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893 · Jan 12
Grace Jan 12
Compromise feels
only like my complete demise;
I am solely right.
"Our battles were epic and one-sided." Lol Scout, same.

Part 2 of the Her Haiku's collection.
P.s, anybody know how to italicize text?

Compromise always in my head was like: Calm-promise. Maybe I should call this one that instead and stop having a conversation with myself down here in the grey words. Sorry the cringey poet is out right now. Nobody worry, I'm as just as sane as Luna.
621 · Apr 29
the girl and her avocado
Grace Apr 29
she likes to draw
and paint
and she likes her avocadoes.

she is afraid of the dark
avoids people in the park
and she likes her avocadoes.

her hair is copper blond
and this girl is ever fond
of green ripe avocadoes.

she has more fluorite
and lepidolite
than avocadoes,

but man oh man
does she love avocadoes.
and she really wants water right now.

hehe she told me to write this - prompted by 'I want mangoes' by shamamama
613 · Apr 19
Grace Apr 19
I am afraid of change -
it's so relative, so hard to prepare for.
I might like it better if it came less frequently,
if it waited just a day more so I could enjoy myself in the thicket of catkins.
Or gave me a notice so that I'd know it would be goodbye.

Spring comes again next year, I know this. But too fast we move on from the mourning of Winter. Slow your sunshine, pull the winds back, give me one last song of sorrow before you forget about her and move on.

Like we always do, always moving on, leaving it in the dust.
Take a breath first so I can at least let it go.
Grace Apr 21
there is no room
on the moon
when you're floundering
in doom.

there is no reason
for the season
to stay
for your treason.

there is no way
I'd deny
I'm in love
when you cry.
i hate that you hurt though dear
449 · Jan 29
Grace Jan 29
I've never been drunk
on alcohol before.
But I have been drunk.
424 · Mar 14
Grace Mar 14
I don't even know anymore.
I had this dream, it was peaceful
and when I woke up I knew it was just a dream.
But now that I think about it, it scares me.
What if...
what if it takes her?
368 · Feb 23
Daughters of Antipodes
Grace Feb 23
The destructive daughter
and the delicate one.

The blunt daughter,
and the passive one.

The rageful daughter
and the sad one.

The out burst daughter
and the collapse-in-on-itself one.

The always apologizing daughter
and the always receiving them one.

The destructive daughter
and the delicate one.
destructive - me
delicate - her

she is the moon and I the sun. And every month I leave her and run. That is why she becomes the new moon.
322 · Apr 4
It matters
Grace Apr 4
"I would've," she said.
"- but they were busy with someone else."
Drowning in six feet of water
isn't better than drowning in twenty feet of water.
Your troubles aren't invalid.
Call for a lifeguard and they'll come and help you to shore.
285 · Jan 18
Terrible French
Grace Jan 18
Je pense, soulement.
Je me souviens les jours de toi.
Pour quoi?
Je ne sais pas.
Je t'adore. Je sais que tu sais ça mais je dis-le anyhow.
I know it's all wrong. Pardon my French.
283 · Jan 29
Before the Crows Wake
Grace Jan 29
Before the crows wake
I'd better collect the light
the moon has left me.
Full moons are powerful. But I realized that the moon is always full. We just don't see it that way.
Grace Feb 12
when you're a star, watching a planet collapse in on itself … into dust, into nothing.
240 · Apr 23
Grace Apr 23
my hands shake when sunlight hits their stony surface
my heart picks up as if I ran away
away into the dust which settles
on these rusted empty kettles,
kettles that once brewed water
to garden a flower, called
199 · Jan 21
Grace Jan 21
I want to drink the moon
She has never given off such essence of purity.

Intoxicate me, won't you?
The night was stagnant as always.
I like the moon and her somehow lonely company.
173 · Apr 1
Grace Apr 1
I am selfish
she is selfless

guess who is deprived
172 · Apr 24
Grace Apr 24
set your own pace
beat yourself
try again
you can do it -
will do it
if you give yourself the right attitude.

how do you think all these flowers survive through late snow?
they shrivel up and begin dying
but don't give in.

and with their perseverance, the sun rewards them.
162 · Feb 24
words from a happy girl
Grace Feb 24
why is it
that inspiration only befriends me
when happiness has not?
only inspired when I'm not happy. and I'm not inspired.
153 · Feb 20
Grace Feb 20
I wonder,
do birds love each other,
or is it just a people thing?
Is it contagious like a yawn?
136 · Jan 25
Where I'm From
Grace Jan 25
I am from
the old brick house at the bottom of a hill;
from a small, sunny backyard;
that twilight taste of cigarette smoke from my neighbour.

I am from midnight walks through the park,
snow angels in the snow,
a house among the trees and hide-and-go-seek on rooftops.

I am from lots of bed time stories,
another one, mommy. Please?
Sitting on the staircase, contemplating whether I should ask to sleep with them because the monster scared me away.

I am from cousins and sleepovers in the summer-shed;
swinging for hours in their living room;
playing minecraft way longer than we should have;
from tag in the woods and more hide and seek down by the creek.

I am from waiting in my room 'till midnight just to make sure he got home safe and sound.
I am from watching the smoke from chimneys in the night,
from thinking that the park was on fire.

Going to twenty different places,
seeing oceans and mountains and adventures,
missing them.

From my first ballet class (and hating it),
from all those competitions and ribbons and costumes,
promising it was my last year every time and finally regretting it when it really was.

I am from going to Grandpa's house everyday after school.
I remember him in his rocking chair, with the cat in his lap, treats waiting our arrival.
He doesn't sit there any longer.

I am from wishing and watching and waiting for nothing.
I am from piles of paper and journals hidden in the corners of my room, scattered with words and memories.

I am from my sister. My mother. My father.

I am from flowers and forget me nots and daisies and lupins.
From the books on my shelves, half of them unread.

I am from staring at my ceiling fan, asking God what was wrong with me.
I am from my Black Book, where those heavy feelings linger.

From those first two weeks of quarantine, reading so much I actually couldn't see properly. And not regretting it at all.

I am from denial, denial, denial was the truth.
But hey, Grace, it's sitting right there in front of you.
Might as well embrace it.

I am from being the sentimental one.
Keeping those shoes that don't fit because I wore them on my trip.
I am from almost diving in too deep.


I am from letting go. From love. From memories.
But where I'm from, is letting go.
I've re-written this too much. I get an idea and then when I write it I can't think of anything. But anyway, here is where I'm from. For edn.
128 · Apr 27
spur of the moment
Grace Apr 27
nothing I can do, except
fall in love with you, and then
I'll be stuck inside the luck
of having you pretend that
you love me and you want me
even though you taunt me
nothing more could please me
if you would just believe me
I'm drowning in suppression
and I think I need suggestions
for I might just fall instead of fight
but give me wings and I'll take flight
122 · Jan 10
Star Lines
Grace Jan 10
You look for me in the stars,
but I am really in the space between.
I am not one star,
but the invisible lines that connect them
that create the constellation.
120 · Jan 10
Tea with 2 milk
Grace Jan 10
I sip away my sorrows
by drowning them in the heat of my tea
and pay better attention to the nice warm feeling of it sinking to the bottom of my stomach
rather than think about the stranger that wouldn't look away
114 · Jan 26
here's to all of you
Grace Jan 26
today, i dont want to do anything. just stay in the dark living room in my pj's and read some of your poetry.

too bad i also did that yesterday.

this site has so many nice people on it who are so supportive for everyone. love you all
Grace Jan 14
What is it you want?
Absent-mindedly pick them
to better decide.
"I love him, I love him not..."
Well, I love flowers so stay away from them.

Part 3 of my Her Haiku's collection.
104 · Jan 11
Grace Jan 11
I think myself tall
compared to all below me.
I've never looked up.
- I in Latin is ego -

Part 1 of my haiku collection.
101 · Feb 20
The Night After
Grace Feb 20
I like every phase;
I like every wane and wax.
The pale glow of a night sky lit by her.
Her mellow halo of sun and starlight,
reflecting back what is given to her.
Turning the harsh heat into light.
I so badly want the Moon to kiss me with her dim, delightful glow.
I am her daughter, after all
I admire her every phase, especially the night after the full moon. The Night After.
96 · Feb 23
Grace Feb 23
Some are poisonous,
but only when they bite you.
Only when you make them.
pfft what it's not like I'm slytherin or anything...
95 · Apr 29
the fox
Grace Apr 29
in your eyes
a monster lies;

in your smile
a steep beguiled

in your hair
flames that flare
and cease.

in your mind
what will I find?
an ever delicious

and in your song
a siren call,
a melody ever
94 · Jan 19
Grace Jan 19
I've never known you,
but I've passed you many times.
I envy how easy you make it seem.
I wish you'd notice me.
I -
never mind.
I really don't know what I'm doing anymore.
84 · Jan 17
Metamaids and Merphors
Grace Jan 17
I used to be happy
Ignore the heavy things.
Tread and tread and pretend that nothing was below me.

But there are things that lurk.
Monsters and darkness.
While I sank, I sung out about how well I could swim.

And then she was sinking
And I learned how to swim
But I never taught her.

Just keep swimming
I tell her.
soon enough the mermaids will scare them away
I hope she believes me.
I hope she is strong enough to withstand the wretched currents.
I love you. I hope that is enough.
Please keep swimming because soon enough the mermaids WILL come.
81 · Jan 10
Inner Strength
Grace Jan 10
You appear so frail and delicate,
but beneath your pretty petals are your thorns.
For my sis; she is a delicate flower who forgets that she has thorns too. Sometimes it's better not to give yourself away just to make others bleed though, and I forget that sometimes.
81 · Jan 21
Grace Jan 21
When you sing,
the wind responds
against my shoulders;
a lasting ring.

An echo
coming from the empty surface
of the Ocean.
A voice, capturing a soul
too weak to resist such melancholy.
She has desolation hidden in the hollow harmony:
the broken spell has me wanting it more.

I take a step into mellow waters,
salt sticking to my skin,
burning my eyes,
fulfilling her command.
Soon the Ocean's at my neck,
my chin,
lingering above my parted lips.
I hesitate,
wait for her song to call once more.
The water floods in.
I am suffocating,
but I want to.

It's such a peaceful thing,
watching the sky disappear above you.
I was sinking to the bottom
of a hungry abyss.
Inspired by The Siren, a novella by Kiera Cass.
77 · Feb 10
Grace Feb 10
a little revelation.
where did my mind go when i left my heart in the car?
i let my mind wander a little too far.
where were my good intentions, i forgot them at home.
leaving my pride and my bad ones alone.
it got to my mind, and when it came back
my heart found the remnants and then it turned black;
but sense came along and pulled them off their throne,
and brought them back to my good intentions at home.
I forgot about love and only liked the white noise for a while.
68 · Apr 29
freedom fighters
Grace Apr 29
one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.
I don't know why but I love this quote. It is the fine line, a description of all humanity, I think. Everyone is different and has different beliefs, so one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist.

at least we can acknowledge that now.
64 · Jan 21
The Mere Idea
Grace Jan 21
I read this thing, it said something like:
I thought I was falling in love with you but I was actually just falling for love.
How that relates to me is crazy.
I fell for love, the idea of love.
And according to Atticus,
"Ideas were dangerous things to fall for."
Loving love gets lonely when there isn't redamancy.
63 · Jan 29
Teaching me
Grace Jan 29
I saw a world you
didn't know existed.
And yet, here you are,
teaching me.
62 · Jan 22
Grace Jan 22
Such a naïve little thing.
She knows not what she wants,
but she enjoys the butterflies of Spring.
Perhaps when she grows up,
she'll find out how they go into
young and naïve/ignorance is bliss/magic in childhood
62 · Feb 24
I'll be in love
Grace Feb 24
I'll be in love when I can dance in front of them as if I was alone.
Grace Apr 28
hello children.
our lesson today will be on patience.
she is like fire when you try and touch her
but once you have some
it burns for a while.
forgot about patience today. sorry, ma fleur
58 · Jan 14
So much
Grace Jan 14
I've spent
years of tears
and now I'm broke.
But, my darling,
it's not worth so much
if it cost you all that anyway.
Tears are so crucial and this poem isn't saying they aren't. It's just, you deserve something more if you're at cause to cry tears of pain all the time... at least with what I know.
55 · Feb 12
new and unimproved
Grace Feb 12
in a silent house

i hear her crying,
him dying,
and the dead ladybugs flying.
55 · Feb 13
Grace Feb 13
too high and you die
too down and you drown
too carless and you lose
too careful and you choose.
54 · Jan 10
September Jane
Grace Jan 10
September Jane,
all but plain
standing in
the pretty rain.

Her hair is stained
with pretty rain;
umbrella left
atop the pane.

My sweet September,
do you remember
the pretty rain,
the dying embers?

The stories read
before bed,
the funny rhymes
you always said.

September Jane
where did you go?
I'll greet you when you come.

September Jane
you didn't know
it is the pretty rain you're from.
Je ne sais pas si c'est bon ou pas ... faites-le-moi savoir!
53 · Apr 29
Grace Apr 29
plastic bags hang beneath my tired eyes
but i got up this morning and i did it.
and i did it yesterday and i will do it tomorrow, and the next day too.
and i will keep on going even if the bags get darker and longer
and i want another five minutes of darkness and comfort.
i will not stop for nothing
and then one day i will wake up and i will have no purple eyes
because i am used to early mornings
and i won't want to sleep in
because i need the sunshine
and i will look back and be proud,
even if i skipped some days or slept in.
Because I did it. I did it. No one did this for me.

And trust me, everyone.
I promise that you can do it too.
you can do anything, even if your world is catching fire,
be the phoenix and renew from the ashes.
have a little hope and you will get there.
53 · Jan 30
Grace Jan 30
All of us are born.
Some live; others just exist.
We all die; some are.
Part 6 of Her Haiku's

We are all born. Some of us die before the heart stops beating, that is what I tried to capture in the last line.
Grace Jan 31
I love the water,
though I swim in murky tides.
Treading through the weeds.
Yes, another haiku. Part 7

I've been consciously pretending. For me, for them, for her. I was so happy and then it hit me like a murky tide. And yet I'm still pretending and it hurts to now.
50 · Jan 12
Grace Jan 12
I went in
the water was cool and healing
at first.
I saw the moon cry into her reflection,
she tried desperately to pull the tides away.
But foolish me;
I swam out,
practically asking the ocean to drown me,
I loved her cool caress on my skin.
My skin was like a midnight sky
full of stars.
I was lucky.
When I washed up on shore the next morning
I found out I was drunk on salt
the ocean left a desert of it out there.
48 · Jan 22
Grace Jan 22
A pretty little precipice as I look down.
Oops, I went over. I am going to drown.
I don't even know/
48 · Apr 4
Slow progress
Grace Apr 4
I feel bruised everywhere.
On my mind, in my mouth, on my body.
I've been figuratively punching myself,
and selfconciously depriving my bruises of the ice needed to heal.
Sorry hands, but I like the colour purple.
47 · Jan 16
Grace Jan 16
Is it unfair that I kept such a thing?
I should've warned you about how aggressive the waves are;
and reminded you that the morning after is a sea of flat waters.
47 · Apr 28
you got this
Grace Apr 28
getting there may be walking through fire, hot coals,
getting there may need your two favourite things taken away,
getting there may be harder than anything, anything,
and you may want to do anything but get there.

but take it from me,
it is paradise here,
and getting here feels so worth it.
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