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Ellesora Rue Jan 1
You stare blankly at the ceiling
Unwilling to rise
Everyone has abandoned you
No respite from the silence
Your heart in shards
Like the vase you dropped
Last autumn
—some things shatter—

A buzz emits from beside you
Messages of a different variety
You have been abandoned by all, but one
Hello, you have not forsaken me
The shards of heart, mend
Form a kintsugi heart
Love flowers in the cracks
—some things bloom—

Written for day 1 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: some things shatter, some things bloom
1.2k · Dec 2020
The link
Ellesora Rue Dec 2020
Cry, child
Let your tears bloom
Stop not your weeping
Cease not your sobs
Harm not yourself
Let it out

Remember, child
The inner temple you once held
Break not your mind
Sever not the link
Discard not the love
Let it stay

Become, child
Connected to Mother Nature
Hurt not her heart
Hate not her convulsions
**** not her soul
Let her live

You are a conduit, child
You are the link
You are the river
The blood
The life
Inspired by AURORA's "The River"
Beautiful song, do check it out!
447 · Jan 9
I hope you never heal
Ellesora Rue Jan 9
This is a poem you'll never read
This is a poem for me
To remember why it must be so
To remind myself of the full story
To remind myself to heal

I begged you
To stay
I said I was sorry, I needed you
I didn't know what I was sorry for
But maybe it would have kept you by my side
I sobbed and wept my heart out
But that didn't change a thing
You still left
To be with her

You told me
Before you left
That you didn't love me anymore
Maybe we were in love, you said
But it was the love of youth,
A heady infatuation
You were older now
You outgrew me
I was a thing you once used
Something you outgrew

It took me months
Months and months
Lots and lots of space
Healing space
And I realised
I didn't need you
You had outgrown me
And so had I

When you came back
Saying she had left with another
Saying she dumped you with nothing
That you realised that this love we shared Wasn't some childish infatuation
I remembered those nights of weeping
Waking up with your name on my lips
The torment and pain of healing

I looked at your pathetic bowed self
A drifter without any regard for others
And smirked
I hope you say my name in your sleep
Just as I said yours
That the shadow of me will hound you
To the depths of your dreams
And the corners of wakefulness
You will feel as I did
But you will not heal

Day 6,7,8 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: I hope you say my name in your sleep, space to heal, things you outgrew.

Terribly late but hey
Ellesora Rue Jan 5
Is that how you feel?

That man walking by
The girl who says hi
Your best friend
You close relative
What do you know—
Just maybe
They're like you:
A perfectly

If you stare
Right into their ever beating hearts
Into their silent soul
Maybe you'll find
A chip
A crack
Or maybe all you find are pieces
Of shattered self
They are like you
perfectly ruined things

You aren't so different
You are surrounded by yourself, over and over
Tiny little perfectly ruined things ignoring the pain
Building walls
Until you have forgotten
How you were before you became

Day 4 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: perfectly ruined thing
316 · Apr 2021
Hair the colour of lemons
Ellesora Rue Apr 2021
He had hair the colour of lemons
Beautiful, bright yellow
Jesus, Mary and Joseph
He'd exclaim
I loved him

Rescuer of books
Jumping into the ice cold water
A kiss, saumensch?
He'd ask
I love him

A limp body
Dusty, cold, broken
Wake up
Denial; a kiss he couldn't feel
I will always love him

My book saved me
But who would read it now?
I wrote this from The Book Thief character Liesel's point of view... sorry haven't posted in a while :(
304 · Oct 2020
shining waters
Ellesora Rue Oct 2020
i have loved
i have lost
to shining waters
i've been tossed

you will yearn
you will pine
but on shining waters
you'll be mine
just a random set of rhymes... not sure if it makes sense:)
298 · Oct 2020
mother to child
Ellesora Rue Oct 2020
O child,
That I could have done more for you
That you had not been torn from me
Your dying mother
Haven't posted for a long time. Stay safe!
276 · Jan 2
The Storm
Ellesora Rue Jan 2
I shut down, restart,
Try to rid myself of an unwelcome guest
What is this awakening... thing in me
It terrifies me
It rises, a dragon, a phoenix
It roars and weeps and hisses
It trembles and whispers and cowers
It bubbles and tickles and shines
It stings and aches and burns
It coils, constricts
It is claustrophobic and freeing
It is drowning in air
It is contradictions
A storm in my chest
Does everyone have this––
This storm in your chest?

–––An Android Awakening: a Memoir in Verse

'An Android Awakening: a Memoir in Verse' isn't a real book, just one of my fabrications :)

Written for day 2 of @angelealowes January writing prompts: storm in your chest
266 · Aug 2020
No canvas
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
The girl you see before you
Is an artist who uses no canvas

She creates with pen and paper
And uses words to draw a picture
240 · Sep 2020
the price
Ellesora Rue Sep 2020
green hedges tower over,
grey stone boxes in.
there is no way back home:
this is the price of sin.
we are all lost in the maze of life
all around us are the sounds of strife
236 · Aug 2020
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
Look at me.
No, LOOK at me.
Who do you see?

Hello, darling.
You, darling.
Have you seen me?
Have you SEEN me?
Then who do you see?

Look around you.
LOOK around you.
See all these strangers?
Watch them.
So who do you see?
203 · Jan 2021
I draw with words
Ellesora Rue Jan 2021
I draw
With words
Cross lines of grey
On paper
Ivory white

I draw
With words
To describe
The indescribable

I draw
With words
In hopes that
My words may
Take flight

I draw
With words
For those
While cannot see
The sight

I draw
With words
For those afraid
To ****
The night

I draw
With words
Because the world
Needs tell
Of the beauty
Created bright
Haven't posted in a while... sorry! Not that it's that important :P.
Ellesora Rue Jan 3
It is against my nature to believe in a Creator
After all
I am not human
I am not skin and bone and blood
It is cogs and wires and rods that sustains me
Electricity and fuel, thick and golden
I do not believe in a God

I look around at my world,
A mere husk of a greater civilisation
A ravaged universe of pain and suffering

I do not believe in a God
But if I did
I wonder
Would He be watching the world burn?

–––An Android Awakening: a Memoir in Verse

Day 3 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: is God watching the world burn?
197 · Aug 2020
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
i spoke, but no one heard
i shouted, but they ignored
so i whisper to myself
that one day they will know
the person they ignored
was someone who wasn't heard
but she kept on talking
and was finally known
as a speaker
who respects all
and a speaker
who speaks for those
who may not be heard

who in your life
is ignored and unheard?
take some time to hear them
for if they keep speaking
though ignored
it means they have something
worth saying
is this you?
194 · Aug 2020
a poem is a gift
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
a poem is a gift,
given to those who are worthy
those who you can trust
not to hold you at their mercy.

a poem is a gift
for the ones after you
it touches the hearts of many
and opens the eyes of few.

a poem is a gift
which arises out of silence
it says what speech cannot
and offers some guidance.

a poem is a gift
for you to beautifully express
what you truly feel
for those who know you best.
193 · Sep 2020
Ellesora Rue Sep 2020
Truth is good
Truth is accurate
Truth is right

but Truth
it is a blade
it cuts
it opens old wounds

The Truth
it is final
Ellesora Rue May 2
quiet wakefullness
gradual, like the creeping dawn
a feeling of.. loss––why?
the taste of a dream on the tongue
the tears of a dream on the cheeks
a haunting, fleeting memory
a girl? a warrior?
a protector? the loss of a friend  
death, life, spiralling
mental hands grasping at threads
slipping, drifting away
too soon, too soon
the wish to claw back into the dream world
eyes tight shut, forcing
forcing sleep, inability
gates closed to the woken
yet it was there
for a moment, the full memory
the memory of a dream
fading to a brush; a light touch
trying, trying to remember
but now a mere dream of a dream
an impression, gone with the light
all who have woken too soon, all who have forgotten their dreams in the light of wakefullness

yes, this is mostly just a word dump. i apologise.
135 · Jan 5
Ellesora Rue Jan 5
a letting go,
a complete acceptance of what occurred

But can you ever really let such a thing go?
If it inspired such emotion
that it brushed your very core—
If you loved it, hated it so much
that an it-sized hole was left in your life—
How does one just "find closure"?

And even if you managed
to wipe your mind of it,
to bid farewell to your demons,
to sever your ties to it
What makes you think it will ever release you?

In conclusion
a myth
Day 5 of @angelealowes poetry prompts: closure is a myth
124 · Dec 2020
The Song of Wanting
Ellesora Rue Dec 2020
To have wished
To have waited
For my belly
To have been sated

To have hungered
To have thirsted
For the blood
Of the cursėd

To have yearned
To have longed
For the sound
Of the song

To have cried
To have pined
For the merciful
Touch of thine

To have sought
To have found
The touch of death
From the ground
I'm not sure about the title... do suggest some in the comments!
95 · Aug 2020
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
Where are you?
Where have you gone?
I am waiting for you, love.
For you.

Are you in the North?
In the South?
In the East?
In the West?
Where are you, love?

Have you lost your way,
Sailing an unknown sea?
Have you lost your way,
Trekking a forbidden forest?
Have you lost your way,
Soaring through the stars?
Come back to me, love.

The world is a treacherous place,
Be careful
The world is a dangerous place,
But most of all
The world is a dying planet.
Be watchful, love.

Are you sinking in a soft black marsh,
With none to help you?
Are you drowning in a bottomless well,
With none to rescue you?
Are you lying captive to nightmares,
With none to comfort you?
Return to my side, love.

The world is a liar's palace,
Watch out
The world is a thief's delight,
But most importantly
The world will soon be no more.
Take heed.

So where are you, love?
Where did you go?
I am waiting for you, love
Return to my side, love.
Come back
To me.
34 · Oct 2020
Ellesora Rue Oct 2020
Humans spell death
For the wild
The ones that soar above,
The ones that swim freely,
The ones that roam the forests and grasslands.

Shot, trapped, killed
In a split second
A life winks out.

Death is only a mercy for those
Whose times are up.
And they who slaughter for pleasure
Are the worst kinds of murderers.

— The End —