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May 2018
The simplicity of emotion.
Everything is amazing because of it.
My feelings paint the world around me,
Shining itself back into my heart.
God is within me, and air is around me,
Light is above me in thousands of stars,
Shining like diamonds, the trees and the shadows,
Windows on houses and cars.
The people are brilliant,
Their souls are a fiery stone existence.
The hearth of a lifetime.
Warming and fluid.
Living around me, keeping me home.
Cologne Malone' writes alone on a tome,
His freestyle fame and his hope on the stone.
The seeping sadness of broken beliefs.
The need for a person, the need for the seas.
A simple emotion.
Drawing me here.
The present, the past, the future, the tears.
Sinking one liners like a pirates ship.
Treasure on the beaches of the island of Skip.
Written by
OblertPumpernikle  27/M/United States
(27/M/United States)   
   --- and Skye Marshmallow
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