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Khaniek Feb 2020
I’d rather not feel anything.
Thank you.
I thought, why not?
They are not all the same.
But it hurts the same.
And I’m over it all.
Khaniek Jan 2020
Simple truths..
I wanna hold you.
Kiss you.
Stare in your eyes.
I wanna hear you talk.
See you smile.
Rest my head on your chest.
I want to be near you, in the same room.
I’m interested..
But you are not.
I accept that.
Khaniek Aug 2019
I will be true to you.
The stars can't compare,
the sun won't be bright enough to light our days,
In heaven, in the void we'll soar deeper and deeper still.
To the you on the other side of fate,
waiting to hold my hand and caress my face,
To the you, waiting desperately to ******* lips, to blossom from that kiss.
I will be true.
I will save my love for you.
Only you..
Khaniek Aug 2019
let's sail,
Find strength in the wind.
Dream on the ship, I want to be carefree.

We could soar in their disbelief
but I already know you're not the one.
Why am I wasting my time,
I'm being lazy in love,
far too impatient..
Khaniek Apr 2019
I am impatient.
The time will come when you won't matter.
You'll be a stranger to me,
the sound of your name on their tongue will have no affect on my heart.
I am eager to forget everything that is you.

How did I let this happen?
Usually the guards would be up instead I left myself bare.

Like a broken record with no real message I repeat the same foolish message to anyone who is willing to listen.
If they don't hate you, they hate me because of you..

Soon you won't exist in my world and I am impatient..
Khaniek Mar 2019
He became more than I wanted him to be..

I don't love you, but I think of you every day. In fact, I think I hate you. You took from me what others have begged for. It's enough for me to hate you.
I would never say I love you. Because I don't.
I miss you.
I want to see you.
I want you next to me.
Still, I don't love you.

I want to understand, I really wish I could understand what happened but it doesn't matter anymore.
Karma is a ***** and then you die...
Khaniek Jul 2018
He, made a way with his soft words.
I couldn’t not listen.
You know that feeling right?
When his whisper moves slowly down your spine. That soft breeze.. yeah..
He, made sure that my thoughts and his were aligned. I mean he checked in you know?

I wanted to love, he made that happen.
There was a time when a smile would travel miles along my thighs and I couldn’t help myself..
I was ready for what was never going to happen.
It was just a smile..

He, wants more now.
More I am not willing to give..
More I am not capable of giving..
More I’m sure I don’t deserve.
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