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Liam Mar 20
Rapidly accelerating,
The atmosphere fighting back.
Wheels-a-turning and foward straighting,
The turbo then starts to attack.

Adrenaline, the vessels pulsating.
The heart is swelling, the fear-a-breaking.

Never was such an intoxi-rush
Than with a motor's forward push.
Liam Mar 17
In these ugly times, my words reflect the nature.
Beauty is to be found, but it will be found later.
Like the hard-headed flower at the cusping of the spring,
My petals will soon open and sweet nectar it will bring.
Liam Mar 17
No, I don't love some of my family.
And I don't think you should judge me.
Has your sister ever left her kids behind and left the country?
Has your niece ever cried because she doesn't have a mummy?
But she does.
The fact is that her mum is just a ******.
Has your mother ever packed all of your clothes into a case?
Told you
"Let's go Liam we're leaving here before they wreck the place".
She said that to my ******* face, I was just seven years of age.
I was so confused but it was normal to me at that stage.
Smoking spice had mummy's head a different way each passing day.
She was breaking down in tears and flying into a blind rage.
Hallucinating clowns and I would believe what she'd say.
Now my nieces and nephews must be feeling a next way.
Because their mum's not a spice head,
She just up and ran away.
What can I say?
How can I explain to them the truth?
That their mum's a ******* selfish **** that needs a ******* boot.
And my mum's a former spice head that don't care about the youth.
And all their selfish behaviour has this huge impact on you.

I need to fill myself up.
Because right now I'm feeling hollow.
I can't even get to sleep at night
Don't want to face tomorrow.
Don't want to look in these kids' faces and to see the bitter sorrow.
Cause their mum ain't coming back.
And they'll still love her tomorrow.
Liam Mar 17
I'm spending time thinking about my auntie Lisa again
Man, I swear, the fact she died still hasn't touched my brain
Sometimes she's the only person I feel that I could relate to
The other half of my brain is telling me she would hate you
Cause I haven't really always done the right thing
And now when I speak to certain family, it's just fighting
I remember she bought me a bike and brought me cycling
And I found it so strange that she would do me such a nice thing

But that's what family's for
And I had rarely felt that feeling
But if it wasnt for my auntie Val I probably wouldn't be eating
If it wasnt for my uncle Tom I'd probably be on the streets and
If I didn't have that family then I probably wouldn't be breathing
Liam Feb 2020
My innocence now, seems stronger than ever.
The more I understand of this world, the less I can make sense of it.
Curiosity seemingly coded into us...
Is it human?
Or is it universal?
Does the Sun too, ask itself why it burns so brightly, when it has no real reason to at all?
Not in this life anyway.
Liam Feb 2020
I live a synthetic life.
Fabricated are my thoughts.

My feelings are plastic;
Brittle, though they are strong.

I can feel however I want to feel
And do whatever I like.
This, my friend, is the beauty
Of living a synthetic life.

It's why if I would like to speak with god,
I may do it lysergically.
And it's why I've never felt an ounce of pain,
Not even during surgery.

If I want to be the king,
I don't even need a throne.
All I need is a tiny bit of powder up my nose.
And with the pills that I may buy
With my synthetic money.
I may feel synthetic love,
Even alone;
How funny.
Liam Jul 2019
Trying to smoothen out the edges
On a jagged surface of Jade.
I will cut myself if I am not careful;
This girl is as sharp as a blade!

She's vicious and she's charming,
In the most enchanting way.
If Jade asked, with love, to cut my throat,
With love, I would die today.

The moon, it seems to steal its shine
From the eyes of my sweet Jade.
When I'm with Jade, and day turns to night,
The sunlight appears not to fade.
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