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18/F/Canada    rediscovering my favourite form of self-expression.
if your wings are broken, you can use mine
New Delhi, India    every breeze touching the face of sand is filled with longing and satisfaction extracted from tumultuous sea and from sunburnt repose of tranquil souls © ...
M/North Carolina   
Joseph Rice
32/M/Virginia    Been writing for a while. Not sure if I'm any good.
17/F    “We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out” - Winston Churchill
18/F/PH    ― a collection of excerpts, proses & poetry.
Caroline Ward
23/F    An assortment of my thoughts
David P Carroll
M/Ireland    David P Carroll Poems All Poetry is copyrighted to David P Carroll under a Dublin and European Union court of law. Was on TV ...
114/where am i?    i don't know what i am . other than . an old and broken soul
18/F/California    I write whatever I want to.
37/M/London    I am London based Poet who writes about mental health awareness and emotional situations. I try to deconstructs human behavior in an attempt to illustrate ...
Purgatory    My dreams, my dreams! What has become of their sweetness? What indeed has become of my ardent youth?
Splashes of Surreal
25/M/New Delhi, India    When a new planet swims into his ken; Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes He star'd at the Pacific—and all his men Look'd ...
Anais Vionet
20/F/U.S.    Yale university junior with a horrible pizza addiction.
Moon    Welcome to the Moon, my cherries
20/F/Minnesota    I’m a sucker for love as much as I am a fool in love. I follow who follows me; you support me, I support you
F/Where the heart is    I have loved before. Crushed even much more so. I stopped believing in love and you came and never gave up. You sat with me ...
Midnight Rain
ships that pass in the night, and speak each other in passing, only a signal shown, and a distant voice in the darkness.
26/F/usa    mythology mess, aspiring poet / gamer, stargazing, vegan, goth, cold weather, book lover, just another star trying to feel whole again.
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