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I want to explore
I want to be lost
I want to run
To Feel my heart, beat,
Pounding in my chest
To live without regret
To be happy
That is what I desire
If our worlds do collide
Somewhere deep in the sky
My angel dressed in Saint Laurent
Will you call me
Will you call me

When our inner thoughts collide
Somewhere deep within the night
A fragile girl dressed all in white
Will call your name
And say her vows
Adapted from a "Mute-the-kid" song
Our love is a silent story
No words, no letters
Just you and I.
Rain will come as the seasons change.
Butterflies dance watching my memories fade.
Know I chase not your love, but the thought of you
A heart given away, broken and fixed with glue.
Left alone to collect dust
The shattered fragments of us.
Healing is a distant land
And I remain buried in the sand
If love is war, I'm still fighting.
If love is war, I'm still trying.
And if love is war I might be dying
Broken inside, but I won't give up the fight
A piece from my song
To a very special girl
I know I'm losing the fight
But I'm still gonna try
If Love is war
I'm losing the Battle
To win the war
Forgotten, broken, mourned.
Remembered, fixed, celebrated.
Some stay forgotten,
Some always on mind.
Some forgotten to be remembered,
And I remembered to be forgotten.
Wisdom Osikwemhe Aug 2022
When I was little
The world felt so big,
And I so small.
But now, I am older
The world feels small
And I even smaller
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