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27/F    A bit of my soul, translated to paper, rests here. It's expression limited to arbitrary, squiggly lines and shapes. But you and your soul can ...
F/living in my head   
The Sick Red Carnation
26/F/Iran    Maybe it's bad that My mother's pussy Gave birth to the sick mind 💮🌿 My Insta : @yasaman.johari💮 2 December 1996 Bisexual
solEmn oaSis
Malabon City Philippines    "continue reading" at the perfect time can follow the flow of a poet such like me, some kind of a mime now you see ...
22/M/India    just a confused guy writing poems to flush out emotions
Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo
F/South Africa    Cruelty is for the Loved. And the Lover? ...
Dimitra Reborn M
22/F/Mumbai    Instagram:pooh_poetry
14/M/UK    A pure feeling- I'm scared to control it.
18/Non-binary    constantly between wandering and wondering
Art is healing, emotions need places to go, poetry is where.
A lot of these poems are hints into the novel series I'm writing about.
24    I’m still not sure about anything. I just want to be reassuring
19/M/Nigeria    I am alone I am a nobody I am me
22/M/Middle East    Ameture creative writer. Twitter @MMG0098
18/M    After several years of reading and appreciating poetry, I finally decided to write my own poems. My poetry anthology tells the story of my own ...
D Cole
20/M/In the in-between    Beautiful words never spoken
18/India    A sentient being experiencing the world
20/Non-binary/Between Earth and Hell    I pop a pomegranate seed, the flesh grows red, it trickles, I lap it up.
Natasha Monica
24/F    A lead role in a cage.
Jade Lima
Newmarket, Ontario    I could call you people out on your bullshit all fucking day, which I do. But that doesn't get any of you to use your ...
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