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Mar 2014
Go to sleep Child,
It's the midnight hour
You were sleeping soundly
but that slumber has soured
Here's a pacifier, a blanket,
a song hummed down low
One more kiss and
off to sleep you go

Go to sleep child,
It's two in the morn'
You were sleeping soundly
but now you howl like a horn
Here's a lullaby, sung by nightlight
and a pacifier in my hand
Once more before you succumb
to the Sandman's sand

Go to sleep child,
It's four, just before dawn
Am I supposed to assume
you're a hungry little fawn?
Here's a warm bottle, clean swaddle
and an elephant burp cloth
It's only a matter of time before you're
moving slower than a sloth

Go to sleep child,
It's no longer night
We both look exhausted
Oh what a sight!
Here's a blanket, a pacifier, a soiled swaddle;
Sandman's sand, a burp cloth, and a ***** bottle
I'm staying home today 'n I don't know about you
But I say lets take a nap and sleep till this afternoon
(AIP) Dedicated to Matthew Griego. Go to sleep son.
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