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Sep 2018
Truth is
I would have rather stayed
in my childish haze of believe
in a hidden goodness inside the devil's heart
Than swallow this poison wrenching my throat
every time your name passes by.

Why did everybody have to tell me every truth they knew?

I would have rather held on to my favorite quote
"to live life with no regrets"
But here i am... Swallowing my first.

I swallow it and it hits a crack in my heart
A tremble in my pupils
A grey shadow on my soul
The one they call "growing up"

I understand there are no super heroes
There are no secret powers underneath
If you are good you are good
And if you are bad
You are
This has a realy long back story
I just randomly spilled it out while driving around today
I just realized i - for the first time- regret something
That i had met my first toxic and minipulating relation
And that i had survived it.
I no longer think of it as flowers and nice memories, i understand where i was, and where i never want to be again.
Written by
Indigo  24/F
   Daniel Ruiz
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