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Natasha Caroline May 2019
This life isnt marvel cinematic universe
Where superheros saving you from the villain
In this life, night time has become my morning
And morning time has become my night time
I am stuck on depression time zone
Where i wake up from nightmare to nightmare
Where my minds start to confuse whats real and whats on my mind
Where i cant find a button to silence my own thoughts
Where people stare's undressed me
How could they save me even if its a superhero movie
When the villain lives in me
Maybe i cant be saved,
Because pain has became my comfort
Because hope terrifies me
Persephone Jun 2018
They flash across the screen in red, blue, and white suits
Moving like spiders, robots, gods, and soldiers
Wielding destruction charged hammers, capes, shields, and swords

A lifestyle filled with dreams and living
One with the power of winning
And a spec of losing
Until the day they turned to dust
Ashes to ashes they all fall down
The pain inside drives them to do good,
To overcome barriers within them.
Personal gain is pushed aside
for the care of another defies all other emotion.

All they want is a good life for everyone
All they hate is evil
The greatest good is the mission
And they are the tool to accomplish that task.

As the moon sits lightly on an amber purple cloud
The vermillion leaves above the sidewalk roar and grow so loud
The streetlamps dim in vision as the mission seems to find its way
to kiss them on the surface of the earth the worlds final day

has once again been out demanded
by the superhero's blade.

— The End —