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amanda 9h
i don’t have wants
i have needs

i have you
amanda 9h
can you hear
my heartbeat
through black and white
of my chest?

does it remind you
you’re alive?
amanda 10h
i want you
to wear my legs
like a necklace
ryan, darling,
i want you
to eat me out

i want you
to hear that high pitch
squeal you know i make
amanda 1d
we steeped
in hot emotions
for the better part
of two years

so oh good god
did we feel good
going down

but now

now we’re down
i want to steep again

i miss us
i miss our passion
i miss our tension
amanda 1d
it’s okay if the unconditional
in your unconditional love
has a footnote

it’s okay if that footnote
demands you be loved
in return

it’s okay if your footnote
has a footnote

it’s okay if that footnote
admits you’ll settle for
unconditional after all
he cannot and will not
ever love me—
i don’t think he knows
what to do with a woman
like me

i keep trying to convince
myself that it’s okay...
because it has to be
amanda 2d
i put you first

you put me third

or is it fifth?

i don’t know,
i just know
it’s odd
amanda 2d
i’ve tried your name on
like a sundress,
played your laugh
like a 45

so tell me when it
became considered lawless
to love
like a pastime
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