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We know exactly how / Sabemos exactamente cómo
They know what they have done / Saben lo que han hecho
They are the white mother coddling her murderous child / Son la madre blanca que mima a su hijo asesino
Arming him to make him feel worthwhile in his usefulness / Armándolo para que valga la pena en su utilidad
Enabled this for centuries / Habilitación de esto durante siglos
This country has never been anything to be proud of / Este país nunca ha sido nada de lo que estar orgulloso
There has never been a reason to love this country / Nunca ha habido una razón para amar este país
People who look like me have never been seen as people by this country / La gente que se parece a mí nunca ha sido vista como gente por este país
A country founded on ******* and fear / Un país fundado en el poder blanco y el miedo
A rebellious child of a country seeking to find its identity / Un hijo rebelde de un país que busca encontrar su identidad
All while killing those who try to change the status quo / Todo mientras matan a aquellos que intentan cambiar el status quo
This country has never been great / Este país nunca ha sido grande
This country has no qualms about killing people it holds as non-essential / Este país no tiene reparos en matar gente que tiene como no esencial
A country that values money over lives / Un país que valora el dinero sobre vidas
And a certain race of lives over others / Y una cierta raza de vidas sobre los demás
Has never been a country to be admired / Nunca ha sido un país para ser admirado
I am angry.
  Mar 2019 Indigo M'kyauki

You're more beautiful
And more outstanding and bright
Than you'll ever know.

You're worth more than you'll know. Just a reminder.
Indigo M'kyauki Mar 2019
a lollipop
sour and sweet
it was mine but I shared it with you
cheddar cheese chips on your tongue
you don't understand why i mutter and blush
or why i try to look away

it started raining
we wrestled for who should hold your umbrella
i won
u look cute with a pout
your mom came and i took your hoodie
cause i didn't bring one for myself
it smells a lot like you
should i tell her? i'm scared of what she might say...
Indigo M'kyauki Mar 2019
I glance at you to see if you glance back
I can’t explain it

I caught you looking what a treat
But I peeked back to this sheet

Maybe you’re looking because I am
Am I just being absurd?

Your face is magnetic
A prism of bismuth or iron

But I barely know you
Barely an acquaintance

But I would like to get to know you better
If you can stand me
Umm... girls are pretty
Indigo M'kyauki Mar 2019
Oh how I melt and stutter
Oh how I sputter and gush
Over girls
I just love them so, so much
Hair and faces
Ripe for pets and kisses
And loving caresses
Necks and chests
Oh how loving them is the best
******* and stomachs
Warm and soft
Beautiful and sweet
I love girls from their heads to their feet
Dark or light I don’t care
This heart of mine loves them beyond all compare
girls are awesome
Indigo M'kyauki Sep 2018
youre like sweet coffee to me
youre  like sweet potato pie and dead leaves
youre like hot chocolate and winter freeze
youre like crisp cherries and blossoms on the breeze
youre like ice water and the ac blasting at 60 degrees
i see u in everything i see and everything i do
my world is permanently stained in a shade of u
wrote this after waking up to her voice but i wish i had gone to sleep by her side
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