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  Dec 2020 Jacob Ciciora
In this life there is
hidden misery in every sentences.
But by the end of the sentence
there is full stop,
the only sign of peace,
But more words come,
to fill my life sentence,
To write the essay I've become.
  Oct 2020 Jacob Ciciora
I see, breathe and
feel my heart
breaking a thousand times a day
I keep silence all through the day, the night
but when I go to sleep on my bed,
I remember each broken piece
like a still fresh bleed
Depriving me from night's peace
this is my sleep disease
All these heartaches control my night dreams
They won't cease till I cease.
  Oct 2020 Jacob Ciciora
David J
In that kind of mood
When ledges look beautiful
One jump, So far down
Looking down, its exhilarating. Heart beating so fast, as if its crying out begging me to hear that im still alive. That I can go on.
Tell me when you jumped, was it everything you imagined. That amazing feeling, of fear, happiness, freedom, release.
Sigh, i just wish I could go back in time
I just want to talk with you.
I miss you
  Oct 2020 Jacob Ciciora
Makayla Jane
I don't understand why you decided
That leaving was better than staying;
Or why you think
That you don't need me anymore
But its fine dear,
I can only hope this is temporary as usual
And so when you come back,
I'll foolishly accept it
And try to pretend and hide the reality

We've had many nonsense fights and periods of silence before and I'm hoping this seems to be so.

I made a public collection {Letters To Jennie Collection} so all further letter posts will be together if anyone would want to follow it and read them. Thank you for your time~
  Oct 2020 Jacob Ciciora
She looks like heaven
And tastes like hell
  Oct 2020 Jacob Ciciora
The quiet sky
Mirrored the silence
Within me...

In the backyard,
A little squirrel
Is having
It's secret conversation
With the guava tree...
Maybe asking the tree
To bear more fruits?

The aroma of coral jasmine
And the sweet petrichor
Spiralling up from earth
Tickled my nose

The sun is hiding
Behind the cotton curtains
Maybe she's a bit shy today
As she woke up late...
Rain lulled her to sleep
As it always does to me!

And then inside,
There lingers...
The caramelized scent
And bittersweet taste
Of morning coffee.
Mornings are really beautiful:)♥
Thanks for reading!
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