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 Feb 2020 Khaniek
 Feb 2020 Khaniek

Why is it when I need you

You disappear

Ignored all of my messages

Ignore my cries for help

My cries for you

I get you've got problems too

But I am ALWAYS there for you

I drop everything for you

To help you

But when I' broken and hurting

You're gone

You say you're always there

Just call if you need me

And you always answer

But you're distant and harsh

What do i do if i don't have it in me to call

What if i cant talk through the tears

What if i just need you to answer your **** texts and see what's going on

I need you *******

I need your care

Your love

I need to know we still have a chance

That you're not just finding ways to pass time before you leave

I need to know you still want me

Cause lately it doesn't seem like you do

And it hurts like a *****

I can physically feel my heart breaking bit by bit

And you're still so distant

Saying you're ready

You just don't trust me

But I've given you every reason to trust me

Proved myself every day

And you just brush it away

So instead of talking to you like i want to

I write words for strangers in hopes it'll make me feel somewhat better

 Feb 2020 Khaniek
Shreya Ghosh
I love you
Doesn't mean I love you

It means your eyes
Are deep enough
For me to dive in
And trust the waters
To keep my secrets

It means your lips
Are never harsh upon me
And they make me happy
Every single time they open

It means your hands
Are with you always
Except when I call them
To hug me and leave traces on me

It means your ears
Never get tired of
What my lips convey
And never will , they respond

It means your heart
Has touched my heart
And they'll never get apart
Like they are in a hug for eternity

It means you are special
It means you are mine
So I can be possessive
And you'll say nothing
I can be jealous too
And you'll never see
My hand leave yours
Or our hearts leave the hug

You are mine
And you will remain mine
 Aug 2019 Khaniek
Gabrielle Isa
"No, it wasn't like that"
"Thats not how I remember it"
"I swear it wasn't me!"

So it was just your hands then.

Your hands that slipped under skirts
And ignored my whispers of 'Please Stop'.
Hands that felt me freeze up in horror
But continued their exploration.
Your hands that held me down while other hands
Tore away at my soul.
Those hands that ruined me.

So maybe then that's why,
Men may kiss me and lie that they love me
But I will never let them touch me.
Because in the lines of their palms
I see sleepless nights, tear soaked pillows
And a girl who couldn't understand why it was her fault
When the world decided to blame her.

I have learnt not to be afraid of men,
But a part of me will always fear their hands.
 Dec 2017 Khaniek
Gabrielle Isa
His "I love you" came swiftly.
Like the monsoon pouring down on a leaky roof
Those three words broke through my defences.
At first they were an ambrosia;
They sustained my life and our relationship.
At least for a short time.

Then "I love you" became an excuse;
For absences, and purpose-filled accidents.
And I ignored the warning signs, the flashing lights.
I pretended like "I love you" was enough...

...But it wasn't.
His "I love you"s were like band-aids on bullet wounds;
Like using play dough to fix cracks in concrete walls.
But I rationed our good memories,
I held on as tight as I could to our love
And watched as it slipped through my fingers.

His "I love you"s became poison
That seeped deep into my bones
And turned blue skies grey,
And turned light into darkness,
And slowly killed whatever semblance of love
I fooled myself into thinking we had left.
 Sep 2017 Khaniek
When nobody thought that your words
Were worth a dime  
still remember that
The world needs poets

When she lost her child
But still Clinging on her remains
and the once beauty eyes are now pale
and words stuck on her throat
You'll remember that
The world needs poets

When you got down on one knee
and the look on her face
rendered you speechless
You'll know that
The world needs poets

When the world is burning
democracy on trial
and your rights assumed
You'll wish that
The world knew a poet

When your heart bleeds
and memories suffocate you
cause every season is like winter without him
and a voice inside you asks
"did you think being a lover was easy"?
then you'll know that
Only a poet can answer that question

— The End —