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Miriam Jul 2021
All I thought I knew before
Comes crashing down to the floor
Everything about you that kept me awake Doesn’t even matter now I know your fake
All the feelings I felt for you
Have melted away if only you knew
Was it all for nothing you kept on bluffing
left me with questions and distrust
Oh you Shut me out without a doubt
Now I just want to scream and shout
Left me numb and you played dumb
But I ain’t dumb I know who u really are
Think you can carry on leaving scars
When will it all come to an end
How many more people will have to mend
You think it’s all harmless fun baby
Well don’t think you can ever harm me
But you play a dangerous sick game
And how many will take the blame
For something that only you did
Called you out but then you hid
What a coward that covered
Up everything in lies  
Another of your efforts dies
So don’t you ever think you can come back
Whoever you pretend to be I ain’t talking.fact
You make me sick and I’m sick of feeling this
So glad I walked away when you wanted me to stay
Just know we know the secrets you kept
So be careful where you once stepped
we ain’t gonna stop fighting for justice yet
Don’t think you deserve this song for you
But people deserve to know what you do
Sometimes in life we meet toxic people and let them trick us with lies but you have got to push through and once you are out the other side you now have a story to tell to help others so they don’t have to go through the same
Miriam Jul 2021
She finds it hard to open up
Because of all the scars people have cut
But when she gains that trust
The love she gives will be more than enough
She finds it easy to act tough
Because her road has been so rough
But if she receives kindness
Then she will give back nothing less
Latest piece I’ve been working on more to come soon sometimes people try to cover their pain with other emotions and act all tough but no one may know what they have had to go through so always be kind
Miriam Jul 2021
Cause we are still young
And bitter words rolled off our tongues
No one will ever know
Because they’ve seen us high not low
But did you really have to go
A short line from a song me and my friend have written about pressing restart in a relationship or getting over someone who did u wrong
Miriam Jul 2021
Cause sometimes in life
You gain it all when get one chance
Then lose it all on a fake romance
Go through all of the pain
Only to learn all loves the same
Sometimes we waste our life chasing after a fake romance or someone we don’t deserve and lose sight on what we really want so remember you deserve better you deserve to build a life for yourself not for others
Miriam Jun 2021
And the sad thing was she had felt nothing but pain for so long that when she finally started healing again she questioned the feeling of happiness
Another version of my latest piece -healing sometimes we have felt pain for so long we don’t know the feeling of happiness but then we heal
Miriam Jun 2021
And the sad thing was that she had felt pain for so long that when she finally started healing she questioned what the feeling was
Sometimes we question why or what we are feeling because we are so used to feeling a certain way
Miriam Jun 2021
Like fire on ice
You burn into me
Melting my cold heart
Yet time becomes frozen
When you ignite that spark
Within my icy Dead Sea
Who is it that ignites your spark find someone who brings warmth to your life
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