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Gemma Davies Jul 2023
No words can express my love for him, or describe how I feel so sad,
So instead, here are a few words about the things that made him my Dad.
That huge precious smile when you bought him his favourite apple pie,
The fancy golden clip he would use when he wore his smart shirt and tie.
The way he used a bar of soap to slick back the sides of his brown hair,
His warm wholehearted hugs that fully engulfed you in his love and care.
The pure happiness and pride on his face when I received my degree,
And I don’t think I ever heard him turn down a single cup of tea.
The way he would shout out loud to me “Gemma, what’s the Liverpool score?!”
That cute excited face he would pull when visitors came to the door,
“Don’t leave it so long next time” he would state when guests had to say goodbye,
Watching Beauty and the Beast there would always be a tear in his eye.
The way he would sing along to Elvis Presley loudly in the car,
The many different stories he would give to explain that same old scar.
His love for a gammon steak, always swap the pineapple for fried egg,
Showing me he needed the toilet by gently tapping his right leg.
A bacon sandwich every Saturday, lots of butter on his bread,
The way he’d nuzzle into his pillow when I tucked him into bed.
Our TV was so loud you could hear John Wayne at the end of the street,
The way he would dance along to music while still sitting in his seat.
Playing the lottery twice a week, convinced that one day he would win,
How his kind blue eyes would light up alongside his famous cheeky grin.
Good natured and happy, always smiling and rarely grouchy or sad,
There will never be anyone as wonderful as my dear old Dad.
I wrote this poem after my beloved Dad passed away, and read it at his funeral.
As the poem explains, I couldn't put into words how much I love him, or miss him, or just how sad I am. So instead, I wrote about the things that made him, him.
In loving memory of Reginald Davies.
I love you Dad.
Gemma Davies Jul 2023
I cannot believe a year has passed since you left us so suddenly.
I miss every little thing about you and how our life used to be.
You left your mark on so many people, you’re in everybody’s heart.
But I never realised how hard it would be for us to be apart.
So loving and loveable, supportive through every endeavour.
You were a joy to care for, I would have looked after you forever.
I miss you more than words can say, more than I can even comprehend.
I would do anything to have you back; my rock, my Dad, my best friend.
In loving memory of Reginald Davies 17.08.36 - 08.10.21
Gemma Davies Jul 2023
If he were here today, he’d be wearing his favourite dark grey suit,
He’d probably spill something down it, but he’d still look ever so cute.

He probably would not of heard a word during your ceremony,
But would of sat their grinning, just staring at his beautiful Toni.

If he were here today, he would be smiling proudly from ear to ear,
And although he wouldn’t of admitted it, he would of shed a tear.

He would cheerfully raise a glass to you both, with *** and coke of course,
While waiting for the hog roast and looking forward to lots of apple sauce.

If he were here today, he’d be happily dancing in his wheelchair,
Waving his arms around and running people over without a care!

To Adam, he’d say “look after her” while scowling, ever so slightly,
To Toni, he’d say “Congratulations darlin” hugging her tightly.

If he were here today, he would wish you a life of love and laughter,
And hope you have the best life together; happily ever after.

I know he’d ask me to tell you, as he was your biggest supporter;
“Happy wedding day my new grandson and my favourite granddaughter”.
In loving memory of my Dad, Reginald Davies, for his grandaughters wedding day. He would of loved to have been there, but he sadly passed a year before the big day. He is greatly missed.
Poem has 17 syllables a line, 8 verses - My Dad’s Birthday, 17th August.
For Toni and Adam’s Wedding Day ~ 31st May 2023.
Gemma Davies Jul 2020
I used to be a good boy, I was the happiest puppy around.
Then my human left me, it was a while till I was found.
I was so loved when I was little, they played with me all day.
But as I got bigger, I was always in their way.
We went for a drive one morning, we drove so long and so far.
But when we stopped, only I got out the car.
They drove away and left me, I didn’t understand.
I thought we were going to the beach, to play in the sand.
I waited and I waited... But my human didn’t return.
Realising you’ve been abandoned is such a sad fact to learn.
I don’t know what I did wrong or why I wasn’t wanted any more.
After a while struggling on my own, I was found skinny and sore.
I was taken to the Oahu SPCA, I was nervous and scared.
But the humans were so nice. They smiled and truly cared.
They helped me forget being left in the dirt and the dust.
They showed me compassion and built up my trust.
They even found me a new family to call my own.
They won’t ever leave me, I finally have my forever home.
I’ve never been so content, I was lost and now I’m found.
I am a good boy, I am the happiest dog around.

Save A Life.

Adopt. Don’t shop.
This poem was written for the Oahu SPCA.
See the video of this poem here:
Gemma Davies Feb 2020
Eyes that show you "I will love you forever"
Eyes that tell you “I am smart and clever”
Eyes that say “My love has no end”
Eyes that ask you “Will you be my friend?”
Eyes that show you "I want a lap to rest in"
Eyes that beg you "Please tickle my chin"
Eyes that want to be chosen and cared for
Eyes that stare at the shelter door  
Eyes that remain hopeful as you decide
Eyes that tell you “I will stay by your side
Eyes that say “I’d like space to roam”
Eyes that ask you “Can you give me a home?”
Eyes that beg you “Please pick me”
Eyes that show you how happy you can be!
A poem for the Oahu SPCA
Gemma Davies Feb 2019
Daddy, can you open this jar?
Daddy, don’t forget to make my bed.
Daddy, can you make my dinner now?
Daddy, I’ve hurt my head.

Daddy, I’ve fallen over!
Daddy, I wish I could come too.
Daddy, my tummy hurts today.
Daddy, what would I do without you?

Daddy, I don’t like the doctors!
Daddy, I would like a cup of tea.
Daddy, my clothes need cleaning.
Daddy, thank you for taking care of me.

Gemma, can you open this jar?
Gemma, don’t forget to make my bed.
Gemma, can you make my dinner now?
Gemma, I’ve hurt my head.

Gemma, I’ve fallen over!
Gemma, I wish I could come too.
Gemma, my tummy hurts today.
Gemma, what would I do without you?

Gemma, I don’t like the doctors!
Gemma, I would like a cup of tea.
Gemma, my clothes need cleaning.
Gemma, thank you for taking care of me.
He cared for me when I needed him,
Now I care for him now he needs me.
My Dad, my Mum, my best friend,
To me, he is all three.
Gemma Davies Feb 2019
Let's talk about mental health,
Let's break down the stigma.
Depression is challenging,
Anxiety, an enigma.
Anorexia, Schizophrenia,
Bipolar or OCD.
Whichever, whatever; repeat:
″Mental health begins with me!"
Don't believe everything you think,
It's ok to not be ok.
Don't rush yourself or force a smile,
Just take it day by day.
It's progress over perfection,
And remember you're not the only one.
Your illness does not define you,
Believe in the person you want to become!
My poem was made into a "Me to You" Video soon to be posted on their YouTube channel at:
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