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Indigo Sep 2018
This is when i write my best poems

When there is
So much
Kept aside
Brought back
You Decide
And then one hundred words fall into a piece of paper like drops of rain hurling from the sky.

You can not expect it
You may not understand it
But you

Feel the moment
It collides
With your soul
Finds a home
In your ribs
It's a trauma
In disguise.
Indigo Sep 2018
Truth is
I would have rather stayed
in my childish haze of believe
in a hidden goodness inside the devil's heart
Than swallow this poison wrenching my throat
every time your name passes by.

Why did everybody have to tell me every truth they knew?

I would have rather held on to my favorite quote
"to live life with no regrets"
But here i am... Swallowing my first.

I swallow it and it hits a crack in my heart
A tremble in my pupils
A grey shadow on my soul
The one they call "growing up"

I understand there are no super heroes
There are no secret powers underneath
If you are good you are good
And if you are bad
You are
This has a realy long back story
I just randomly spilled it out while driving around today
I just realized i - for the first time- regret something
That i had met my first toxic and minipulating relation
And that i had survived it.
I no longer think of it as flowers and nice memories, i understand where i was, and where i never want to be again.
Indigo Aug 2018
For I was tought of men to be
Uncaring,not the same as we
They do not listen when we speak
They'll love to boss you all around
And have u worship at their feat
They'll tell you how to dress and talk, and maybe also how to breath
Details are none of their concerns
The kind of makeup that you wear
The color that you dye your hair
The necklace that you bought today
How you just hate that ***** called may !

You made me doubt that i was wrong..
But then again so wrong was i
Its you who are too heavenly
To know how earthly men would be!
I wrote this 3 years ago when i first met the love of my life
Indigo Aug 2018
You love me
With the intensity
Of a Tornado

Bite my lips

When it hits me
It breaks up
All my signals
All my raders

Grab my hair

I am stranded
3 long-3 short
Mayday Mayday

Nothing finds me.

Pull my waist

I have landed on your shores
Burned my boats
Threw my resources in the storm
Let nobody come and save me

Kiss my neck

I may wake and want to go
But where to?
This shore is where ends my world
These seas are where stops my pulse
If i try to leave you're home
It's the day

Spread my legs

I try to die.
I haven't written in so long...
Indigo May 2018
Touch me,
If i don't open your heart up
Letting the blood seep out the flesh,
Love me
  May 2018 Indigo
i have so much to say to you,

but i'll never say it,

so instead,

i post it here.
for m
Indigo May 2018
You are blue
Very, very blue
Wouldn't you like to be a shade of indigo?
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