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Indigo 2d
You're a blue whale
You can not fly
I'm a blue bird
I live in the sky
You say we can not meet
Can not love
Till we die

But there is a line
That collides the sea with the sky
A line very fine
Yet divine
A thin surface

Too close to air for whales to find you
Too close to sea for birds to find me
Keep this our secret
Love me
On the edges
Of our two worlds

Love me through the storm
Love me when the seas are angry
Love me when the winds blow
Love me when the ships are sinking
And the buildings fall
Even if the storms bring death
You and i know
They are the time our worlds combine
Every one will run and hide
Hold me
Hold me tight
Everything will be Allright.
Indigo Jan 12
"i love you"
Is at the tip of my tongue
Every time you make me laugh

You make me laugh
Every 6 seconds.

"i wish i could kiss you"
Is at the edge of my mind
Every time you look me in the eye

You look me in the eye
Every 4 seconds

"i will melt or burn or die"
Is at the bottom of my heart
Every time
You're touch pumbs in mine

You're touch pumbs in mine
Every 2 seconds


"I'm happy we're friends again"
   Is all what falls
    From my lips
     Every time that my heart skips

  My heart skips
   In an infinite way
    Through the infinite 1 hour
      That you're here with me.
If life were not so complicated...
Indigo Jan 6
2 years ago
You broke my heart
I forgave you

1 year ago
You broke my sanity
I forgave you

1 day ago

You broke my rib

When do i stop forgiving you?
I never thought my 3 year boyfriend would end up being a psychotic abuser... I don't know how to not love him though
Indigo Dec 2018
Every night
I stare at a particular star
It's light isn't steady
It rather flickers.

I asked a friend
He said it meant
That It's been dead For years
And years
And no one even knows
No one notices
As long as it still sends it's light
Over the hundreds of millions of miles.

I asked myself
Why he never noticed
How it's been a while
Since i started to flicker.
Indigo Dec 2018
How do you share a bed with someone
Share your breakfast with someone
Share your thoughts with someone
Share your laughs and tears and dreams and past and fears

Then meet them someday
On a side walk
And "stranger-small talk"

How do you hide all of that in your pocket
How do you shove it down your throat
How don't you hug them and cry your lungs out.

How did i do that
Just last night.
I always wonder how people just un-love someone.. Treat them normally after once having such intensive intamacy
Indigo Dec 2018
Do not wish for me so much
In your prayers.
I will be the biggest nothing
That you've touched.
Indigo Oct 2018
"I never learned how to un-love people"
I told you on a lazy afternoon.
A yellow curtain changing the shades of the room that was blue
From lilac to green to the colors of the drops of dew.

"i cannot love you if you still love him"
You told me with a change in your tone

"but love can come in so many shapes! I could leave but still care although!"

Now the room Is still blue
And lilac
  And green
   But empty.

    I am six months into something new
      But i still never learned
        How to ever un-love
         Every heart that i one day knew.
How do you learn to un-love someone you once carried in your heart?
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