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  Jan 12 Kaya Garcia
noren tirtho
Time doesn't heal.
And the wound knows it.
Layers gather on the ****
but the damage remains,
hiding itself deep inside
the secret scar
time healing wound layers damage hidden secret scar
  Jan 12 Kaya Garcia
i ran out of energy
a long time ago
but it hasn't been until now,
that i cannot go any further

running out of happiness
running out of hope and faith
running out of people
running out of the love i give and get

it seems so useless to live on
when i've run out of everything
that gives me purpose,
that gives me pain
  Jan 12 Kaya Garcia
tanvi sharma
oh! what it would feel like to be understood for once;
if your mom understood its frustrating to live up to her expectations;
if your dad got you don't want to do everything according to his rule book ;
if your parents knew that the swollen hand print on your back will not make you think the way they do;
if they understood that embarrassing their children doesn't act as a motivation;
if they said what will make you feel better about your already pathetic personality;
if they got the little things,and were the ones that made you feel better,instead of the ones that made your eyes pour .
parents are an important part of our lives and i believe that the way we are raised shapes our personality to a great extent. there were a few  details i picked up from different movies and series that made me write this one.
We're almost touching.
we were walking side by side,
you're talking about cabs in your hometown.
I can feel the gravity of your hand, calling my fingers
whispering "it's alright."

We're touching but not quite.
you held my shoulder to protect me from the passing cars.
and for the first time in a long while, I felt so fragile.
In this world where I find it hard even to breathe,
you believed me.

I almost said it.
All I need is one ounce of strength to tell you every single thing that I have ever felt about you.

I want to find home in your collarbones.
Would you be kind enough to let a stranger in?
I want to seep in your being because I'm cold.
The world is harsh and my cracks are aching.

Please don't ever become a stranger,
whose laugh I can recognize anywhere.
You're nervous
A bit of a wreck
But you never fail to smile at yourself when you mess up
As you always do

You're damaged
That much is clear
But your smooth laugh puts the whole room at ease
No matter how scarcely it surfaces

You've been hurt by everyone
Yourself included
But you'd rather die
Than put someone down
Because you truly believe every achievement is worth all the stars in the sky

You're quiet
Sometimes it's a little annoying
But who can blame you
You mean no harm

You're self conscious
I mean arent we all
But you put everyone else back together so they cant resist to love themselves a little more
No matter how much
This stupid

Hate yourself
I have cried
So many times,
Hidden and silent.

I have stared
At nothingness,
Felt my heart breaking.

I have waited
For so many calls
From you that never came.

I have believed
Everything that you said
I guess some weren't true.

I have been left
By you waiting for
The things you said you'd do

I broke my heart again,
Because I thought, finally,
I'll stop being used by you
Looks like I'm gonna have to sleep
Hoping I'll feel less sad when I wake up.
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