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I think I've caught a case of synesthesia,
because I'm feeling a hue.
Normally I only see in colors,
but today I'm feeling blue.

It tastes sad and salty.
I hope it's fleeting like the flu.
Maybe it's an allergy?
Or perhaps I'm just missing you.
 May 2019 Philomena
Turn their fate into fear
Dabble in the arts trickery
Shout out those who shout at others
And never leave your heart with another
 May 2019 Philomena
And as drops of blue drip down her cheeks
Bearing the weight of a deeper loss
She notices a hidden reflection within them
That she, herself, forgot to love
 Apr 2019 Philomena
I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.

She becomes lost within the song,
And dances with her memories.

Her voice, their song.  
The song they sang together.

A beat my heart will never forget,
and a dance she will cherish forever.

I see joy in her eyes,
She remains blind to the pain in mine.

A song that cuts so deep.
The hurt it brings she must never know.

I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.
 Apr 2019 Philomena
 Apr 2019 Philomena
i know we all have a purpose
in this world
i know that you have to have darkness
in order to have light
but i’ve been in the dark for so long
if there’s one thing
i want to know
it’s if this suffering
will be worth it
because a life without meaning
isn’t what i’m living for
i wish i could just look in to the future to see if this will all make sense eventually
 Feb 2019 Philomena
Hidden Glace
When you read this...
Remember you're loved.
You're here for a reason.

Talk to someone you haven't in a month or two.
Take them out to dinner.
Tell them something you never shared with them.
Let them know you care about them.

One day,
when you're feeling down
and broken

they might just be there for you too.
 Dec 2018 Philomena
Ian Fineman
Is there a chance,
To douse all my tears,
To show all my friends,
My doubts and my fears,

Is there a chance,
That they will all care,
Or will they just call,
Say, "life is not fair",

Is there a chance,
Of a life of pain,
Will I resent to,
All of their disdain,

Is there a reason,
To cherish my life,
When all that I feel,
Is anger and strife.
Wow, that... Got a lot darker than I intended. But what can you do right?
 Dec 2018 Philomena
Bea Autumn
Can I wander thru your mind

Then travel down your spine

dropping into your heart

Feel all your emotions

Deep in your soul in slow motion

Ponder in pools of love there

Its there that I know

We've lose all control

Overwhelmed still lost inside

Our love we cannot hide
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