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Johnfrancis Mar 30
A poem is a song sung aloud
With the mouth shut.
A poem is a song sung from the heart
To heal the soul.
A poem is a drum
Beat till it matches the heart beat.

So, a poet is what our world needs,
A poet with a poem
That will make the soul run out with tears
For what is poetry if the audience walks out without tears.

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Johnfrancis Feb 10
A real man never hurt a woman.

Be carful when you makes a woman cry,
For God counts her tears.
Woman came out of a man's rib,
Not from his feet to bt walked on,
And not from his head to be superior,
But from his side to be equal,
Under the arm to be protected
And next to the heart,
To b loved!!!...

Protect ur woman today(its your duty)

©️Jjmary pen
protect your woman,
it your duty
Johnfrancis Feb 9
It her loudest cry,
When she is happy,
She can't stop talking.

But When she is sad,
She doesn't say aword.
80% of woman,
use silence to express their pain.

U know she's truly hurt
Wen she starts ignoring you.
But once she becomes heartless,
The relationship cannot be save.

So before it's too late...
Please take care of her in a right way!!!.
respect woman
Johnfrancis Mar 7
My effort to live is as good as my fear to die
My strength is weaken by the weight of the world
I give all but receive nothing.

Like a wrestler,
I show all my strength and talent.
They notice not, for all they want is just the satisfaction of their eyes.

I live to die even for the things am not supposed to die for.
I live in the mist of nothing trying to pleased them, now am as nothing as them.

The corpse whom I am is been taken to and fro by the waves of my land to a no destination.

Am beginning to rot and smell in the heart of those i loved with all my heart.
To them, am just but a living corpse.

Like a carcass in the mist of vultures,
Here I am in the mist of faith and religions of land,
Full deceit and evil.

Like a beautiful garden full of roses and lilies,
But beneath, I am that rotten worms and corpse that bring out it glories.

Never have I been notice
Because to all I live no more,
But my strength and talent they always required.
Here I am, today as a breathing corpse.
We will die someday,
The big question is, are u prepare for it?
Johnfrancis Feb 11
How I wish my eyes could Grace love
And my heart embrace nature's freshness,
In it finest and purest from.

Oh,how I wish I was a poet,
How I wish my hand will listen to my heart,
I would have told the world how beautiful it was
With words too deep to say.

Oh,how I wish I can make words come alive,
Live would have been more easer for me.
How I wish I can write,
Love wouldn't have died,
Peace would had last longer.

Oh, if only my heart will speak to my hand,
Then I will whisper in to the world's ears
That her smiles are hidden in hope.

Oh, I wish I was a poet and nothing more😒
Alas, I could only wish and always wish
That I wish I was a poet!!....
Dream isn't those things we see when we sleep
It those thing that don't let us sleep
Johnfrancis Feb 13
Walking in d darkness of loneliness,
I stumbled on a hard substance,
Using the light of my heart,
I found out its love,
I shouted and screamed; Ah!!!,
Because it's love as hard as a Rock.
In desperation and eagerness,
I tied it with d rope of affection,
To pull It out of darkness to my lonely heart
Before someone with a dim light of affection See's it.
Love is in the eyes of the beholder
Johnfrancis Feb 13
Walking in d darkness of loneliness,
I stumbled on a hard substance,
Using the light of my heart,
I found out its love,
I shouted and screamed; Ah!!!,
Because it's love as hard as a Rock.

In desperation and eagerness,
I tied it with d rope of affection,
To pull It out of darkness to my lonely heart,
Before someone with a dim light of affection See's it.
Love is in the eyes of the beholder
Johnfrancis Feb 17
My child,
Do not fall in love with a poet,
Their words are empty, its deceive.

Do not fall for the words of a poet,
They are just fragment of their imagination,
They are not real.

Their words are just like the wind,
That comes and go.
When it's gone,
You will be left In the heat of a broken heart💔

Until today,
I still hear her voice,
As I pen
Is there anything like love at first sight?..
Johnfrancis Feb 8
In a dark world
Where freedom of speech is lost
And self-confidence can not be found.

In a world
Where the hope of d common man is taken
By some unknown forces that lives in the dark.

Lies a light!.
Which shine more than the stars,
Just like the moon,
Enough to make a dark world go bright.

Just enough light to discover
The losted freedom of speech,
Enough to develop self-confident.

A light that helps to bring back  hope to d common man
And renders the unknown forces powerless.

A light that can say many things,
Just by saying one thing.

That light is d Pen!!.
Oh pen!, What a great blessing u are to all man kind.
Bless are those who learn d skills of d #Pen!!...
Johnfrancis Apr 7
Life is poetic in nature
Each generation is an embodiment of poetry
To the extent that her actions, words and manners of living are artistic revelation of the mystery of poetry
Through the careful crafting of words and weaving of human emotions using human language.
That may sound sweeping,
It is true that this generation has produced quite a lot of poetry
A generation that is controversially regarded as the third generation of poets.
In this generation, poetry is no longer regarded as an exclusive reserve of a coterie of experts as it was in the days of #soyinka and early #okigbo,
When poetry was meant only for fellow poet.
Studying poetry in school then,
Gave them the impression that poetry was a difficult #Genre.
This generation in contrast to the obscurantist and hermetic brand of poetry,
Had taken the language of poetry, the diction of figurative expression,
To the market-place, to the popular daily press even,
To use the words of#Biodun jeyifo.
This is evidently a response as it addresses the socio-political pressure of the society.
Poetry is life
Johnfrancis Feb 16
Life is just like a book,
In which we all have ours to fill,
With 365 lines in each page.

I have turned over 24 pages,
And have just noticed,
That I have written nothing.

I have seen others,
Fill their pages with words,
And I wish , I could fill mine.

I will hold these few lines,
For in it were the few times,
My ink spilled properly.
Johnfrancis Feb 6
We are dead, but still living,
Waiting for the day of days,
That very day we see six feet
Below the earth, lucked up in a box.

Here we are, being given the opportunity,
To invite people to the Event of that day
With the kind of life we. Live,
Give them the reason to be in attendance
Either celebrating or mourning.

Live a good life
And earn a good reason.
Johnfrancis Mar 13
The kind of love.!!

Two lover stars cross,
So much in love,
But their love can't be accurate.

With families being sworn enemies,
Them being in love just add to it.

It an ongoing fight
About who is wrong or right.
But they forgot that two wrong can't make a right.

Sharing a love strong enough to die and **** for,
The kind of love everyone should try to live for
Does true love exist
Johnfrancis Mar 21
With things gone too far,
Even to the stage of death.
Holding the solution in her hand,
Slowly dancing with the potion,
With tears running down her face
As she go through the motion.
It's a self sacrifice,
Hoping the gate of love will remine open
Ready to give her life for her love,
Ready to raise above her pains
Puting an end to all the pain ,
Is all she's hoping it's does.
All for her kind of love.!!.
Thanks for reading. Don't forget to comment.
Johnfrancis Feb 7
Inside of us are two voices,
One voice that wants to be uplifted,
That voice that want us to expand,
That very one that want u to grow.

Then there's the other voice,
The voice that holds us back,
That voice that makes us lazy,
The voice that makes us complain
The voice that restrict us from our potentials.

Every day , from the moment we wakeup,
Until the moment we go to sleep,
Inside of us, there's this baltle,
Between this voices.

Guess which one wins?.,
The one that we listen to,
The one that we ****,
The one that we give more attention,
The one that we amplify.
So it your choice on which of the voice to listen to.

B wise!!!..
follow your heart but use your brain
Johnfrancis Apr 4
I have been thinking!😔
I don't really know what to write about this Virus.

It was first found in China,
Now the whole world is hiding.
Our streets are now like the shadow of its own self.
Our stores are empty,
Those that are full,
No buyers.

You think it's funny?!!,
What about our right,
To buy and sale,
Even to live?.

The Government are lying
Tryt to keep us luckdown
They don't have the cure
But try to keep us clam in silent.

Now every body is dying,
You Know it for real.
No vaccine, no medication,
So I think it time to pray to God,
Because we can't rely on science anymore
We can't rely on science any longer
Johnfrancis Mar 3
Oh My fathers land,
On d northern parts and hills,
Our soldiers are killed!,
The bravest of our soldiers,
Fall asleep in death,
The bodies of our brave soldiers,
Lie in disgrace,
No longer polished with honor!.

Our dedicated young men,
Who gave their lives ,
For the peace of the land.
How wonderful and dear was their service,
Together, they stood in life,
Together they fled in death!,
All for our dear father land!..

Oh, woman!,
Mourn for them
For they  gave up their today,
To better your tomorrow.
Daughters of our land, lament!,
For you will see them no more!.
For they sleep for you to remine awake.

How wonderful was their love for us,
Better than the love of a mother for her child ,
Next to that of God.

Oh brave men of our land,
Remine asleep,
For you will fall on more!..
Rip. To our brave men.

— The End —