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Kara Leigh Jun 2018
‘Everything hurts’ I had screamed

I’d never thought I would find love it had seemed

Except I didn't know that I would soon fall

He had loved me and I thought that was all

Until it was over and he had left

But what he didn't know was that it was my heart that he still kept.
Kara Leigh Jun 2018
“It hurts y’know” she said

I asked “what” as I laid on her bed

She gave me a sad smile

And I knew she had been sad for quite a while

She had gave a small laugh before she cried

And I realize with a sigh

She had fallen for the love of a lie
Kara Leigh Jun 2018
Being single isn't the best

But it comes in handy when your taking a test

Love is a distraction

Caused by an attraction

And can be a reason your torn apart

Love does that to a person

The habit does nothing but become worsen

It's an exception because you have fallen and can never be caught
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Kara Leigh Jun 2018
You made my life so nice and blue
You never knew how much I wanted you
You looked at me and that was all
You made me cry, and let me fall
I wanted you so bad, but that was such a mistake
But it's been two years and I had too much to take
                 You won, and gave my heart the flu
                  And now I wish i never met you
Just been lost lately, so wrote a few poems that are short but meaningful
Kara Leigh Jun 2018
When you crossed your heart

Were you crossing your fingers?

When you cross my mind

You send shivers

Because I wished for you all those lonely night

As those shooting stars flew left to right

You never knew that when I blew out my candles I wished for you

And still now your just too good to be true

— The End —