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  Aug 2015 ishpreetdhiman
Jazmine Moore
Our clothes fell off like rose petals in the spring/
But somewhere in between not getting caught up and catching feelings/
My soul rolled into you/
And now I am immersed in our sin/
ishpreetdhiman May 2015
Why do we always
wonder why?

why do we die?,
why do we lie
why do we sigh when looking
at the sky
why do I cry?
well maybe,just maybe
we were born to die.
ishpreetdhiman Jan 2015
Who cares about someone's
They may be ugly
but it's not about the
It's about what lies within
them what makes you beautiful
in the inside makes
you beautiful on the outside...
ishpreetdhiman Jan 2015
I think about you
in my sleep
and knowing
that your
not by me.
I wish in my
sleepless dreams
I wish
I know my crush
wouldn't come true
but just keep
This was dedicated to mate she had a crush it didn't turn right...
  Jan 2015 ishpreetdhiman
Funny poems
In London zoo a lion escaped
They forgot to lock his cage
It disappeared into the night
Hungry, filled with rage

Poor old Brian had lost his job
His life had hit the skids
His wife moved in with his mate
She also took his kids

He hit the bottle pretty hard
He started to get ill
His grandma died, he got the call
Turns out she had a will

She had millions in the bank
And she left it all to Brian
But on his way to cash the cheque
He was eaten by a lion.....
  Jan 2015 ishpreetdhiman
Feelings are terrible teachers

They’ll stress your mind
and take away your time
you will never draw a line
on whether they’ll push or pull

If you refuse to listen
to their endless lectures
then expect to have these
constant complications
with their code of conduct
and their strict regulations

Yes, you can and will skip class
for as long as your white lies permit
But you know you’ll end up coming back
or end up punished by a higher hand

Soulless, stress-filled, a vacant face
stares you straight into your little eyes
and from here, your life begins to lacerate

— The End —