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I'm old but not old enough.
They're smart but not smart enough.
We're cool but not cool enough.
It's fun, but not fun enough.
The light barely enters through the curtains on the window.
The smell of the concrete floor and oil.
Emptyness in every second.
Disorganized toil.
The shimmering icy beauty confused
Created falsely

Lost in beliefs and delusions
Complete and insufficient
Constant motion delirious
Moving forever in love understood
Misunderstanding the meaning

Once and for all
The covers have closed
The windows have frozen
The doors have been shut

The heat stays here constant
The lights gleam so dimly
Reality sets in slowly
Lost within
Broken hearted
Defeated with ease
Stark in his nature fleeing the authorities
He barely perceives the shocking cold under his bare feet
The snow crunches as his toes grip the concrete
He accelerates across the land as hexagons spin in his vision
Complaints from surrounding society echo across the property
"Get down on the ground and stop what you're doing" the responding officer murmurs
The zombie man sprints across the snowy sidewalk away from him.
Blood runs down his hands and torso as he is physically confronted by officers.
He breaks through their grip running back where he came from, attempting to escape to a warmer place as he breathes in mace.
No one will open the locked front door to the building
As the light reflects off of his skin, he is tackled to the sidewalk and handcuffed on the ground.
He scrapes his top teeth against the cement on the sidewalk to distract himself from the physically unbearable sensation and licks a cigarette **** off of the ground and swallows it, saying goodbye to his world.
He looses consciousness and passes across the realm of consciousness for a brief moment, seeing that life continues. As he is rescusitated, he feels as if a better place lay across the plane he has recrossed. He slightly regrets his recent actions, anxious to see the consequences and their requirements of him.
The simplicity of emotion.
Everything is amazing because of it.
My feelings paint the world around me,
Shining itself back into my heart.
God is within me, and air is around me,
Light is above me in thousands of stars,
Shining like diamonds, the trees and the shadows,
Windows on houses and cars.
The people are brilliant,
Their souls are a fiery stone existence.
The hearth of a lifetime.
Warming and fluid.
Living around me, keeping me home.
Cologne Malone' writes alone on a tome,
His freestyle fame and his hope on the stone.
The seeping sadness of broken beliefs.
The need for a person, the need for the seas.
A simple emotion.
Drawing me here.
The present, the past, the future, the tears.
Sinking one liners like a pirates ship.
Treasure on the beaches of the island of Skip.
The rock we forge upon the world,
The slab made of belongings and people,
The place that seems to unquestioningly exist based on feelings of responsibility.
The only schedule we have being barraged with other possibility's. Good and bad.
A realistic windshield outside of which the unknown is kept out.

The jungle planet exists and we stay in circles. Well defined patterns of green blues and purples.
Love work and honor and loss of our lifetimes. Collect in our heads all the yellow and white lines. Green lights and stop signs. Friends and our bloodlines.

Speeding past poison, driving through lightning, electronic storms of the unknown and the frightening.

Our foundations are spaceships as we float through the spaces that pass all the places that we've never known. The difference between us is great and the genius we've built all around us keeps life in our homes.
Dragon tears in clover fields and purple clouds and golden coins
magic carpets genie lamps and wishes of the everlasting
Kisses, promises, fireworks.

Gloves and scarves and beating hearts
Winks and doorbells
Hopes and Dreams
Everything oh everything!

Melted snow and dazzling intricate
Roll like waves over air and sound
Fantastic fabric enveloping darkness
Swallow my soul and make me whole.

Leperchauns and green garb of irish
Brown tattered top hat and world of emeralds
Surround my heart and take me to paradise
Open grasslands making the ocean bright.

Faerie dust and technicolor
Blue shiny sand as the wings flying flutter
Something like amber and something like granite
The psychic feeling of everything manic.

Blue energy genie man
take me away to neverland
The reality of withered trees and golden paths and bumble bees
Of pink roses and lively rivers
Swirling like potions and arrows and quivers
Make me elixers and bake me a cake
The breathes in the bottles and dreams that we make.

The sadness the laughs and the corners of rockingchairs
Chandelier whiteness and gleaming silver chalices.
Green golden robes and blue tethered rope belts
Magic of zealots and fine shiny cloth felts

Gloss me a glass of a wine so delicious
Make me a drink made of all of my wishes.
Bake me a cake of beautiful kisses.
Draw me a bath of sun kissed implicits.
oblert pumpernickle
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