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Forked roads of similar charge,
Parabolic travels of kindred of stars,
Products and historic figures of space
Learning recording remembering faith.

Plane of reality tell me I'm here,
Why am I located tangent of sphere
Circling circles of masses and rotating ,
Sun baked and thirsty and GPS locating.

Lessons are simple or so I had learned,
The facts were the obvious extra un-turned ,
Here I am tangled in fact of a string,
The planets the future and ending of me.

Are memories fiction or fact that I argue
Blurred lines that formulate thoughts that I car view
All angles seen but the one I explore as my eyes are my face and my face is my core.
Where then do I go?
Where have I been?
What are the products evolving to then?
Now is the present and past disappeared,
Mc re-tangled or muddled and feared.
Fowl floating and flapping across an ocean canopy.

Lightly squawking and ascending in a calm summer sky.

Waves shine and melt into the beachfront in a dull roar slowly thundering in diagonal collapsing sectors.

The top of the ocean. The point of a sphere. Its water that falls slowly to the bottom of..... Here!

Ripples and puddles and drinks full of life, the clearest the murky and bluest in light.
Mountains and palisades can be rocks that reach skyward. God on a gravel road walking through.
The golden purple cattails glow in the sunlight like strawberry fields that fizzle on my hands in the wind that can dance. The vinyl green stem leafs sit stagnantly silently awaiting the moon.

Hoppers crescendo in a frozen moment singing in stillness that refuses to relent.
The trees around them bask in the energetic massage from the moving sections of recently called air vapors.

The Hi- C haircuts that nature reminds me it inspired bobble from the vectors.  

This climate ecology scenery breeds the moments religions were made for me.
missing a florida vacation. went in my heart though.
Finally gone are the pages that turn,
The hallways that wind and the stage of concern,
The day has depleted stress and my pain,
I'm relaxed now and have calm to retain,
Worlds and stars and planets arc spinning,
My eyes are closed softly and breathings beginning,
My reckless abandon has finally died,
as awoken my dreams dance forever inside,
Free me so neatly away in the finite,
Infinite expansion and fires of Twilight,
The gems of a treasure chest glimmer in water,
as streams crickle slowly creeks sippeling saughter.
Sleeping bored
vacuum free of life,
air stagnant,
warmth emanating from me.

sight shifted elsewhere,
distracted of existence.

the world asking me to perceive,
Movements a must, questions a musn't ,
moment all but mine.
The crunch of moving steps
The whisper in the growing nature
everything flows so sweetly to my lungs
And burns so brightly in the scene.

It all seems so unseen
This place where I find myself
The issue presses as my breathing dances
With the outdoor air and the green romances
All of me
The skies.

I move with a motive of healing.
Of everything offered
all that's extended
which one is which is obscure and intended is
something unknown

therefor cautious calculations
fits against patience
stress and the tension increase with the waves made
of guessing anxiety
a gambling joy
a fight against futures that never employ
something imagined success and the like
are riding on picking from the array of doors

these doors lead to everything all that i have waited
the blade is so dull and tainted and faded
but maybe its better to wait here elated
by gambling choices i make here
failure evaded.
Synchronicity Seldom Resumes,
Broken Jagged Sharp Edges Ruins.

Mix in to sorrow or anger decline,
Tarp over bronze over branches and twine.
poem. sort of.
Boulders of color and sound
Magical lights made of marmalade ground.
I have intended
To morph you the ended
Is only the start of my mouth.

Stars flow with every baton
Painting my eyes with excitement I'm on
Blues and the greens make
the world look serene
Have a second to take in the dawn.
From all the time they lived.
From the places behind the present.
Moving never felt so good.

Time and light and darkness.
People things and places.
Words and all responses.
Surrounded by thousands of years.
The shimmering icy beauty confused
Created falsely

Lost in beliefs and delusions
Complete and insufficient
Constant motion delirious
Moving forever in love understood
Misunderstanding the meaning

Once and for all
The covers have closed
The windows have frozen
The doors have been shut

The heat stays here constant
The lights gleam so dimly
Reality sets in slowly
Lost within
Broken hearted
Defeated with ease
The world seems like two places,
Older now with two faces.
Chasing the one I see is the one I used to be.

I wrote this future for myself.
Words and forces broke my hell.
As I escaped to where I am I forgot the place I was,
The starry sky can start to dance the shimmer in my starry blood.

As science became surface deep,
The cheat codes seemed to up and leave.
My belief in knowing how went somewhere else and left me now.

True existence in theories and dreams.
Memories, happiness, anger, and screams.
Finding out the defined meanings of everything I assumed I liked.

My memories determined my future, and as I remember them I seem to get cuter.
What I never knew.
What I thought I was.
How was it true?
The light barely enters through the curtains on the window.
The smell of the concrete floor and oil.
Emptyness in every second.
Disorganized toil.
slowly moving always floating
riding slowing ever flowing
something lost
and something found
every broken piece of ground

lost and cracked and torn and dead
love and life and grace and bread
break me slowly over water
live in fear while taken for slaughter.
donnie darko inspired
Organization and structure,
the balance of chaos and fear,
The confident sight full of luster,
The glow in the skies and the seas of the year.

waves and valleys combine their forces,
paint the world with shocks and tremors,
Clouds absorb the moving torches,
Lights and sounds that I remember.

The world I knew was once a kingdom,
riches treasures and monies abound,
Now the forces dissipate.... and I am all that I have found,

Lost Atlantis perfect love,
Feelings, colors, lights above...
Darkness covers all I know,
And I am only lonely...

limerick or something similar. not perfect though.
The simplicity of emotion.
Everything is amazing because of it.
My feelings paint the world around me,
Shining itself back into my heart.
God is within me, and air is around me,
Light is above me in thousands of stars,
Shining like diamonds, the trees and the shadows,
Windows on houses and cars.
The people are brilliant,
Their souls are a fiery stone existence.
The hearth of a lifetime.
Warming and fluid.
Living around me, keeping me home.
Cologne Malone' writes alone on a tome,
His freestyle fame and his hope on the stone.
The seeping sadness of broken beliefs.
The need for a person, the need for the seas.
A simple emotion.
Drawing me here.
The present, the past, the future, the tears.
Sinking one liners like a pirates ship.
Treasure on the beaches of the island of Skip.
Baseball fields are so cliche,
Catchy players become worldwide stars.
The cold feeling of unwary trust,
A handshake of generosity,
An even exchange,
An open appearance,
A concrete idea with cracks that are noted,
A golden sun of which warmth is decoded,
A beautiful day made to just be alive,
A wind in my sails and a point to derive.
The soft feel of fabric and the love of the day,
Something to think of and appreciate,
A mind made of cushions and lacking a chaos,
A balance and order to everything that sways us.
Oak table and candle light and scented parchment natural white,
I lay this thought in poem

The fabric I am is gone and torn, missing somewhere along the storm, the winds have extracted my soul and core,
And here I am at home.

Cans and bags and paper scraps, remote controls and textbook backs strewn around the room, the facts  jumbled and mixed in tone.

Diluted with gallons, or pounds of space, I'm barely able to keep my face, my personality, there's not a trace,
I'm posed with the question of where I've gone.

Distracted by this the world passes, Attention span is broken spastic, Quick to glitch are my social stances,
I guess at responses and know I'm wrong.

Acquaintances, Friends, and social lives tend to notice this surprise of my pretending to be who I,
Have always been like all along.

Perhaps a person has stolen my soul,
A demon or devil has broken my whole,
The God of existence requires a toll,

I'm gone. Gone. Delirious and cold.

I remember feelings, I recall my emotions, I remember my faces and my exuberant motions, I remember the dances of light on the ocean and Cuban cigars, illegal and smoke'n.

It seems that the invisible reason to live.
The one that remained alive and within.
The life of the life of the body I'm in...
Disappeared more and now doesn't exist.

Some have referred to it as a disorder,
Others ignore it and tend to more forward,
Many have noticed it,
Few have afforded..
Any solution.
Nothing retorted.

So here I am stuck deep in thought the waves turn over and wind is sought by sails to boats and I am not,
But floating is how I'd describe me.

My eyes look out with no attention the focus has tangled itself in my retention, the memories of feeling and actions to mention,
I know who I am, so abiding.

However, the days that I've found of my life are Immense. The actions and words and the fabric intense. Words just cannot convey all of this,
So its hard to prove without lying.

Despite all the forces suggesting a crime,
The impossible actions of others in mind,
The hints at myself so deceived rendered blind,
I proceed to inform you, the work is all mine.

I've created a circus to hide the destruction.
Mistakes that I've made go unsolved by correction.
A process of deeds that emit imperfection,
This lack of myself, is my own interruption.

The use of a substance, created a storm. The loss of my future, my family, more.

The one that I was,

And the one is no more.

The pieces have payed all the fines that I stored.

Unpaid as they went,

The riddle was growing.
Others confused with me in the knowing.

Seems it to be I was evil and glowing were embers of others belongings and owning's.

Currency short, And disarray wide, The public pursued all the personal's id collected through time and through space, on the side, they found what I'd grown in my body... my life.

To teach me a moral, and gain me a value, they took what it took to learn both of them as you can guess my life's at arrest in the wake of this massive event that took place before present.


I must proceed as an empty container.
Nothing good or attractive at all.
Completely empty and void of life.
I live the one I have,
For life.
Water man splashes across the counter,
And leaps across spaces and follows my mind,
He morphs into colors and turns into droplets,
and sparkels like raindrops and intricate lines,

He glitters and rises and shapes into fire,
above all the dishes he shows me a sign,
He draws a geometry making a pyramid,
Red lazer structure of historical times,

Down to the basement a firey sphere,
Drops to the floor and beneath me is clear,
A red firey army of lava men march,
upon idle spectrum,
Existing a hearth,

The fires of childhood,
The embers of love,
Beliefs about god and a heaven above,
Alone in my bedroom imagined the world,
Only found hatred destruction and girls.

FIgurines, Magazines, Books, and My toys,
Basketballs, bikes, remote control noise,
Yelling and fighting and screaming and swears,
Pajamas and light and my eyelashes stares,
The fruits of desire and something I liked,
The things that I wanted, the things that I might,
Begin to see clearer as falacious lies,
The imposter goals, and the plans, and the skies.

Alone in my room is where everythings real,
The realest me and the realest steel,
Nose in the vent breathing cold air alas,
The world was rock and I was a glass.
Close your eyes
Contemplate the present tense
Everything will surround you in
the second and the minutes then
Magic seems to float and dance
open your mind to a color trance
Visions of love and sounds of comfort
seem to make your life complete.
The seconds drip elastic melted time across my life,
Dripping drops of skipping rocks on lakes reflecting light,
Ripples on the shear completed gathering I see,
Of frozen hopes and freezing dreams in memories of me.

Roses rivers lilies streams, bushes thorns and bumble bee's, suffocating scents of water thick in sweaty summer,

Drowning frogs and floating logs of yesterday in slumber.
Bring me the horizons of the life they took for plunder.

I miss feeling new to this.
Now I sit.
Here I wonder.
Mazes and labyrinths and puzzles and riddles,
confused and belated to answer, belittled,
confounded and stupefied mesmerized fate,
hypnosis of focus, synopsis escape.

Falling to ashes on bricks with the snow,
gravity's palm lets me down light and slow,
roses rain down with me sunrise a blur,
bubbling blue skies protrude from the earth,

This winter hello to goodbye, and molasses,
let me go home with the light on their glasses,
severe the ties and the ropes of existence,
to free me to freedom of thought and,good riddance,

Patterns and intricate problems of math,
simplistic classical music of facts,
knowledge, perfection, reality, god
the being of truth which unquestioned is flawed,

Release me to own me my independent self,
Without you I'm happy and with you in hell,
The answer is thinking time, real and alone,
Not what we now call our thinking cell phone.

Please release me.
Let me go.
For I don't love you,

Writing the song or the dance that can clear me of pain
drowning in you every day
failure eminent searching for fearless portrayal
give me your love anyway.

Seething from hatred I've stored deep within
burning and torturing me ill begin
to write an escape from the cell where I'm bound
to everything wrong that's inside you I've found

Implicate everything concentrate hiding the truth
reactions from you in the booth
you seem to make me explode in a chamber of thought
all of the things I've been taught

hurt me betray me and leave me here dying to die
let me down slowly as i can inside
the day of the died
writing this song on the side of my mind

The top of a hill rarely presents
anything to drink
to anyone.
More like lies
told from a boy
who likes to make
people thirsty.
And then let them down
with the discovery
that they are gullible
and therefor,
being tortured.
The bark flies by in pastel existence.
The leaves seem like mountains of crinkly rock.
Brown and green swirl like the universe and it blurs together in the cold cool air.

The static position gets hard to maintain.
I want to twitch. I faulter slowly.
It begins to write itself in flowing ink.
Fireside on a scroll in dripping sincerity.

The golden embers gracefully rise and my mind collides with the explosions of life.

Glowing in the future is a hidden hate.
A deep despise and an impostor date.
The clone of love lies through its teeth.
Betrayl, torture, surrender, he seethes.
Deep in this forest the robes make the world.
The blues in these bushes make us forever.

Bone magic. Slow and tragic.
Draw me something dramatic,

The black sand sparkles in the wind,
The lightning sears with the fire within,
A reason to die but a reason to live,
The monsters attack us,
They claw at our sins.
The darkness will take us all.

As we conquer our dreams,
As we spill this dark wine.
Our lives emanate glory,
Our souls escape time.
The furnace runs on souls,
Spirits burn and turn to ash
and leak out through the holes.

The stars are far away,
The sun is close to planet earth,
We know that we can't stay.

Light must be a street,
Lamps can burn like center camps,
And send us while they leak

to live our lives
on moving *****
and close our eyes
like disco *****.
Sparks and shimmering lights.
Summertime Alaska
Sky lift up to the moon
Thick cold ice mold, depends on a boom
Wannasy the universe expand in your room?
Can't breathe on your knees, escape from the gloom.
Spaceship to the world never mind what you see
It's what they hide in the cage, according to me
As they stare from a distance laugh in their face
Were on the moon man floating through outer the space
Don't kiss then tell this is all that we have
A deep crew of assassins in a pimped out van
No seats but a rug and it's designed for Abu
We're defying and implying almost all of the rules
Keep it beepin like a monitor eye's to the sky
We don't really like thermometers
Ice in the pi
This is Lithium iron I call it Kurt Cobain
Li Fe for the dreary insane
As the drip turns to pride
Just lay back in the plane
Not a jet but dimensions deep in your brain
In the light of a spectrum cleverly made
Mr. Cudi's got the sidy down right to the base
In the language it is written from the A to the G
With an E emphasizing future theories to be
I'm an MC they like to call me D-A-N
I'll be breathing in the Crush
Sitting Squared in a Van
Melancholy and Serene while I'm rolling the loud
Sound melts like the doughnut's that roll on the ground
Livid, mister fog pouring out like a boom
I'm a twister of the doobie and pearl's resume
And the chain is insane its ******* gold like an arch
I'll be passed out cold from the ember's to march
and a number that we wrote like a song
Deception is a 9 and a number that we wrote like a song
And a number that we wrote like a song
A number that we wrote like a song
We wrote like a song
Like a song
This mask is alive in follows my soul,
Surrounding my body my friends and my home,
This space inbetween us decreases with wind,
The world sitting under us hiding within.

This mask is electric its forces are strong,
It shuts up my mouth and its rubber so long,
It changes my stature my face and my life,
It colors my soul and it preaches my sight.
This mask is a darkness,
Foundation of light.
It seeps through my irises and seems unpolite.
It causes me anger and stress and a fire.
This mask is a cage after all I'm inspired.

Its vacuum is black and it tears me apart.
Valueless words and valueless art.
It hides all the worth and replaces demand.
If I'm Michael Myers then you're Spiderman.
A good poem
This mask is alive in follows my soul,
Surrounding my body my friends and my home,
This space inbetween us decreases with wind,
The world sitting under us hiding within.

This mask is electric its forces are strong,
It shuts up my mouth and its rubber so long,
It changes my stature my face and my life,
It colors my soul and it preaches my sight.
This mask is a darkness,
Foundation of light.
It seeps through my irises and seems unpolite.
It causes me anger and stress and a fire.
This mask is a cage after all I'm inspired.

Its vacuum is black and it tears me apart.
Valueless words and valueless art.
It hides all the worth and replaces demand.
If I'm Michael Myers then you're Spiderman
Sweet Poem
I am like Dog,
The cobblestone path near my palms
While I breathe in the dust.

Wooden Homes surround my prayer
In a summer morning village
This is the early empire
Peasants and blacksmiths.

My mind expands and Enlightens my spirit.
A blue sky with a morning moon
It slowly arcs and bends the Earth around my fingertips
and space around me around the life within me

Purple star light energy of alien life,
Green Amazonian River and Leaves,
Tribal Paint and Pelican Breeze,
Shimmering black sand sifting in the wind.

Love, Light, Red Heart, Opaque and Colorful,
Bold Deep Vibrant and Lovely,
Hopeful Gazebo, Bubbling Stream, Streetlamps and Snowflakes,
Gloomy and Dark.
Hills in the background with the moon right above,
Show me the way,
To my heart.
emptiness lurks in the shadows,
it hides on the faces of strangers,
it finds you at night and it strangles your soul,
til nothing is left but a bed.

Alone and bewildered of others,
forgotten and oh so afraid,
anxiety creeps through your window,
and leaves you relieved and betrayed.

What is the meaning of nothing?
monotonous floating through life?
When everything's gone and the people are too,
where do you go in the night?
Real life in motion.

Withered branches,
Bold and sturdy
The natural ground alive.

The sky emanates a pastel mix
Of colors to my eyes.

Magical nature,
Brilliant and vibrant,
Vivid and dark,
And colored eternal.
Imagination Materialized.
Car drive reveals my imagination of days before.
I have been locked in the basement for an eternity it seems,
In my hidden room behind the walls.
I wear a red and white striped collared polo.
I have very stiff and strait jeans.
My brown wrinkly skin resembles that of Yoda.
I am not allowed socks for I may escape into society.
My crooked eyes,
Like a high definition video camera.
I clamber around the house like a bouncy little dwarf.
I only eat from the floor.
I'm old but not old enough.
They're smart but not smart enough.
We're cool but not cool enough.
It's fun, but not fun enough.
The sunlight seems like static.
A murmur in the attic.
Creaking cracks from studs my house
Is creepy late at night.

Unexplained pressure builds within
A motivational delusion begins,
I lay there feeling quite annoyed
And try to sleep again.

When the door begins to slam
And footsteps patter near the lamp,
And darkness seems to understand,
I wonder when Ill finally know.

This empty life and little spark,
This fadingness within my heart,
The ups and downs the endless art.
Of knowing love, alone.

My past mistakes,
My crimes and wrongs,
The others hurt,
The others gone,
Stillness haunts me all night long,
But they've moved on,
And sing me songs.
fast attractive bright loud screaming pulling gravity powerful unavoidable siren like existing magical obvious realistic.......................................................
The colors of the sunset are the hardest to ignore,
They creep up slowly all the day and knock right on your door.
A checkpoint of reminders that the nighttime comes so soon,
For lovers and for sleeping love to find themselves at days adieu.

The burning bush of daylight seems a panoramic wide,
A flowing view of warning hue's for danger to abide,
I notice once and notice twice that each is differently so,
The sun shall drop the stars shall light the moon shall always glow.
Goodbye to say hello.
A poem i wrote
Plans form from seeds that tend to slip inside a mind,
Sounds that echo slowly off of objects to inspire,
Broken meanings dripping off of walls into the fire,
Objects rearrange from meanings stored inside of slime.

Meanings build and pressure turns to make the two combine,
The words that slipped inside the mind that the person so admired,
As well as the person standing there to hear them from the choir,
Words and people mix to make instruction mix with time.

Speeches, songs, and poems can change the world we live to life,
Our arms and legs and ears and mouths control what is and what is not,

The force is split in two to form us what is wrong and what is right,
We do the good we can and all the wrong is all we've ever fought,

The game is contradiction of ourselves as there is day and night,
Perfection is impossible we make mistakes until we rot.
A poem about how communication control's reality. It changes the places things are in, it creates new things, it is the instruction from which things are built. The most powerfully creating force in the world.
Yesterday is news,
Words are the forces of life,
Life can be a jail.
On the outside back in,
Reflections of life,
Everything I am,
Affect me and morph me.

Help me kaleidoscope,
evolve me to change.
A small piece of god in the lights and the sounds.

In this acoustic ambiance,
Envelope me whole.
From my head to my hands to my heart to my soul.

My eyes are educated.
My body abused.
Yet perfectly painted to join all the used.

Were free in our worlds.
Realities vivid,
deep oceans of everything making me feel it.
The treasures of a million loves,
The times I've had are priceless.
This wave pool nears me quickly and the ocean here is iceless.

This whiskey bourbon did the trick,
For all the times but this one here,
My pirate hat and red king coat,
Won't save my life or dry these tears.

The work of an entire lifetime,
Sinking in the ocean,
All my chances spent and gone,
Im drinking in the motion.

The sun bleeds red across the sky,
My golden goblet suckled dry,
This wooden platform takes my life,
The waves and depths of shiny eyes.

I suppose,
That this is where,
The world has gone,
Beneath my stare,
My bottle shatters,
With my care,
Ill join the masses,
Pirate lair.

(He sheds his coat and strips down. The sun sparkles off of the waves and all the millions of diamond rays glisten like the treasures of history. Water begins to rush over the wooden planks down the ship to where he stands. He salutes the sky, and drops his whiskey goblet, and the roaring water currents behind him drag him to the waters.)
The world is a place with a price tag
The chances to win are alive
They move and they dance amongst thieves and the hidden
The readily abled disguised.

The reels roll quickly and stop and align and amidst you are rubble and hate
The life we have tilted towards enemies gates and our destinies stolen and broken our fates.

The emptiness swells like the oceans and seas
The tension is felt from your neck to your knees
The endings are promised and time is a weapon of worlds we don't know and lives unforseen.

This life is a nightmare of me.
A kingdom around it and nothing to eat.
I dream and I torture the person within me
The slots all increasing their speed.
Indigo dragons swimming in space excrete the planets into existence.
The pain inside drives them to do good,
To overcome barriers within them.
Personal gain is pushed aside
for the care of another defies all other emotion.

All they want is a good life for everyone
All they hate is evil
The greatest good is the mission
And they are the tool to accomplish that task.

As the moon sits lightly on an amber purple cloud
The vermillion leaves above the sidewalk roar and grow so loud
The streetlamps dim in vision as the mission seems to find its way
to kiss them on the surface of the earth the worlds final day

has once again been out demanded
by the superhero's blade.
The drapes in the wind blow towards me as the sunlight spills across my body,
shirtless, rough, grizzly, tough.

The clouds move forward despite their size,
Upwards, above, massive, love

The shade rotates one hundred degree's,
almost, done, over, won

The day seeps through me like time and breeze,
Hopeful, water, river, caught her

She is like angels,
and I only man,
She comes at angles,
Only she can.

I am a vessel,
Love from the skies,
to her lips to her body down to her thighs.

My point is a person,
My reasoning doubt,
Purpose within her,
Without her, without.

Emptiness can be as a sign or a warning,
I find it surrounding me threatening mourning,
I recognize scouting the terrain of the full,
The meaningful answers of life and it's toll.
The rock we forge upon the world,
The slab made of belongings and people,
The place that seems to unquestioningly exist based on feelings of responsibility.
The only schedule we have being barraged with other possibility's. Good and bad.
A realistic windshield outside of which the unknown is kept out.

The jungle planet exists and we stay in circles. Well defined patterns of green blues and purples.
Love work and honor and loss of our lifetimes. Collect in our heads all the yellow and white lines. Green lights and stop signs. Friends and our bloodlines.

Speeding past poison, driving through lightning, electronic storms of the unknown and the frightening.

Our foundations are spaceships as we float through the spaces that pass all the places that we've never known. The difference between us is great and the genius we've built all around us keeps life in our homes.
Why don't I just go Cheef Off?
Im a no good piece of garbage
waste of time
scream it carve it in.

Maybe I'm afraid.
Maybe I can't take the heat.
Maybe I believed the lies before today only to be abandoned and broken
For an eternity since then.

You and Me are different.
Abrasion spectrum's disproportionate.
I have seen the bottom of life.
The lack of breath.
abandoned to hate.

Why can't I be carefree and happy?
How can everyone be different from me?
Where is the nonchalant enjoyment?
I guess I lost it in the storm in the sea.
The ground is cement with a small red carpet
this carpet is the pedestal the statue for trophies
upon which we stand presents the world here at hand
is the moonlight sonata of all that we gander.

Everything and more all the millions of shards and creations we make
all the lights and the cars
everything more, such a place as this is
the thickness of the air encapsulates the heart.

Something above, oh, and something within
beckons me closer to yell in the wind
something unfathomed un- guessed, yet untouched
lies opening doors for the broke and the ******.

The world here is ours if we decide it together and something above us
is guaranteed weather.
Whether or not we have everything ever,
we climb here to gander, to flit, and to tether.
Wrinkly tree trunks appear to survive,
Crinkled like wisdom or waves of the sea,
Bold like a siren of warning to me,
Looking for answers I try to derive,

Somebody's life strewn in pieces like teardrops,
Across the front yard in a terrible scene,
More like a nightmare and less like a dream,
Rubble and dust mixed with shreds near the corn crops,

Nature is careless and mean in an instant,
Eyes closed they tremble from fear.

Wind shock and power destroys with its power bent,
The lives that they tried to build here.

Chaos's improbable choice in the moment,
Lives taken swallowed and sheared.
Passing the damage done by recent tornados
Warm air slides past me slowly,
The dark is only challenged by firelight,
Light breeze makes the light flicker,
Reality looms in vivid paradise.
Stars expand my colored mind
The huge universe swirls within, one

Water trickles past,
dusty rocks and,
Simplifies my heart,
One with the world,

Perfection under sandals,
The huts begin spinning, harmonious life,
Hope becomes alive,
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