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Jacquim Alvirez Sep 2018
It is something to wonder,

To sit underneath a tree

To close my eyes and ponder

What's reality and What's fantasy

Life is a ride,

To take a different ways,

To look from a different side,

To lost myself in my own trade,

You been talking about money,

Talking about getting laid,

Been writing from my shadows,

You can call that shade

Cause I know

To live my own life and not others,

To not simply take it and throw,

To hold my own,

And find my own door

A different tracks,

Different sound,

Different hype,

To know you,

To hold you and to cried.

It seems that its all I can do,

To hear your name,

And help me to walk the difficult times I been through.

I'm just a simple man,

Just a simple lonely guy,

who happens to be on the train,

Discovering tracks that none had seen

That none had been

People says destiny is in the hand of God,

Well people tends to be carefree,

Some simply goes and rot,

While others still sitting in the same tree

Cause we all are simply human,

We make mistakes,

No what religion you are,

We never had gives or makes,

We always had steal and takes

Greed and Pride,

People judges,

People scared and hide,

Cause that what makes us humans,

In all we do and all we take

In all days and seasons

We are simply a human

Doesn't matter the reasons.
Written by Jacquim Alvirez
I was wondering about how things are going in my life  and pondering over it and written about it here.
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Jacquim Alvirez Aug 2018
Stupid Things

Crowded minds,

Heavy rings,

Pretending like Im the knight,

And You are the queen,

But you had stop since

And you had diamond rings,

Money things

Its funny how,

People change easily,

Flows of greed

Pour down heavily

Like a rain in Havana

Just like the moment when people

Started asking my name,

Tried to run from my past

Try to hide my shame,

Deep in the sand,

To play the life game

And lost in the chase of fame


I take it,


I guess its a Lullaby,

Cause Im so good in saying goodbye,

And running away from myself,

To hide myself and to not stare in your eye,

Life's been hard,

Been working in street

to be curse at,

Been working in convenient store

to be laugh at

To open a side Chinese shop

to be stare at.

To run away from life,

Hiding away in Shade,

from light and reality

To close my eyes,

and hear my own heartbeat,

To die and hears whispers

Die beautifully..


To left a legacy

Is just another gasp,

She's now left me,

Just another memory,

Of what I had become,

To blown away from reality,

To hear, love and maybe some.

No Poetry,

Nor sanity,

Can really change me,

Cause Im not the same,

Nor some game

Nor some Twitter fame

Or those fake girls in Instagram

That can change my name
Inspired by a recent happenings, my ''friend'' that deserted me.
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Jacquim Alvirez Aug 2018
If there is something,

That maybe I can just bring back in time

The echoes of voices of the angels sings,

Or maybe memories of you that gone it seems.

Life is a hell of a ride,

To meet different faces,

To meet different type,

To tie different laces,

To gone a different hype

If there is something,

I can make out of my past,

Is to hold your hand,

And to confess that I like you at last,

Not because of any money nor fame,

Nor power nor lust,

But simply because in all words and act

You are simply perfect

Too perfect that I kept it in

Just to be blown away like dust

Before I die,

If there is something,

That I can say nor see

''I wanna love all of you''

''Just the way it should be''

''Just the way it want to be''

''Just the way it gonna be''

Then i would close my eye

To let the angels take me,

And sing me my last lulaby

Knowing my heart and its voices,

Will stay near you,

Because that is the place it should be

I know,

Words won't be enough,

To tell you what I felt,

The moment I saw you,

The moment I know you,

The moment I hold you,

The moment when I hold you hand,

To dance to the ryhtm,

Without a sorrow,

Like a happy rabbit in its burrow

To dance and Love you

Like there is no tomorrow

If there is something

I wanna do before I go,

Is to say I love you,

All this time,

All this years,

It is only you,

Im Sorry

That I had fallen in Love With You.

The story of me fail to confess to a girl haha
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Jacquim Alvirez Aug 2018
The Wind,
whisper silently within the distance,
waiting patiently,
for those who craving for a reason,
to stay awake and see life,
in every despair.
For in every eyes I see
Those who struggle
Or finding Oneself or those that they wanna be,
Lit up upon Thy faith ,
He close her eyes,
To cover in a smile and hold her tight-
All her pain,
All her feelings,
All her struggles,
All of her
And her well being,
Knowing that one day she will gone
And she will dies.

The Wind
Echoes and rings among those who believes,
or those who long lost hope,
Or those that simply
want their voices to be heard.

Among those winds,
I look ahead
the scenery
Of how great,
Thou hast created Thy art
Just walking through times,
With laughter and Jokes,
Not to worry about tomorrow
Or money,
Or fame.
To simply enjoy life as it is
To enjoy it as it was
And to enjoy it as there is.

The Wind
Blows joyfully among the stars,
In Awe and wonder,
In fullness of its yonder,
I just lie still
Counting the Stars,
far away from the buzzing of Cars,
Or any hushes of the City,
How great a destiny or dreams could be,
If one day it just happens to be
That I lose this life,
I'm truly grateful
To know this life,
To know and survive,
Till the moment i will be awaken and revive,
Among the angels and Gods,
And most of all to let it happen,
And to let it show
That I Love You,
And thats all I know.

To know that my feeling for you
To fall for you,
To look forward through all the phase
To know what you are trying to shyly says,
That ''Yes I love You''
Is all i need to get through the days,

Oh Goddess of Wind,
If you are truly real,
And has always been,
for my hope has echoes through all the rivers
Through all the seasons and all the wonders
Of the world
For among this swift echoes
To watch her dancing on her toes,
To hold her under the moonlight
And kiss her slow
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Jacquim Alvirez Aug 2018
Sometimes I learn to stay awake,
In dawn some falls says ''It is the fate''
Running past the wall of hardship that you make,
Thinking of giving up every hour that i fail,
But looking up ahead i see the birds
Free, Flying past that wall that seems high without a trail
The sound of freedom rings in the distance,
The wind of change whispers within the walls
Slowly gone without a trace,
Somewhere in me,
I know there is something that kept me back
Something that lock me in my track,
The old me that use to say No
The one that laugh that say No
The one that say they care about you,
The Inner me that spark me to go,

Lift up my eyes,
I grab the first rock,
It Hurts,
It Hurts,
Slowly i whisper, It Hurts
I felt alone,
I felt hopeless,
I felt useless,
The dark hands that strangle me from within
And somewhere within this journey,
I realise i was not lost,
I was not beaten,
For None are worthless in His eyes,
For those who had give up hope,
For those who had lost in darkness
Shall found light,
And In you hope lives on.

I lift up myself,
I grab the second rocks,
I saw you,
Trying to carry all the burden alone,
And you were whispering
You were worrying of how Others will think of you
You were worrying how Others life are so perfect
You were worrying how Others look so cool doing it,
Unrealising you are drowning in pain,
Deep in you slowly rotten away in vain,
I close my eyes and whisper to you,
Somewhere in you The You has decay,
Hope has no where to stay
And All I can do for you,
Is Pray.

Sometimes life is weird,
Life is hard,
Life is scary,
Life can be wary,
And it can drown you,
Life is like the rail in the forest
Dark in the midnight
Unknowing where to go
Or where it leads to
So many tracks
So many ways
So many walls
It just a matter who or which
Track will you chose?
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Jacquim Alvirez Jul 2018
Woke up

To open my eyes

To the clear sunlight

Just to realize

How lonely it felt

Without you beside me

Woke up

Try to face everyone with a smile

Hoping it gone for a while

This feeling of emptiness

That I kept in my heart

To silence the pain in my chest

To hold my breathe

And take a deep rest

Every time my friend ask if I'm okay

I just smile and try my best

Woke up

To not know my name

To not know what destiny holds

To not know tomorrow is

To not know what it is

To love you again

Woke up

I stand strong

To keep on going

To keep on moving

To keep on knowing

That maybe my inner voices will be heard,

Somewhere in the distance,

Those voices will reach someone,

And told them it will be okay,

Nothing will gone

You are not alone

That you can make it

Woke up

Looking ahead to the clear sky

To know you are just beside me

As we just standing in the street

Waving goodbye

Maybe just maybe

My voices had just been heard

Even if we are strangers

But in our own world

We are believers
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Jacquim Alvirez Jul 2018
I may never knows what lies ahead of me,

but I had never giving in

even if my future holds it tight

not letting a sip to enter my mind,

I Stay ahead, Leave what past behind and kept look forward.

Someday maybe they will understand,

Someday maybe Some will remember,

Someday maybe Some will regret,

But its up to you,

Because its Your Life,

Because its Your Dream,

Because its Your Road,

Whether you wanna start the journey,

Whether you wanna take a break during the journey.

Or whether you just wanna end the journey,

Its Your Road,

Yours not anyone else

Not your lover,

Not your Love ones,

Nor Your Enemy,

Its Yours,

And Yours Alone
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