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Where do I go when the house don't feel like home
Who do I call when I've pushed away my own
When will I trust the people of this earth
How do I allow myself to learn my own self worth
Why can I answer others questions but never my own
And where do I go when the house don't feel like home
Ivy Davenport Apr 2020
my heart was a pocket watch
you made me tick

when you threw me away
now the buttons don't click

you carried me everywhere
I served best as I could

holding on to your side
my shine always stood

one trip down the *****
and down the clock went

hit the floor hard
my gears being spent

my hands froze at midnight
still stuck on a dream

my watchman was never
the man that he seemed
Ivy Davenport Apr 2020
you see something wise
copy and paste
what a surprise
you may have good taste
copyright, plagiarize
not your own words
look how you summarize
trying to be heard
if you want to write poetry
then by god do so
but don't steal from others
its ink that you owe
ya'll dont know who im talking about... but almost every poem ive read of theirs are pintrest picture quotes... come on... be real
Ivy Davenport Apr 2020
if you close your eyes
you can find them

cause when you close your eyes

there's only you
Ivy Davenport Apr 2020
if my soul was a rose-bush

there would be petals on the floor

swept away on the wind

leaving hollowed thorns behind
Ivy Davenport Apr 2020
I've captured
my feelings
placed them
in a glass bottle
and thrown them
into the sea
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