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 Apr 27 Johnfrancis
i take you like a drug,
taste you on my tongue.

and for once,
i don't mind being addicted.
Writing their death notice
Painful then reality
tears flow
hearts broken
into a thousand pieces
Love enters in life
with happiness
But it leaves life
with lonelines
love is a rhyme
while the life is a book
of many loneliness poems
Which are written by
the ocean of tears
 Apr 10 Johnfrancis
Have you ever read a poem and been
profoundly touched? Your world
trembled for a moment and you
were compelled to write  a poem
to shake other's worlds.
A leaf, a door, a poem unread.
I lie in a bed in
the hospital that
we lay down
in together a
couple of years ago.
I held her.
She was tired after
I can't go anywhere that
don't haunt me;
chase me
like a rabid dog.
this is too much.
I can see her,
smell her,
taste her.
And my
heart breaks when
I open
my eyes, and
face the loveless
like a knife.
 Apr 9 Johnfrancis
In life we are born and we die
And in-between we figure out why
 Apr 9 Johnfrancis
 Apr 9 Johnfrancis
I'm a poet. My job is to drag your heart
   kicking and screaming through your past
   reminding you of kindnesses and cruelties.
   Against my wall blindfold and last cigarette.
   Truth is my weapon. There is no confessional.
   We're naked and always ugly in our own light.
it's a question for you Lord
as we advance in years
why does hair fall from our heads
and grow rampant in our ears?
why do our teeth rot
while our toenails grow faster?
will we need deodorant
in the ever-after?
why do our guts expand
while our butts retreat?
we wear the same belt size
yet we can't see our feet
we use a fraction of our brains
what of the 90% that remains?
we walk into the kitchen
and can't recall why
or get the car inspected in October
when it was due in July
Perhaps I'm being fussy Lord
imperfection may be our salvation
but please just answer this final question...
who'd you put in charge
when you took a vacation?
always had the question about why hair grows in our ears as we get older...did a bit of editing today - tapered a few lines
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