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Shi Em Jan 6
and i shall live today
with a more grateful heart,
so that every moment
may turn out to be
the best part.
Inspired from a song called Best Part by one of my favorite band - DAY6.
Shi Em Jan 4
but you didn't have to love me,
i just wanted you
to at least respect me enough
to stop pretending that you do.
Shi Em Jan 4
but you have found a home
in someone else's arms,
and I was nothing but a stopover -
before you found your way back to her.
Shi Em Dec 2019
and then the scars -
they fade away
in the morning.
but deep inside,
everything is still there.
Shi Em Oct 2019
and even if this is
the calm before the storm,
i'd still be glad and grateful,
because i had a day like this,
a day like this.
Shi Em Sep 2019
and after everything,
and even despite anything,
you still have every right to be happy.
remember that.
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