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Shivering deep inside,
the cold seeps through.
Losing concentration,
as asphyxia calls my name.
The water holds me tight,
Drawing me deep into the night.
That beautiful darkness,
peaceful and quiet.
Though cold,
it feels like home.
losing myself,
to you.
And so it starts again,
The deviation of my hopes.
From light to darkness.
They take, take and take.
With no remorse.
They cause me pain,
And act ignorant to their actions.
Like flies chasing dirt,
They follow without reason.
Never letting me have what I chose
Or even giving me the chance to.
To find happiness, peace
And love
Suffocating me in the cruel cycle that is pain.
Take you dagger
And stab my heart
When the pain is gone
Stab me again.
Again and again and again.
When you are done
Clean the wounds,
And erase the memories.
But the scars would always tell the story.
How you hurt me,
And how time can never heal scars.
From a broken heart.
Fragile like glass,
Tender as rain .
Beautiful like sunset,
Graceful as the Swan.
Her smile can heal the sick,
If the diseased is me.
But there's distance between us,
At least 10 feets.
A mountain to climb,
Up here in my mind.
My wings are damp,
And my leg are tired.
I cannot fly,
Neither can I run.
So would you help me up,
Close the distance as you walk.
Stretch your hand and take my heart.
Her eyes like stars staring through my soul,
Her lips painted purple, moves with angelic grace.
Her fingers gifts created by the gods,
A figure from my dreams.
Her voice though unheard by me,
I know it's the definition of beauty
What is her name?
Will I ever know
Will I be courageous enough,
To ask.
Or will I live with this regret for the rest of my life
Will her fragile and delicate frame
Hunt my dream
I do not know,
I really do want to talk
But I can't.
Cause she'll be the one that got away
Even before she came,
Close to me.
Is this what pain feels like
Is it a new emotion.
I know I have felt it before,
I know I have lost before.
But why does this feels different.
I know her not,
But why does her fading silhouette
Burn a hole through my heart.
Is this what pain feels like,
Is this a new emotion?
If it is, I never want to feel this way again.
You, love and I  is a lie
For if I were you, I wouldn't love me.
I wouldn't kiss me, the way you do
I wouldn't hold me, for fear of betrayal.
I would leave me because I know that I would leave you
I would love another man the same way I love another girl.
But I'm not you
And you don't know me, as well as you think you do
That is why,
You foolishly love me, with all your heart
And I betray you in the blink of an eye.
Showing you the truth,
That love is truly a lie
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