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Moksha Aug 2020
Fear comes a walking,
Not clothed in black, or in plain clothes
but in style...passionate and powerful.
it is in the ordinary disguise that our
senses are thrown and we are caught off-guard
taking it's delicious offers to heart, ceaselessly.
It is easy to spot, but difficult to discern
And if left, will amass a great wealth of its own.
Moksha Dec 2018
I stand solid, the fabric flows against the folds of my marble skin
I watch the fires of angst burn this beauty away so -
Now I am a black, burnt crust from forces that force my feet into the floor and,
As I sink against the fluid tiles and the trippy nightmare of reality
I ask, have you ever seen a statue cry?

Moksha Jan 2018
I wish your lungs

For me
like they burn

For the rush of nicotine,

that you don't seem to leave.
Moksha Nov 2017
We've lost sight of our shadows.
They've merged into us and
no more is there 3-D vision
but a 2D nightmare.

So tonight I'll set fire to,

The hollow chills inside
the drink burns in my larynx.

My thoughts echo deeply,
Against the looming silence.

"let it all die
let it all die
let it all die."

Moksha Apr 2017
There's jazz playing in the room,
It all sounds far away

I'm floating above the lampshade

I toss amongst the periphery

Of a chaotic mind and room
i've been swimming in moods
so long, that I couldn't just make do.
Moksha Apr 2017
"You're the only woman I've ever loved"

I knew I was due a heartbreak.
Moksha Oct 2016
Upon the earth from which you had once sprung,

I now see you, dying in its arms, fluttering

Against the grasp of the soil's embrace

Struggling against its freshly fallen leaves.

You are but a light, taking in
The last moments of air, the last
Feeling, of the way the earth rotates

Around your soft feelers.
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