, but now I dread the sound
I hate the thought of your lips
so, good bye as I pull this lever,
clever girl, This life of ours is...
OnlyEggy Jul 2011
Keeping it together is all I know
Holding it in rather than letting go
Feeling this pain if only to show
The vain of agony has begun to grow

As you begin to spill another agonizing lie
I stagger from the swill of tears run dry
Cried out until sand ran from my eye
With your sin in my hand, my heart dies
OnlyEggy Feb 2011
The feelings left unchecked
your anger, your hate
brings about the failure of the times
the ties
the lies
the crimes that go unnoticed
to all but the one involved
pleaful cries fall upon the ears
of your deaf justice
Your gangs, your fangs
grow longer with every hateful spat
that is muttered behind doors of glass
with gold plated name plates
pin-stripped suits in-which egos inflate
unlawful crimes of ****** and sins
of economic proportions
While you borrow money from the poor
and put the debts to the world at a record
collective sigh
stifled cry from the unheard public
whose ears are buried with gossiped dirt
celebrities, foreign wars, local criminals
whose eyes are burned with the images
of starving children and destroyed cities
and while the nation's shoulder cringes
you filthy lying gnat
in the ear of the press
talk of progress
while the truth you suppress
Your value of a dollar is distorted
you man of power
and as homes crumble in dis-repair
I shall see you in your final hour
pleading to the court room of the down-trodden
mislead, misguided, spirit rotted
poor, the little man you stepped on
And when that little man seems to be a giant
And your empire comes tumbling down
I will see to it that your crimes are exposed
murderer of the nation's exquisite dreams
extortionist, economic terrorist
And I'll be the first to step upon the rubble
So laugh it up now, CEO
Because we will have our day, our way
Our Justice
Deciding to try my hand on more current topics. This may be the start of many to come
OnlyEggy Apr 2011
I lost you at the start of this inception
A process to change your haunted perception
Fight it, fake it,
Falling for my perfect deception
Do you have the mettle,
to allow this poison to settle?
Embrace this ugly infection
Sickness by forced injection.
For you don't have the strength to last
against the twisted demons of your past
With one lonely taste, the devil awakes
With the blood of angels, your lips are stained
You have fallen, sinner, lost all you've gained
Repent now? Too late!
There will be no objection
To this marriage of misconception
Your pain truly hides inside this illusion
My presence will only further push
your bending mind into seclusion

You haven't given me one silly reason
To lend you my hand
Is it your plan,
To continue onward with this treason?
Change? Unseen by the turning season
This was all a lie, you won't get by
This is where monsters come to die
I control this twisted dream,
The honorable seizin
Let me lead you to the stream
Where your ears can drown in haunting screams
We can rinse your lying lungs clean
Tear the tears from the obscene
To burn your eyes, a brutal reception
Savor the harshness of this deception
OnlyEggy May 2011
For set is the pain
heart's gain
Sustained! Your a mess
I'm impressed
       unless, you pulled the 'Grand'
heart in my hand
solid as sand, brain in my chest
Walking's what my hands do best
Twisted, and no less
Fore and for
                     the four, the floor
You slammed the door, such shame
You're not to blame
It's the fairest name says the Mirror's face
       Touching my eyes in disgrace
sub-scarred face, internal fingers
elbows that linger
knees of a choir singer,
I don't trust my thinking heart
and the tongue smells ****
         Beating brain's the start of the contusion
                             I reject your insulate solution
            Pardon the confusion
OnlyEggy Feb 2011
No amount of preparation can get
me ready for your leaving here
I thought my mind was all set
emotions in check, or so my heart
was told. But since you walked out
with temporary good-byes and bags in hand
this terrible mind let loose this feeling of doubt
this feeling of hurt, sadness, longing
Knowing that you will come right back
If Uncle Sam would only let you try
then my heart wouldn't lose track
When we talk it's short, but not sweet
I know you'll be back but the questions arise
Will you still remember the feelings,
Are you still mine? Or am I in for a surprise?
I know the answers, but the thoughts still come
unannounced, uninvited, unveiling
the reality of my mental state, this outcome
should not be happening, I was prepared,
steeled, ready, to ship you off for your tour
You were gone two minutes, and I want you
in my arms one last time, before the memory is sour
I can't sleep in your absence, as hard as I try
because in my sleep you are right here
sleeping at my side
Insomnia, you're my enemy, so come right in
and Worry, you're unwanted, so sit and lets drink
These beers aren't easing like I hoped this binge
would ease the unbearable weight, I suddenly feel
with my soul in the Hindenburg, and my heart the Titanic
I feel let down, destroyed, but I know in my mind
that you are coming back, so I should not panic
If I send you a card, would you smile at the thought?
If I send you a letter, would you read it over again?
Or if I send you a picture would you hold near to your heart?
I feel I know the answer, just as before
but is it really possible to understand
and to know that for sure
I want you back here, so bad it seems
that this pen as taken control
I may have gotten carried away in my ramblings
but I don't care, this is all I've got
I love you, my dear sweetheart
come quickly if you can
I've swept up whats left of my heart
And I'm holding it together the best I can
OnlyEggy Nov 2011
Heart's a-sinkin' within his head
Drinkin' itself sober while layin' on this bed
Without 'er call has left this starved man out-a bread
So he lays his chest upon a mind cold and dead
And dreams of a woman's song again
OnlyEggy Sep 2012
Eyeliner stare
into the sky somewhere
Creamy and Delightful
with an artistic flair

Neon lights streak
across Beauty's cheek
and race off towards the world
Words of Dreams 'er lips speak

And somewhere up above
stars flutter like doves
illuminating Dreamer's thoughts
and capturing the essence of Love

And into this picture I do stare
Seeing your face, knowing you care
gives me promise for the future
that you'll always be there
(AIP) I love you
OnlyEggy Jan 2012
To the woman...

He was a hero in silver armor,
driving the abusive man away,
save for the brusies, she was safe
save for the house, it was okay
He wore a golden buckle
and she didn't know what to say
when he presented her a ring
and asked if he could stay

To the child...

He was a villain in silver armor,
driving his loving father away,
save for the crying, he had a hug
save for the mom's brusies, he'd behave
He wore a golden buckle
that reflected anger he just couldn't stave
and when his mom happily showed him a ring
he decided to run away
OnlyEggy Feb 2012
Faces showed complete shock
when they found him slumped
in front of the 808's
as the bass rocked
They say his beat stopped
Speakers blown, Voice slowed
He tried a new tune
and soon
his addiction grew
and grew
Until his eyes closed
and pleasure and pain
was all his face showed
The paramedics put on hip-hop
country, rock, and even k-pop
But no weapon won the battle
as his ear drums slowed their rattle
and his heart came to a stop
If only they knew the strength of the bass
the length of the drop
they could've increased his survival
They pronounced him dead, and I know why
His brain was blown
by the sound in those ear phones
and now I know he had been....

Dubstepped on Arrival
OnlyEggy Apr 2010
I have been told
that the evils of the world
did (not) come from an apple
that we did (not) pick from trees

I have been told
that the evils of our world
does (not) come from money
because money does (not) grow on trees

I have been told
that the evils of the children
can (not) stem from our past
as they can (not) be traced on family trees

I have been told
and I do (not) believe
because I do (not) think I can change
who plants the seeds from the trees
OnlyEggy Aug 2012
....and Ma'am;

Do you take this man love him with all you can? hold him when he is sad? support him when he feels had? give to him when he needs a hand? smile with him in the evening sand? laugh with him when the joke was bad? dream with him about your life plan,
       and to live with him when they don't pan?

Do you take this man be your friend?
...your confidant?
...your sin
...and to be your husband?
OnlyEggy Mar 2012
Closing my eyes, with head on a pillow
Dreaming about you, as much as I'm able
Wishing this time would speed up when I'm awake
so I can spend as much time in my dreams as I can take.
OnlyEggy Jan 2011
Living in a dream about you
Taken from my own reality
thrown far from myself
into a world of vitality
Away from my meaningless existence

Gently forced
Soul course
Mentally cooing

Actions coarse
Voice hoarse
Subliminal wooing

Along rose gardens made of glass
gently arranged around a chapel
An instant upgrade in class
where I reside, thinking of us
living in this dream about you
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
OnlyEggy Sep 2011
I was making a burrito when
I dropped the tortilla into the fryer
    looks like I'm eating tostadas instead...

I was making a tostada when
The tortilla folded over inside the fryer
    looks like I'm eating tacos instead...

I was making a taco when
the edges of my overside tortilla folded up in the small fryer
    looks like I'm eating a taco salad instead...

I was making a taco salad when
the shell was dropped and shattered upon the counter
    looks like I'm eating nachos instead...

I was making some nachos when
I ran out of chips, so I grabbed a tortilla
   looks like I'm eating a burrito instead...
OnlyEggy Mar 2011
Fail fail, fall and die
go and hurry
to sit and fry
Wail, Wail, forgotten cry
egos scurry
without goodbye
Bail, Bail, sit and sigh
imprisoned fury
emotional vie
Flail, flail, bigot lie
vision blurry
hypnotic eye
Gale, gale, dishonesty spry
injecting jury
whispering fly
Sail, sail, distant high
creating perjury
unpunishably wry
Hail, hail, idiotic guy
death's worry
fallen I
Fail, fail, fall and die
go and hurry
to sit and fry
OnlyEggy Mar 2011
Driving around this valley of sheets
When I see a IHOP and realize
that a sudden hunger has come over me
They say Come Hungry, Leave Happy, and
with one glance at your buns, perfectly made
I realize that I have been staring far too long.
Like Taco Bell, I should Think Outside The Bun
But as I pass a Burger King I begin to wonder
how many possible ways there really are
to Have It Your Way, and as I lay you down
I smile at the thought of how wonderful the taste
of each one of your Baskin Robbins 31 Flavors will be.
While I start to undress you I pause, hesitant
With your smile and slow rhythmic breaths
a song bursts into my head with a just one tip
as if I'm at Cold Stone, and I think, just Let Yourself Go.
"Where to start?" I ask as I glance up at Subway
and I am reminded that I should always Eat Fresh.
I should go in slow, but I dive right in like a bucket of KFC
The scent of you, so enticing. The taste, Finger Lickin' Good
I'll savor every moment, and by the subtle McDonald's arches
that your back resembles, I'm Lovin' It and so are you.
I grab a handful at ******* and realize that this poem
is Delightfully Tacky, Yet Unrefined. Nonetheless,
I can tell by the look in your eyes that you are ready
Asking the same question that they ask at Wendy's
Where's The Beef?
OnlyEggy Dec 2011
We sit in darkness with wondering eyes
taunting the light of the fireflies
with mason jars in the moonlit skies
I've smoked nothing, yet
  I still get highs
From the thrill of the chase
  and your arms at my thighs
laying together, side-by-side
Covered only by the blanket of stars
  in the night-time sky
While our fingers waltz
  to our soft whispers and shallow sighs
and our eyes give chase to glowing fireflies
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)
OnlyEggy Dec 2011
Fly, Dragonfly, fly!
Spread your wings and flex your tail
take off to the skies, follow the blowing winds!
Leave behind the Wicked Men of Hollowing Trail
and escape the poisons of their worded sins
Fly, Dragonfly, fly!

Race, Dragonfly, race!
Sweep your wings back against the windy skies
Let your heart propel your spirited sprint faster! Faster!
Escape from the Forest of Unnerving Lies
and the creatures of the Lost Souled *******
Race, Dragonfly, race!

Hunt, Dragonfly, hunt!
Beat your wings to the sounds of the butterflies
Feed your hunger for protecting the meek
with the haunting taste of Honey-Soaked Flies
and the sting of Sugar-Coated Bees
Hunt, Dragonfly, hunt!

Rest, Dragonfly, rest!
Allow the venom to still your beatful wings
Let the swift death claim a Hero's life
Beckon the Raven of Heaven to blissfully sing
to the tune of the Stalking Sparrow's whistling knife
Rest, Dragonfly, rest!
OnlyEggy Dec 2010
And then there is you
your bladed mind ran through
yet standing so tall
but looking so small
with your spirit tumbled
but still not humbled
by the sound of the glaives
from the tongues of knaves
where the hurt and the pain
join the bleak and the vain
in the choir of the dark
as you re-embark
on the road of deserters
where pothole subverters
and their petty warmongers
look to curb all your hungers
as you look for salvation
but find the starvation
of hatred's embraces
as history retraces
the same path that I'd taken
but was forsaken
by the rock that shook
as my pride it took
and I found no dawn
following the fallen pawn
where I lay down to die
and yet up you fly
climbing over bodies begot
with distances I just could not
and as you run through your life
full of misery and strife
remember the folly of the few
who fell to the dark before you
Another Insomniac Poem (AIP)- From Tough Guys Wear Pink
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