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Gold dusted words
Coming from his loud mouth,
Hate packaged in words like freedom.
Or the protection of it.

Followers breathing these words,
Truth or not
this is about something more.
About who they are.

I do get it tho,
I'm not fighting to feed my kids,
I'm not scared of any change,
Haven't been fed racism with mother's milk.

We should smother them,
our so called political enemies.
Be patient and teach,
it's our only way to progress.Gold dusted words
Coming from his loud mouth,
Hate packaged in words like freedom.
Or the protection of it.
I've got everything,
A reserve car for when my other breaks
A reserve of boys like a bunch of grapes
A reserved look that makes hearts ache

I've got everything,
Pressure coming from every way
And ice cold hearth and a fake display
A dark mind that's here to stay

I've got everything
A fancy shrink with a nice degree
Enough pills to calm the sea
A strong rope and a lonely tree.
Yesterday I went out of the city
To where the nature lives.
Where silence still exists,
And dogs run free.

In this place full of foreign life.
Me; a mere stranger trying to fit in.
I lay myself in the unmown grass,
reaching till my chin.

Feelings of a mountain range.
Free, strong, wide, calm.
A courageous beetle scouting my slopes,
A fly landing in my palm.

There are so many places to wander to,
So many countries to undress.
But  I would always go back
To being a mountain range in the grass.
Enjoy the small things
Three, four, five, six
Episodes in a row.
Me, more, ice, chips,
Can't do this anymore.

I check my phone - no messages
I moan and groan - bad premises
I'm all alone - mood perished

Carried by a small stream to the vast sea of apathy,
And i can't swim
Waking up, smoke a joint.
Waking up, What's the point?
Waking up, baking up.
There is so much in life,
don't always get ******.
Sometimes its good tho
From the cage that is your own brain.
Bars made in the furnace of rationality.
Shame, fear and self consciousness
as the guards who keep you locked.

Follow your desires!
Your wants, needs and emotions.
Follow them all around the world,
look where they take you.

And even if all hope seems lost.
Realize that you're free!

— The End —