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Jacob Ciciora Apr 22
I cite the whiskey in my glass;
It be the only witness I'll allow.

I shield my actions from God and devil alike;
May it be a double, or a line of white.

For this sinner does not want pitty;
Nor would I beg for redemption.

I drown any notion of salvation;
With burning spirits at my lips.

This sinner worships only his shortcomings;
For this sinner knows the truth.
If everything is going well
then something must be wrong
I said no to drugs once.
I looked a bag of **** right in the face
and, like a loving but firm father,
I said, "No."
I was really high.
In my own little world fireflies stay in open jars
Flowers paint on their colors for the next day,
And the moon laughs while it walks away.
The trees speak of ancient scars,
The creek brings up lost trinkets from afar,
And the animals cry for freedom,
But freedom is not free.
in the morning stops
my groggy yawning. Has me bright-eyed
and bushy tail, ‘stead of sluggishly as a snail.

Coffee in the afternoon has me floating
higher than a balloon. Gets my **** off the seat. Gets me
jumping to the beat.

Coffee in the evening increases
my breathing, prevents me from sleeping. So, I drink
water instead before I go to bed.
  Apr 9 Jacob Ciciora
The bitterness in your thoughts were evident in your eyes...
Its ok, somehow I knew it was all bunch of lies...
Vows, promises, loyalty just as well, I came to know...
That people of such virtue could fall so low as you...
Remember wise men have said, your fouls are watched by gods...
But don't you worry these sayings are only for odds...
A day shall come, when you might realise...
How selfish you were in losing me with your **** disguise...

©sim goes on :)
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