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Ian Fineman Sep 2020
A ribbon,
Adrift in the breeze
My hand goes to catch it
It trembles and flees

It dances about,
Floating on air,
But where the wind takes it,
I can't follow it there,

So fly far away,
Where I can't remember,
And leave from my side,
In this cold dark december.
Ian Fineman May 2020
The answer to my fears,
The night,
I lay awake with tears,

The question left unasked,
The night,
Character left unmasked.
Ian Fineman May 2020
Lost in the sea,
Turn out the lights,
Whisper to me,

Follow my heart,
Lead me astray,
Never apart,

Can you hear me,
Can you see me,
Can you say my name,

What's in a message,
A moment,
A brand new day
Ian Fineman Feb 2020
Drowning in the pain,
The memory of youth,
The kindness of the name,
And echoing in truth,

Followed from the ashes,
The whispers of a lie,
The name that wishes everything,
Where secrets go to die.
Ian Fineman Feb 2020
In darkest night,
In deepest cold,
Away the shadow,
Deepest fear,

In growing stillness,
Dying breath,
Live this truth,
Of my caress.
Ian Fineman Jan 2020
Hands tremble,
Mouth's dry,
Words escape me,
When and why?

Body quivers,
Nerves don't stop,
Where'd they go,
Why'd I stop?

All I want,
It all escapes,
Why go on,
Caught on tape?
Ian Fineman Jan 2020
I spread the whisper,
I've barely a whimper,

The pain and the tears,
The loss and the fear,

The lies and the hurt,
Lying on the dirt,

The care and the love,
My brother.
I wrote a few months ago, but I never published it for some reason. Anywho, that makes two tonight. Have fuuuuun!
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